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iTalkM 1.6.4
Enjoy overseas calling on yoursmartphone!iTalkM is a free app for making overseas calls easier, faster, andat lower rates.Benefits of using iTalkM App•Free app with low internationalcalling rates-(Free minutes varies by plans)-(Up to 60% of savingsvs. other competing providers)•Direct connection to overseasnumbers from the contact list in your smartphone•Auto-memoryfunction, 'Favorites', for your frequent calling destinations•Nodata from your smartphone being used•No hidden fee or connectionchargeDownload now for free! iTalkM app replaces your internationalcalling feature from your mobile phone carrier.To make calls on iTalkM, you must be a paid iTalkM subscriber or,be a current iTalkBB home phone user with ‘iTalkGlobal, one of theiTalkBB calling features, being registered. If you have anyquestions, please contact our customer service center at1-800-875-8318 or visit our website at for furtherassistance.iTalk Global Communications. Inc. OverviewiTalkBB is awell-known VOIP brand in North America affiliated with iTalk GlobalCommunications, Inc., a leader in the internationaltelecommunications industry. Our residential VoIP service ispowered by state-of-the-art international network and technology.With this power, iTalkBB provides reliable high-quality local, longdistance, and international internet calling at superblycompetitive rates. Now our acclaimed and powerful VOIP service isavailable on mobile devices.If you need further information, please visit our website orcontact our customer service center at 1-800-875-8318.iTalkBB Service: www.Korea.iTalkBB.comiTalkM Service:
iTalkBB North America is an iTalkBB unique virtual mobile numberapp for Chinese people worldwide.
iTalkBB TV - 北美首选华语视频平台 2.6.24
iTalkBB TV - 高清正版流畅体验 【优质内容】 * 热门电视剧,北美独家正版授权,每日更新 * 高分电影,1080P高清画质,影院级体验 * 流行综艺,精彩同步,完美画质和音效 * 央视等直播台,七天回看,精彩不错过 *独家热点短视频,每日新闻速递 * 独家原创栏目,分享北美生活资讯 * 精彩动画与音频资源,全家畅享 【贴心功能】 *每日积分互动,赢取精彩礼品 *1080P 高清画质,尽享正版优质内容 * 多设备观看,移动端+网页版,自动同步历史记录 *无线智能投屏,支持AirPlay及Chromecast * 互动评论社区,随时分享观影心情 * VIP会员用户无插播广告,精彩不间断!* 关注提醒,精彩不容错过! 【吐槽建议欢迎联系客服】 您可以关注官方微信获取热门视频资源和更多福利,有任何疑问和吐槽也欢迎联系我们, 凡经采纳即赠送精美礼品1份。 官方微信客服:iTalkBB-TV官方邮件客服:[email protected] 如果喜欢我们,也欢迎给我们满分评价,我们一定会竭诚提供更优质的服务! **由于版权限制,当前所有视频仅支持在美国及加拿大地区播放 ** 如果您使用的是iPad,推荐您下载使用我们新推出的iTalkBB TVHD,体验更佳! ================== iTalkBB TV, your favorite streamingplatform to watch Chinese drama, movies, reality shows, live TVchannels, originals, and more. What you’ll love about iTalkBB TV: •No Ad breaks: enjoy the content you love without any mid-roll adbreaks • Popular Chinese dramas: Stream the most popular dramaseries from Mainland China and Hong Kong • Exclusive andAward-winning Movies: Watch the top selection of Chinese movies in1080P FHD • Originals: enjoy high-quality news, lifestyle content,and trending video clips created by us on a daily basis • WatchAnywhere: stream the way you like, whether that’s on yoursmartphone, tablet, laptop, or your TV (through AirPlay andChromecast) • Your Collection: Register to like, favorite, andfollow channels or episodes you love and never miss any update •Comments: Interact with other fans by leaving your comment under avideo • Legal Streaming: all content is legally licensed so no needto worry about viruses Download iTalkBB TV and start watching now!Register to unlock more content and features by Free! ** Forquestions or advice, contact us at [email protected]. Rate us5 stars if you like the experience. :) ** Regional restrictionsapply for video content. English version coming soon.
iTalkBB Prime
The iTalkBB Prime app service is only available for use with anacceptable mobile phone device, it may not be used in conjunctionwith any tablets, laptops or any other device. For emergency 911dialing, you must utilize your mobile phone. iTalkBB PrimeAPP,是iTalkBB独创的创新型真正服务于华人家庭的Prime通讯服务产品。iTalkBBPrime将传统家庭电话号码以APP的形式和手机进行绑定。使全体家庭成员真正做到随时随地使用家庭电话号码处理家庭相关事务的功能。所有用户家庭成员可以通过iTalkBB提供的APP家庭私有云端(加密云技术)分享家庭电话号码产生的通话记录,短信内容,语音留言,联系人信息。通过家庭云通信,真正实现一个手机,两个电话号码,云端共享通话信息。概述: iTalkBB Prime产品主要特色包括:固话不“固”,家庭电话绑定手机APP,用手机接听拨打家庭电话、收发短信,打破地理位置与物理形态的束缚,随时随地解决家庭事务。全家共“响”,接收来电,家庭成员电话共“响”;APP中通话、短信、语音留言轻松共“享”,实时了解和处理家庭事务。家庭“云”服,扩展家庭共享空间,打造专属家庭小世界。 iTalkBBPrime带给用户全新的体验移动版家庭电话服务体验,家庭电话、短信、语音留言实时共享,每位家庭成员都能第一时间获知家庭事务进展;家庭中心,我们都在,添加家庭成员,家庭信息共享,碎片化管理,让家随时随处都在。关键词: 电话同时响铃;家庭电话发短信;通话记录云共享
iTalkBB 5.4.8
iTalkBB users, TALK WORLDWIDE from your mobile phone! iTalkBB Appisa free international calling app that enables iTalkBB users tomakeinternational calls worldwide faster, easier and at a lowercost.With iTalkBB App, you can make calls using Wi-Fi, 4G/LTE, oryourmobile carrier’s network. Why should you choose iTalkBB App?-Replaces your international calling feature from your mobilephonecarrier. - Ultra-low calling rates to over 100 countries. -Makecalls no matter where you are in the world over Wi-Fi -Freeinternational calls: number of FREE minutes available is basedonyour iTalkBB Home Phone plan - Manage iTalkBB Account fromyourmobile phone Say hello to us! Facebook: iTalkBB Overview iTalkBB is aVOIPbrand in North America. It is owned by iTalk GlobalCommunications,Inc. Our residential phone service is powered bystate-of-the-artinternational network and technology. With thispower, iTalkBBprovides reliable high-quality long distance, andinternationalcalling at superbly competitive rates, plus featureslike ChinaLocal Number 950 and international mobile calling. Nowour acclaimedand powerful phone service is available on mobiledevices. iTalkBBwill keep growing to better serve the globalChinese and other Asianimmigrant segments. By downloading thisapp, you agree to receivecommunications from iTalk GlobalCommunications, Inc and itsaffiliates through this app.
iTalkBB(SG) 5.4.9
With iTalkBB (SG) App, you can now make high quality VoIP(voiceover IP) or VoLTE (Voice over 3G/4G/LTE) calls to Singapore,China,Philippines, USA, and Canada etc. countries at lowest rates!It’llsave you a lot on your phone bill if you are facing any ofthefollowing problems: 1)High local minute usage; 2)HighIDDinternational call bills; 3)International roaming charges whenyoutravel overseas. Stay connected and SAVE with iTalkBB!KeyFeatures: 1)Make crystal clear calls over WiFi or your3G/4G/LTEdata connection 2)Provide speed calling or call-backoption whenhaving unstable WiFi or Data 3)View your iTalkBB accountplan andbalance anytime, anywhere 4)Available on both iPhone andAndroidphones to download for FREE 5)Get a China number for yourfriendsand families to call you without IDD charges from China Youwillneed to be an existing iTalkBB customer before you can use thisAppto make calls. If you are not yet a customer, please visitourwebsite to sign up first. About iTalkBB: iTalkBB Singapore isalicensed IP telephony operator in Singapore. With headquarterinUSA, we are a pioneer and leader in theinternationaltelecommunication industry. We are proud to providereliable,high-quality local and international call services atextremelygood rates for the past over 10 years in USA, Canada,Australia,and Singapore. For more information or inquiry, pleasevisit ourwebsite at: or send us an emailat:[email protected]. By downloading this app, you agree toreceivecommunications from iTalk Global Communications, Inc anditsaffiliates through this app.
iTalkBB CTV 1.0.4
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