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Sudoku_Solver_Creator 1.0
this game is without advertising. This versionis compatible with tablets. Windows version free of charge, moreexplanations and a video on this full version you can :- Solve (So) any grid created by the computer or manually entered;- Manually or automatically create (Cr) grids SUDOKU then optimizeby minimizing the number of digits in a grid while ensuring onesolution ;- Resume the game where you 're wrong without knowing it (Rc).Sometimes we make a mistake and we are realizing that towards theend of the game. When you make a mistake , the computer saves thegrid and stores the wrong number and his position.- Help (He) you punctually during your play indicating for examplethe easiest boxes to find, the correct number to put in aparticular box ;- Help you continuously (Hc) during your play confirming eachnumber put that you didn't make a mistake ;- Save (Sa) the current play to resume (Re) it later;- For lovers, create an optimized Sudoku and why not a Sudoku with2,3... solutions.- Know at any time the total number of solutions ;
Track_Game 1.0
This game is without advertising. Thisgameworks on tablets and smartphones. Windows version free ofcharge,more explanations and a video on"Track_Game" is a reflexion game. The aim of this game istodestroy a moving boat with logic and strategy because youmustimagine and anticipate the boat position. At the beginning, youcanchoose the number of squares for the puzzle and also thedifficultlevel, 1 or 2. The level 2 is available if the puzzle sizeis morethan 11x11. The number of shots is limited depending on thepuzzlesize.The software chooses two secret factors for the boat,thecoordonate of this start position ‘D’ and one of thesefourdirections : East (E), North (N), West (W) or South (S).Afterhaving clicked on a square, you can read in this squarethecardinal position of the boat in connection with your shooting.Forexample, if you read the letter N inside the last squareclicked,you imagine a cross centred on this letter, so the boat wasin theleft hight corner at the time of your last shooting (seethepicture on the window). After your shot, level 1, the boatmovesone step, two steps with the level 2. Every shot coordonateand therelative position of the boat as (4,1,N) are summarized inaspecial widget. This summary is a help to choose the squareforyour next shot.During the play, you have the possibility to click on abuttonnamed "Direction", you would obtain as help the currentboatdirection. You can also click on a button named "Solution", ifyouwant to know the path of the boat before the end. If you losed,thepath of the boat is automatically displayed with the letter Dinthe Departure square and the letter A in the last square wheretheboat is Arrived. You can also read in the information button,theinitial direction of the boat.
Inversion_Tab 1.0
This game is without advertising. Thisversionis compatible with tablets. Windows version free of charge,moreexplanations and videoon"Inversion" is a tactical and strategic game, forcing tothinkdifferently, which makes it a particularly interesting game .Hisphilosophy might be : " Sometimes you have to lose tofinallywin".The game is played by two, against another player oragainstthe computer. There is a Red player and a Blue playerknowing thatthe computer is always the Blue player. At thebeginning, you canchoose the number of the squares for the puzzleand the difficultlevel, 1 or 2. You can also choose who startsfirst the play andthe randomization of the yellow square.When a player clicks on a free square on the checkerboard,thecomputer will analyze the environment of the selected squaretodetermine the number of squares that the player hasacquired.Acquired squares take the color of the player. If theplayer gainsno square, the clicked square will take the colorplayer, otherwiseit will turn yellow. The winner is the one who atthe end gets themost squares. Throughout the game, you can go backto understandthe evolution of the game or modify it if you playanothersquare.