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Farm Fantasy: Fantastic Day and Happy Magic Beasts 1.28
The magic is in the air! Tending a garden is surely the best waytospend your free time. Live the happy experience of manageyourFantasy Farm! Grow a big variety of the magic crops: ghosthay, mandrake, four leaf clover, Halloween pumpkin,mushrooms…Harvest every day! Pet and take care of the fantasticanimals andbeasts: phoenix, dragons and unicorns. Meet your newneighbors -wizards and witches from near township, like Albus andLina. Andlearn sorcery! In the wonderful workshops You can producepotions,spells and wands. Also make magic clothes and scrolls.Develop yourmine and search for treasures every day! With the helpof thegriffin send orders around the magic world: from thedifferentesenchanted villages to schools of wizardry. Encountercharmedbeasts: make friends with snow yeti and trolls! Enlist yourownfriends to create a network with magic markers. Live yourownadventures: help to the mermaid and discover the mystery oftheflying ship! Dive in the world of wizardry and fantasy! All typeofmonsters will be happy to help you bring your farm to thetop:zombies, ghosts, werewolves, spiders, vampires... Try the2018release from Foranj games, a new farming simulator coming totheUSA. Enlist the support of your family and friends, uncoverthemysteries of the enchanted township and find all thehiddentreasure. Create your own farm story! Join our group onFacebook toshare your funnystories
Magic Country: fairy farm and fairytale city 1.40
Dive into the secret country of magic! Evolve fairy farmtospellcraft city and magic township. Build mystery fantasy town,asecret city of magic. Craft magic Instead hayday and becomewizardor witch! Inhabit magic country with your favouritecharacters:wizards and witches, dragons and princesses, elves andgoblins,fairies and dwarves! Invite the brave hero to thehearthstone.Build an ancient forge to make cool artifacts. Tellyour own pocketcasual saga about the coc realm. Sell away magicbalz to pirate andhelp to solve a magic puzzle quest. Enchant asimple thing withyour own rpg like iclicker and become the Emperorof the classicfantasy sims. This game is about click and cash! Youcan get it bytap, swipe and good coin investment! Rpg games ordungeon anddragon game? Try to build your own fantasy playground.Chillout andplay. Features: - Great art. - Mix of clicking gamesand fantasyworld. - A lot of houses and upgrades. - Magic bubbles.- Easierthan a tedious match 3 games. - Played both online andoffline! -Join the community of foranj fans. - Get free gems if youplay ourother games. Get your own spells and share your kingdomwith yourfriends.
Idle Monster: Happy Mansion in Click Away Village 1.19
Grow and upgrade the most horror farming village of all time!Earncash and manage your millions! Build gardens, collect cropsandcare animals. Automate and create a smart strategy. ExpandyourHalloween empire! Get a lot of fun and goosebumps! Tending agardenon the farm is surely the best way to spend your free timethisday. Live the happy experience of building your Monster Farm!Playwith friends at Zombie Farm. Grow a big variety of magiccrops:ghost hay, Pumpkin Jack, mushrooms, too perfect applesormandrakes! Harvest every day! Day of Halloween with hay,cookies,and zombie, zombie, zombie. Use your harvest to craftdozens ofdifferent treats. We've got all the recipes you need:lollipop, acookie with chocolate, birthday cake and much more. Kidslove it,they'll all come to trick or treat at your house. Sell yourgoodsto the townsfolk and neighboring lands. Transylvania, Route666,Ghost Town are waiting for candies! It's a great opportunityforbusiness! All type of monsters will be happy to help you bringyourfarm to the top: zombies, ghosts, werewolves, spiders,vampires...Create the most fashion costumes for them and organizethe besthorror party! Features This is a new generation of idleclickers!Casual players will love great art and animation! Moreexperiencedplayers will appreciate the simple, interesting andemergentgameplay! It will provide the greatest pleasure from yourMonstrousEmpire. Make the right decisions! Become a real MonsterFarmer byselling goods on the Mysterious Market! Build your dreambycreating new decorations! Solve real problems of themagicalcreatures! Go through many game levels! Choose your winningtacticsto complete the tasks! Build creepy mansions and castlesforcastleville legends! Become a farm hero on a harvest land! Jointhemonster league! Dozens of achievements and challenges forendlessfun are waiting for you! Create your own village family byinvitingyour friends and neighbors! Become part of the family andmake newfriends! This game can be played both online and offline!IdleMonster Farm can be played absolutely FREE, although many itemsareavailable through in-app purchases. In general, download.Playingthis game is definitely quick and easy! This is aninterestingfamily game about harvesting and farm monster life! And,it is asimple fun and joy game about harvesting and building farms.Butthe crops here are not vegetables, but creepy plants andstinkypotion. However, playing Idle Monster Farm is easy andsimple! Thisis also a relaxing crop idle game, where you candiscover, collectand grow lovely creepy plants! Expand your garden!Feel like anideal farmer! Build an incredible world with the helpof theclicker/simulator for mobile devices! Build your own uniquemonsterworld with charming creatures and mysterious plantssurroundingyou! Build a green village in the future, the city ofyour dreams!Here, every dream comes true! If you have anyquestions, pleasecontact our Support Team. Join our group onFacebook to share yourfunnystories
Cartoon City 2 PRO
Build city from township on farm town village. Grow city to cartooncity story
Idle Dragon Empire: tap vikings, train dragons
Take control of a small viking island and train yourself a teamoffantastic dragons! Grow and upgrade the your village, earn cashandmanage your millions! Hire vikings, automate dragons and createasmart strategy. Expand your empire! Tending a dragon issurelyfantastic way to spend your free time this day! Live thehappyexperience of building and training your dragon sports team!Playwith friends at viking islands. Feed and evolve your dragons,wincompetitive matches! Travel to distant island to uncovertheirsecrets and find unique creatures for your team! All typeofdragons will be happy to help you bring your island to thetop.Become a dragon world tycoon! Features This is a new generationofidle clickers! Casual players will love great art andanimation!More experienced players will appreciate the simple,interestingand emergent gameplay! It will provide the greatestpleasure fromyour Dragon Empire. Make the right decisions! Become areal sportsmanager by selling and hiring dragons! Build your dreamby creatingnew decorations! Solve real problems of the magicalcreatures! Gothrough many game levels! Choose your winning tacticsto completethe tasks! Build explore castles and meet heroes fromlegends!Become a sports hero on a viking land! Join the dragonleague!Dozens of achievements and challenges for endless fun arewaitingfor you! Create your own village family by inviting yourfriendsand neighbors! Become part of the family and make newfriends! Thisgame can be played both online and offline! IdleDragon Empire canbe played absolutely FREE, although many items areavailablethrough in-app purchases. In general, download. Playingthis gameis definitely quick and easy! This is an interestingfamily gameabout pets and dragon sports! Idle Dragon Empire is funand joy,yet easy and simple! This is also a relaxing idle game,where youcan discover, collect and grow lovely creatures! Expandyour sportsempire! Feel like an ideal viking! Build an incredibleworld withthe help of the clicker/simulator for mobile devices!Build yourown unique monster world with charming creatures andmysteriousplants surrounding you! Build a green village in thefuture, thecity of your dreams! Here, every dream comes true! Ifyou have anyquestions, please contact our Support Team.
Idle Mansion: Dream Farm Simulator & Hero Clicker
Do you like farming games, builders and tycoons? What abouttocreate a mansion with models and fashion superstars? A modernharemonly for you? Let’s play: tap or click away! Grow and upgradeyourmagazine empire! Hire cute girls, run luxury photo sessions,earncash and love! There are many beautiful women with chances tobe anew supermodel. Diverse characters to develop, chooseyourfavorite: angel or demon, villain or superhero, singer ordancer,secret agent or mysterious witch… Win their hearts and getsomelove! In this business the love is the base for everything! Butdonot forget about fun! Throw parties, engage hot DJ, driveluxurycars and prepare cocktails! Key Features: Try to collect allgirl’scards! There are dozens! Choose your winning tactics tocompletethe requests from photo agencies! Throw parties and playmini-gamesto obtain exclusive rewards! Watch after your girls andsee themlive happily! This is a new generation of idle clickers!Ourplayers love great art and animation! Simple, interestingandemergent gameplay! Diverse achievements and challenges forendlessfun are waiting for you! Become part of the family and makenewfriends! Join the Idle Mansion league! This game can be playedbothonline and offline! Build your dream! Join our group onFacebook toshare your stories and find new friends P.S. Yoursuggestions aretreasures to us. Please do not hesitate to reach usvia our SupportTeam.
Color Stories: coloring casino & paint art gallery 1.45
It's a color game where art, design and casino meet. Paint bynumbercolor gallery & spin slots for free . Recolor doodle,sketchcolorful stories, draw cute mandala. Be painter in artgallery andget happy by casino games. Use color choices in doodleor portraityou can paint, then discover casino with amazing slots.Art ColorGallery needs your paint brush to make colorful sketch inthis coloradventure. Color casino needs your luck to give youamazing prizes.It's not just a coloring book - but the story of alittle galleryyou can create. Relax and enjoy like a painter anddraw: Unicorn anddragons Floral mandala Jigsaw Cartoon Self-madewallpaper PrincessAnimals Portrait Landscape Puzzle Cosmic planetand Star Myth,legend and history … and other themes you can findon coloring bookpages. Become a happy art player with your galleryin the color bookand enjoy bright colorful pictures by number.Make your color dreamscome true, head the gallery, tap into art -all in one game!Download for free and create a masterpiece rightnow! Joinus!
Color Home Design Makeover - paint your love story
Create the story in your dream home like a real designer! Paintbynumber color art gallery, earn coins and make design in roomsasyou wish! You can be a painter, who colors amazing pictures oradesigner, who can decorate and renovate houses with many rooms.-Rebuild the living room! - Decorate the bedroom! - Createakitchen! Discover your style and talent as a true interiordesignerwith different furniture and the characters will be happyto helpyou with this! And that is not all... You can also relaxbypainting beautiful pictures by number in your own colorartgallery. You can draw whatever your heart desires: - mandalas-landscapes - art objects - portraits - doodles ...and manyothers!Start on this unique color adventure and create the newdesignstory! Don't forget to join us onfacebook:
Match3 Magic: Prince unicorn lovely story quest 1.02
Dive into an intriguing adventure in a magic country wherefairytaleand magic rule! Restore a wonderful city to its formerglory, makefriends with its folks, help the prince to save theprincess andunveil a mystery! Solve puzzles and find the words forsecret spellsto make friends with a unicorn who values those whohave a braveheart! Unlock all lands and decorate the fairy gardento get magicpets as a reward. Renovate enchanted locations andmeet dozens ofcute characters - witches, wizards, magicians,fairies, dwarves andgiants. Get a new treasure every day! Get atamed speaking dragon asa pet, give it candy, train it, and settleyour new pet on a farm orin an enchanted castle. Magic abilitiesof quirky animals will helpyou beat endless match-3 levels. Playsolo or invite your friends tohelp you unlock all animals andtheir cartoon stories. Our new freegame will give you many sweetmemories and glorious victories in amagic world!
Farm Snow - Santa family story 2.37
Ho-ho-ho, Welcome to our Christmas Farm! Meet new polar friends:Santa Claus, Rudolph, Snowman, penguin, elf and Bigfoot! Evolveyour own snow township! Plant and harvest everything: chocolate,wool, paper, wood, iron. Build factories to craft gifts, toys,sweets. Take care about farm guests: Unicorn, raccoon, hare andkids. Help Santa to get ready for the Xmas holiday and manage thesnowy farm. ◆ WINTER IS COMING◆ - Discover the North Pole! Meetyour favorite holiday characters - Rudolph, Snowman, Christmasfairies, penguin and Santa Claus! - Take care of magical animals:feed, brush and dress them. - Create the magic farm to a jollytownship of your own - Build Christmas factories to craft gifts ◆JINGLE ALL THE WAY! ◆ - Complete orders with Rudolph sleigh andpolar car - Decorate your winter farm with flowers, lanterns, hay.- Improve and decorate the Christmas tree to put more presentsunder it - Play every day and get daily rewards! ◆ BECOME ACHRISTMAS ELF! ◆ - Meet guests coming by train, complete theirorders and get gifts - Plant and grow wool, chocolates, paper,wood, iron; - Find chests in friends’ lands ◆ THAT’S THE STORY YOUMUST TELL! ◆ Don't be shy and share your Christmas mood with us onFacebook: [email protected] NOTE: The game is free to play and can beplayed both online and offline.
Idle Zoo Empire: Happy Animal in Wild Away Park
Grow and upgrade the most adorable zoo of all time! Build apark,collect and care animals. Automate and create a smartstrategy.Earn cash and manage your millions! Expand your Zoo empireandbecome a rich zoo tycoon! Do you like pets and animalsandeverything about them? So this is your game! It is one of thebestclicker games which is available on your Android. Withsimplestart: tap or drag to collect coins, to get new animals, toopenzones, to boost earnings... develop clever tactics andearnmillions! Features This is a new generation of idleclickers!Casual players will love great art and animation! Moreexperiencedplayers will appreciate the simple, interesting andemergentgameplay! It will provide the greatest pleasure from yourZooEmpire. Make the right decisions! Build your dream by creatingnewdecorations! Go through many game levels! Collect manydifferentraces of animals some of which are legendary! Choose yourwinningtactics to complete the tasks! Join the zoo league! Playmini-gamesto obtain exclusive rewards! Dozens of achievements andchallengesfor endless fun are waiting for you! Watch after youranimals andsee them live happily! Become part of the family andmake newfriends! This game can be played both online and offline!Idle ZooEmpire can be played absolutely FREE, although many itemsareavailable through in-app purchases. In general, download.Playingthis game is definitely quick and easy! This is aninterestingfamily game about harvesting and animal life! And, it isa simplefun and joy game about collecting and care zoo. PlayingIdle ZooEmpire is easy! This is also a relaxing clicker game, whereyou candiscover, collect and grow lovely exotic animals! Expandyour park!Build an incredible world with the help of theclicker/simulatorfor mobile devices! Build your own unique zooworld with charmingpets and lovely animals surrounding you! Build agreen village forthe future, the city of your dreams! Here, everydream comes true!Join our group on Facebook to share your funnystories suggestions are treasures to us. Please do not hesitatetoreach us via our Support Team.
Merge Detective mystery story
Merge Detective Story is a detective game that involves you intothe secrets of a small town Mapletown. You need to reveal all thetown secrets, find clues to solve the crime & find a missinggirl. Key features: ⭐️ Merge - combine different tools &objects to find all the hidden evidence in the story. 🔎 Enjoy atwisted story plot of an interesting detective story - Nancy willfind all the answers to solve the crime! 📂 Interact with differentcharacters & objects, make choices that will affect storyline!🧩Solve puzzles to find hidden clues!