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Balls Pop - Free Match Color Puzzle Blast! 1.843
Play a new and free balls blast game, Balls Pop! with uniquegameplay that you cannot miss out, tap balls from the same color,match and blast them to clear the level, install and enjoy! Tap theballs and make them color pop in an endless adventure at the tropiccanyon, an arcade game adventure. Install Balls Pop, match andblast color balls, beat all the challenging levels in thisbrilliant and addictive pop balls game! Play alone or join a team,and enjoy single player and team tournaments, leagues andchallenges to win and get special marble blast! Travel to thetropic forest, solve fascinating puzzles, and complete thousands ofballs burst levels. Tap 3 or more balls of the same color, matchpop them, and win awesome boosts and challenges! Use powerfulboosters to blast through the levels and collect amazing rewards.Balls Pop is Here for the Entire Family to Enjoy: - Thousands ofchallenging levels filled with cool boosters, bubbles pop, marblesblast and many more colorful gems. - You have a limited number ofmoves to win a level, so use them wisely! - You can bubble pop 4 ormore bubbles and create a power pop booster, the more balls youpop, the bigger the booster power. - Win with less moves to reachhigh scores and get at least 3 stars on every level to collect thepop star chest! - Fun game, balls will keep you entertained forhours. - Completely FREE to play! Tap the balls to make them ballblast, pop the bubbles, and enjoy hours of pure entertainment.Explode bubbles with puzzle ball, and challenge yourself withthousands of exciting levels as you advance through the game. Useyour logic and matching skills to overcome the obstacles to pop allthe bubbles - you won’t be able to put it down! How To Play: - Tap2 or more bubbles of the same color to match and blast, ballscombination pop and clear the board. - Tap 4 or more balls tocreate a power pop blast booster, the more balls, the bigger thepower pop blast booster. - Win levels and advance along the tropicmap to unlock treasure star pop chest. - You have a limited numberof moves to clear a level so use them wisely and plan your moves.Use special boosters to advance! - Merge boosters to create a newpower blast ball, blast the booster by tapping on it. Install nowand play the greatest balls game you ever tried in your life withthousand of exciting levels.
Jigsaw Puzzles Blocks Tangram 1.08
Over 5000 jigsaw puzzles in the app. New free puzzle event everyday- Daily Free Puzzle. Tap pieces, drag and solve the blockpuzzle,tangram levels. 10 different categories of puzzles thatmake the appa real puzzledom. The function of puzzle maker - youcan make jigsawpuzzles of your own choice. Customize puzzles inyour puzzle box bysize, shape of pieces, and color. with noturning on the rotation ofpieces you will make these brain gamesmore relaxing. Features: -Daily Free Puzzles – enjoy a new freepuzzles. - 10 categories:Nature, Life, Food, Holidays, Animals,Abstract, Water, Art,Landmarks, People, Countries, and more! - 5levels of difficulty –from a few to many pieces! Changing the sizeand shape of puzzlepieces. - Numerous puzzle achievements tounlock! - Daily puzzleevent, solve more jigsaw puzzles than othersand win prizes! Jigsawpuzzles are relaxing way after a hard dayand to train your brain.Play these brain games for adults wheneveryou’d like, and puzzlepieces can’t get lost! Free up table space.
Cube Blast: Match Block Puzzle Game 1.06
Play the most popular blast game, Full of challenges and fun! Cometo an exciting adventure in the world of Cube Bomb! Match cubes,create powerful combos to blast the toy cubes! Solve puzzles andwin levels to get tons of rewards and prizes! Tap to crush 2 ormore adjacent cubes of the same color, 5 or more createa boost.When more than 5 cubes are taped to crush, a powerful bomb will becreated. Bringing you a fresh experience. Let's relax and enjoyyourself in the big blast adventure of toy cubes, blast the cubes.Game Features: Fun and fresh gaming experience to enjoy. Over 2000levels, easy and fun to play but challenging to master. A puzzlegame that will relax your brain. Play anywhere without internet& WIFI. Simple operation & excitement challenges. How toPlay: Swap and match more than 2 identical toy cube to crush. Makespecial toy combos to help you crush special objects. Collect theboosters to help in tricky levels. Gather target items to winbefore you run out of moves Solve all kinds of puzzles in thejourney. Install now and enjoy!
Bubble Shooter - Pop Puzzle 1.302
Play the classic bubble shooter puzzle game! Lots of fun matchingthe same colored bubbles. Aim, shoot and pop your way through 10000fun addictive bubble puzzles full of challenges and fun. Easy andfun to play, yet challenging to master! - Easy and fun to play witha fresh and modern look - Colorful and relaxing brain puzzle - Morethan 10000 levels - Very relaxing, no pressure - Reach higher scoreto gain more stars - Collect and use powerful bonus bubbles - Facechallenging obstacles - Play without internet, whenever andwherever you want Bubble Shooter is FUN to play, enjoy hours ofbrain teasers!
Car Racing : Speed Drive Games 1.04
Take the wheel and race in lots of tracks and car games. Startdriving and make extreme drift to defeat the competition andupgrade your car to auto GT super sports speed racing. progress incareer mode and unlock all cars, if car driving is your passiongear up to speed and complete all the tracks and avoid traffic inthe time limit. drive legendarily sport vehicles in multiple racetracks with challenging rivals, upgrade your car and unlock newones to come in as a winner. unlock better cars as you progress andbecome the fastest driver in the city.