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Music downloader - Music player 1.2.5
Music downloader - Music player is a free Mp3 downloader and Mp3players in Android app store. Music downloader - Music player, Mp3downloader - the latest version supports users to download musicwith the fastest speed. Popular rankings such as US - UK, Kpop,Jpop, Vpop ... are regularly and continuously updated. We arealways working hard to refresh the charts of the hottest songs frommore than 100 countries all over the world. Music downloader - Mp3downloader with a huge music store, diverse all types of popularmusic today. You can easily search and download any songs or listento music online just with a smartphone connected to the internet.Let's discover the outstanding features of the application: -Totally free - Download music with high speed and play music inhigh quality with Mp3 downloader and Mp3 players - Update thelatest song list in many countries around the world. - Search songseasily and quickly - 3D surround sound - Support headset to controlthe Mp3 players - Manage downloaded songs by album, artist, folder,playlist - Support users to create their own playlists. - You cansearch for any genre of music, any song on Mp3 downloader and Mp3players - Mp3 downloader and Mp3 players with full features: play,stop, next, previous, select play mode, add to favorite playlist. -Audio equalizer with 5 sound ranges, bass booster and 3D soundeffects. - Set the song as your device’s ringtone. - Many types ofmusic tunes are preset such as Normal, Classic, Dance, Folk, Heavy,Hip hop, Jazz, Pop, Rock, or you can adjust the balance yourself. -Support setting wallpapers for your songs - Smart sleep timer mode- Headset support: play, stop, next, previous, volume up/down. -Track the download progress easily - Easy to share downloaded songsto your friends via popular social networking sites. -Multi-language support Download Music downloader - Music player,Mp3 downloader and Mp3 players, now to own an application for freedownloading and listening to music with a smooth interface. Updatethe tastes of music in the country and all over the world, thehottest songs every day easily. Music downloader - Music player,Mp3 downloader is licensed by Jamendo ( andprovided with a huge and totally free music store. All you need isjust connect your phone to the internet, then you can listen tomusic online, or download them and enjoy offline. You can find anysongs with Music downloader - Music player, Mp3 downloader and Mp3player. P.S. Dear publishers, we have attached our email adress andphone number in our contact information. If you have any questions,please email or call us in advance. We will provide documents andagreements signed with the Jamendo music provider( Jamendo will confirm the validity of theagreement. We hope to receive your cooperation for the strong musicindustry. Music downloader - Music player, Mp3 downloader will helpyou listen to compositions of independent and/or new artists whichhelps their work spread and reach more the audience faster. Sincerethanks.
Music player 3.3.7
Music player, also called Mp3 player app is one of the best mediaplayers for Android. Listen to your favorite music with afashionable, multi-feature, fast and powerful Music Player. Thebest music player for Android with lots of features and beautifuland easy- to use design. The app combines an sound Equalizer and aBass-booster, giving you a lot of new set of musical experiences.Music player - Mp3 player helps you manage your music easily, asmart fast, smooth and useful search engine which is andindispensable in your Android device. With only a little memory, itcan bring you a great experience with music Features of MusicPlayer - Mp3 player - It can play all audio formats, such as mp3,m4a, wav, flac, etc. - Music player with Lyrics Support – whichshows the songs’ lyrics on the music playback screen. - Show allsongs in your device, filter by Albums, Artists, Songs, Folders, orPlaylists - Support quick song search - A music player with fullfeatures, for example, play, stop, next, previous song, add tofavorites list, etc. - Support play modes such as order, shuffle,loop, repeat 1 song, etc. - The sound equalizer includes 10available audio melodies, such as Normal, Classical, Dance, Flat,Folk, Heavy metal, Hiphop, Jazz, Pop, Rock. - Sound effectenhancement with Bass and 3D effects - Filter your songs by theirlength from 30 seconds, 60 seconds, 90 seconds, etc. - Set any songas the device’s ringtone by the music player - supporting cut, ortrim music. - Play songs directly from Their folder. - Add songs toqueue, pending, or play next easily - Smart auto music off timer. -Supports many different languages. - Support headset operations,such as play, next, previous, pause, continue. MP3 player canfulfill all your music needs and bring you all the new musicexperiences. Download Mp3 Player now to own yourself a powerful,simple and easy-to-use audio and music player. We are working hardto give our users a great app. Feel free to enjoy and leave yourreview. Any comment / suggestions for music player - mp3 player,please feel free to contact us by email address:[email protected]. We appreciate your support. Please downloadand try it out!