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TapCreo 1.0.4
Clash with the creatures of EvoCreo in this fast-tapping follow-upto ilmfinity’s 2015 hit! Capture, level up, and battle with allyour favorites among 170+ Creo – import them from your EvoCreoplaythrough or capture them anew! Race against the clock againstpowerful bosses after defeating their cohorts in over 100 stagesand complete daily dungeons for rare item rewards. Think you’re thefastest tapper in Zenith? Find out on the worldwide leaderboard! ◆◆ FEATURES ◆ ◆ ▸ No energy bars, no waiting! ▸ Capture, battle, andlevel up more than 170 fully animated Creo ▸ A simple mechanic withincredible depth! ▸ Import Creo from your EvoCreo playthrough ▸Complete daily dungeons to get valuable items ▸ Worldwideleaderboards ▸ Conquer over 1000's of stages and repeat foradditional rewards Like us on Facebook for more news and updates:
EvoCreo - Pocket Monster Game
An idle monster game for monster trainer If you like catchingmonsters, building an idle team in open world games withmultiplayer in the arena you will love this monster role-playinggame: More than 170 monsters in an epic RPG for monstertrainers!🗺🏞⚔️ Dive into a fascinating open world with more than 30hours offline gameplay 🌅🌄 One of the top paid games for 99 centsfor RPG maker fans and trainers all around the world 🌍 Dive into anopen world loved by millions of players! Start your adventure fullof pocket monsters . Duel in the arena to get the idle monsterchampion in multiplayer.💎🛡⚔️ Experience great quests and collectrewards as idle monster trainer! Start monster catching as atrainer • More than 170 mighty monsters to catch! 🐲 • Over 99 moneveolutions • Fully animated battles and pocket monster evolution⚔️ • Challenge and battle other trainers in role-playingMultiplayer! • Enjoy pixel graphics like in classic rpg maker games• Adjust attacks, skills and stats of your monsters! ⚔️ • Evolveyour idle monster and reach the final nexo evolution • Nostalgiafor fans of games like classic monster games in oldschool pixelgraphics Items, monsters, multiplayer, trainer & an open world!• More than 30 hours of playtime waits for you in this classicMMORPG pixel art monster game for just 99 cent as a payed game🗺 •Play it offline and without an internet connection, if you like 🎮 •Use different items in battle and multiplayer with mighty monsters💎🛡 • Dive into a fascinating open world and enjoy role-playingelements • PVP multiplayer for arena fights, battles and duels inpixel graphics Can you be a monsters master trainer? If you likerole playing games, multiplyer battles and training pixel artmonsters in RPG maker style, you will love this game! Join morethan 5 million players in this top paid game!🎮⚔️
EvoCreo - Free: Pocket Monster Like Games 1.9.11
Free version of our pocket monster trainer game! If you likemonstercatching, duel battles and role playing, you will love thismonstertrainer game: More than 170 monsters in an epic adventurefor formermonster rancher & masters!🗺🏞⚔️ Dive into afascinating adventuregame with more than 30 hours offline playtime🌅🌄 Playable offlinewithout internet connection 🎮 Start your freeadventure full ofmonster and master trainer and duel in the arenaand city to get thecreo monster champion.💎🛡⚔️ Experience greatquests and collectrewards. This monster adventure game will testyour skill as apocket monster trainer master & rancher! Anadventure game fullof monsters • More than 170 pocket monster tocatch! 🐲 • Fullyanimated monster battles and pocket monsterevolution ⚔️ • Challengeand battle other trainers and become acreo master of your city! •Battle and duel other master trainersin the red arena • Adjust theattacks, skills and stats of yourpocket monsters! ⚔️ • Evolve yourmonsters and reach the finalevolution by leveling • Nostalgia forall classic monster RPG fansItems, duels, trainer & an openadventure! • More than 30 hoursplaytime waits for you in thisclassic adventure game 🗺 • Usedifferent items in battle and duelfor your monsters 💎🛡 • Dive intoa fascinating adventure world wheremonster and creo masters live •PVP multiplayer for arena fights,battles and duels • Differentareas & arenas in this monstergalaxy like canyon, red arena,emerald & ruby arena, terra arenaor monster city as well asmany monster camps Can you be a monstermaster trainer? If you likegames with RPG, monster, arena, battleand trainer, you will lovethis game! 🎮⚔️