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Room Escape Terror 2.2
Escape from the horror rooms!Find the objects around the room to solve the puzzle and get thekey to advance to the next level!This thrilling and wonderful escape game, brings you a horroratmosphere that is challenging and entertaining at the sametime.- Multiple rooms for each level- Rooms with great 3D horror graphics- Great sound effects- Addictive puzzles- Share your achievements with your friends- It's a free Room Escape horror game!
Escape the room: Epidemics 1.26
The world is in danger! You have a mission: To escape and preventthe virus from spreading around the world!- Solve the puzzles to find the missing objects to advance tothe next level- 3D Graphics- Realistic sounds and sound effects- Unexpected ending in the last level- Thrilling!- it's addictive and free!
Escape The Floor Now! 1.13
Escape the Floor Now - Game- The ultimate floor escape adventure game- Find the hidden objects, solve puzzles, find the elevatorandescape from that floor!- 5 levels of pure adventure and thrill!- It's free!- More levels soon!Try it and Escape if you can...