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Emoji Keyboard - Dream Blue 3.0
Dream blue Theme for Emoji Keyboard - CrazyCorn, designed by CrazyCorn, Getting thiscool theme to make your CrazyCorn more lovely and colorful.Just enjoy your wonderful emoji life!
Emoji Keyboard - White Flat 3.0
White Flat Theme for Emoji Keyboard - CrazyCorn, designed by CrazyCorn, Getting thiscool theme to make your CrazyCorn more lovely and colorful.☆ This is not a standalone app, you need to download the LATESTversion of Emoji Keyboard - CrazyCorn app in order to apply thistheme. (Search “Emoji Keyboard” to download it)
Messaging+ 7 Free - SMS, MMS
Free cool white flat style message app, support all emojis. customfont, bubble.
Messaging+ SMS, MMS Free 5.15
It is an classic style Message app. Cool UI. It is very simpletouse; it is an free version for most part of user, if you wanttochange and custom more setting options, you should by theproversion. FEATURE: - Cool Classic style UI. - Support latestkitkatandroid 4.4 - Support all emojis, send and receive emojiwithfriend, only 1st page in free version. - Support custom yourownfont. - Beautiful popup message dialog, support more pagespopupdialog. - Internal snapshot support. - Manage all smsmessageconveniently. - Group message support. - Blink LED support.-Support custom notification icon in Pro version. - Supportcustombubble color in Pro version. - Custom ringtones in Proversion.Important Note: Notification problem: - if you can'tseenotification when you receive new message, you can check: Doyouhave installed the other third sms app? you should uninstallthethird sms app first. Emoji problem: - Press the menu andselect"Insert Smile" Or press the attach button. - Emoji messagewillblock by network carrier when across network carriers, pls tryaskyour friend to send emoji message to you by mms type message,ifyour friend can't see your emoji. pls try to send mmsemojimessage. Out order of message problem: - If you don't need toseeduplicate notifications, please try to enable "Setting -Receivesettings - Block Sms Notification", Maybe it will causetwoduplicate message on some devices. - If your message is outoforder, please try to select "Block Sms Notification" optioninsettings.
Emoji Keyboard - CrazyCorn
Emoji keyboard that support input emoji in everywhere, support moreemoji,themes
Emoji Keyboard - Black Round
It is an Black Round keyboard theme for Emoji Keyboard - CrazyCorn,Enjoy It!