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Veg Recipes of India Official 1.9
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Cook delicious vegetarian food at home withstep by step photos. App sharing 1400 recipes from the most popularIndian recipe website. All recipes are tried and tested by us aswell as by our readers. If you want to learn Indian vegetariancooking then do give this App a try as we include a lot of photosin our step by step recipe format. The App has many good features -like works in offline mode (make the recipes favorite for it towork in offline mode), the recipes can be easily bookmarked byusing the favorite option, multiple sharing options, facility tosearch a particular recipe from 1400 recipes and so on. We are nowalso slowly adding nutrition info to the recipes.For ease of readers recipes in this App are divided into variouscategories:1. Indian Breakfast Recipes2. Rice Recipes3. Main Course Recipes4. Indian Sweets and Desserts5. Starters and Snacks6. Indian Curries7. Indian Street Food8. Indian Vegan Recipes9. Indian Vegetable Recipes10. Dal Recipes11. Eggless Cakes Recipes12. Easy Bachelor Recipes13. Quick 30 Minutes Recipes14. Gluten Free Recipes15. North Indian Recipes16. South Indian Recipes17 Tiffin Recipes18 Toddler Recipes19 Paneer Recipes20 Indian Breads and Parathas21.Eggless Cakes22 Baked Snacks23 Bread Recipes24 Low Fat Recipes25 Gluten Free Recipes26 Bachelor RecipesThe App covers regional Indian cuisine like recipes from the regionof Punjab, Maharashtra, Gujarat, Goa, West Bengal, Konkan, Awadh,Hyderabad and so on. It also has a big collection of No Onion NoGarlic Recipes, Eggless Baking, Low Fat Recipes, Indo ChineseRecipes, Fasting Recipes, Festival Recipes, Veg Recipes for Kids,Toddler Recipes and Punjabi Recipes. The App has a lot of recipesfrom North Indian Cuisine and South Indian Cuisine.If you are new to Indian cuisine and want to learn it, then youwill like this App the more, since most of the step by step recipescontain photos for each step and it makes cooking very easy forbeginners.