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طريقك الى رؤية الله 1.0
طريقك الى رؤية الله•يضم هذا التطبيق جميع سور القران الكريم بصوت مميزولكن بخاصية تحميل المفرد للسورهفبعد تحميل السوره يمكن الاستماع لها من دون الانترنتوتستطيع ايضا تكرار نفس السوره او تكرار جميع السوره حسب ترتيبهابالقران الكريم.•ويضم ايضا مكتبه دينية تحتوي مجموعة من الكتب القيم التي تتجدد كلفترهمن هذه الكتب:⁃قصص الانبياء⁃اصوات القران الكريم وكيف تتعلمها وتنطقها⁃الحج⁃اسرار حفظ القران⁃اثر الاكتشافات العلمية في تفسير القران الكريم⁃الدعاء والعلاج بالرقي⁃المختصر في سيرة خير البشر⁃السيرة النبوية⁃١٠٠ كلمة قرأنية قد تفهم خطأYour way to see God• This application includes all the Holy Quran distinctive voiceBut the singular characteristic of the load ALAfter downloading Sura could hear her without internetYou may also repeat the same Sura, or the repetition of all Suraarranged by the Holy Quran.• It also has a religious library contains a collection of booksvalues, which is renewed each periodOf these books:Prophets' stories⁃assoat the Koran and learn how and TntgahaHajjConservation of the Holy ⁃asirar⁃ather scientific discoveries in the interpretation of theKoran⁃da'a treatment and sophistication⁃almokhtsr in the biography of the best of humanityBiography of the Prophet⁃100 Quranic word may understand the error
أوقات الصلاة بدون أنترنت 1.4
اوقات الصلاة بدون الانترنتيقوم بتحديد أوقات الصلاة بدقة عن طريق تحديد موقعك مهما كان مع اعطاءتنبيه في موعد الصلاةويحدد ايضا اتجاه القبله بدقه متناهية وكل ذلك عن طريق GPS"اللهم اغفر لي ولوالدي وارحمهما كما ربياني صغيرا وألبسهما ثوب الصحةولعافية وأطل في عمرهما وارزقهما من حيث يحتسبان ومن حيثلايحتسبان"Prayer times withoutinternetSelects prayer times accurately determine your location throughwhatever was giving the date of alert in prayerIt also determines the direction of Qibla extreme precision and alldone by GPS"Oh God, forgive me, my parents and has decreed that you worshipnone small and clothed them dress health and wellness and peered inaged and Arozkhma Ihzban terms and in terms of Aihzban"
2048 plus 2.0
How to play: Use your finger to move the tiles. When two tiles withthe same number touch, they merge into one! 1. Take it Slow 2048 isso easy to play, you might get into the habit of tearing throughgames without even really paying attention to what you're doing.That's not a good idea. Take your time - there's no penalty forthinking your moves through after all. Also, try to predict wherenew blocks might come in and how you could deploy them. Somethinglike playing chess. 2. Work The Corners In order to win the gameyou should have a specific strategy. If you do not have one, youwill most probaly not reach furthr than 512. So, a good strategy isto always keep your hiest value tile at one of the corners. Justchooose one corner and direct all your tiles there. It is not aseasy as it sounds, but you can master it quickly. In order to stopthe highest value tile to leave "the king's place", try to packtiles around it. Preferably, they should be the other biggesttiles. Master this simple strategy and you will soon reach 1024 andeven win the 2048 Game! 3. How to make the highest valued tile inthe right bottom corner and not to move it? Once you have placedyour highest tile value is in the right bottom corner, do not moveit. To make sure it is not moved, you have to make the last rowalways filled by pushing the down arrow so that the use of LEFT andRight Arrow would not move the highest valued tile. Basically, thisis the most important cheat for 2048 Game - keep the highest tilein the corner and do not move it.
الأجزاء السته من قران بدون نت 1.1
لأجزاء السته من قران بصوت الشيخ مشاري العفاسيبدون نتتطبيق يحتوي على الاجزاء السته من القران كاملات بدون النتسورة الفاتحةسورة البقرةسورة آل عمرانسورة النساءسورة المائدةبصوت واضح وتردد عاليFor the six parts of theKoran by Sheikh Mashary without NetAn application that contains the six parts of the Koran are fullwithout the netAl-Fatihahsouret elbakaraSurat Al-ImranSurat Al NisaaSurahClear voice and high-frequency