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Generate QR Code (Generator) 1.13
Convert any string to QR code !
Tri Peaks Solitaire 1.18
You can play with Android devices is known asone of the playing cards of solitaire (solitaire) "Tri Peaks (TriPeaks)" the.It is the same rules as for the game, known for alias "Three Peaks(Three Peaks)," and "Tri-Tower (Tri Tower)" and.The purpose of Tri-Peaks, is to turn off all the cards arearranged in a pyramid shape.It becomes clear to be able to move to dump all the cards.The movable in a dump, only card of the differences between oneand number of cards in the top front of the dump.For example, the front of the card dump you can turn off the card"6" or "8" for the "7".It is assumed that it is continuous with the "K" and "A".If you do not have a card that you can erase, please pull one bytouching the deck.The game is over when there is no card that you can erase in thedeck runs out.About permissions :- INTERNET, ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE : used for the ads
Kings in the Corners 1.07
Need luck and intelligence.Draw cards one at a time from the deck.Kings can only be moved to corners, Jacks to the left and rightsides, Queens to the top and bottom.Number cards can go onto any space, including the K, Q and Jspaces. Each space can only hold 1 card.After the board is full you can remove tens or pairs that add to10.About permissions :- INTERNET, ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE : used for the ads
Reversi Queen(Reversi) 1.04
Confrontation with the queen in the Reversi game!
Beer to prevent overflow from the jug, let's touch the numbers!Number you have touched will be subtracted. Beer stops when itcomes to 0.   About permissions : - INTERNET, ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE: used for the ads
Time of Year ~ 二十四節気 1.18
And trying to figure the changing seasons in the number of daysremaining!
Gin Rummy 1.38
Play Gin Rummy against the Android.
Kitchen Timer 3.10
Kitchen timer that can be easily operated
情報処理技術者試験 過去問スクランブル|応用情報高度試験午前 1.34
The number of recorded problems is 7115 questions. It is a morningtest preparation app that supports information technology engineertest level 3 or higher (applied information engineer test & alladvanced test categories). Perfect for preparation just before theexam or on the day of the exam.