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multiplication tables 1.1
free educational game to learn the multiplication tables
sounds for kids 1.3
Educational game for learning animal sounds
Juegos educativos para niños 1.4
educational games for children free
zombie hunter 1.0
The world is being attacked by terrible zombies, only you can helpsave the earth. Let's play this entertaining free horror game andhave fun defending the land from the end of the world. Free onlinegames,all games Aquí fun games Aquí
Learn to read 24
learning to read and write
abecedario 1.7
game for children to learn to trace the letters of the alphabet
Writing the alphabet 4.7
Learn to read and write the alphabet and improve your writing
Writing the alphabet 2 1.7
Learning the alphabet for children (abc kids), is aspecialeducational game to learn to write or draw the letters ofthealphabet through writing. This game has exercises to tracetheshape of alphabet letters, so your child can practice theschooleducational content at home. It's an application that teachesandhelps children learn the alphabet (abc), in a guided and funway.features - Complete alphabets for two languages (Esp-Ing) -Drawletters - letter sound - Draw free If you liked thisapplication oflearning to read and write, please rate us and leaveus a comment,because it motivates us to work. Thank you so much :)More fungames www.aprenderjugando.cl
numbers for kids 8
learning games for kids
Learn the vowels 24
Addition and subtraction 11
"Math for Kids" is an educational game that is dedicated tothedevelopment of basic math. The game is ideal for learningbasicfractions math. Children learn in a fun way theaddition,subtraction and count, or as known in some countriesprogressiveaddition and subtraction and entertaining way. The gameis idealfor primary school children, preschool and kindergarten,where theyare starting to learn in a fun and playful way. coolmathmultiplication kids kindergarten addition subtract gameplaygroundfor kids mathematics apps pub
Aprender el alfabeto español 1.0
alphabet, alphabet for literacy development.
math game for kid 1.3
Math dash game for preschool, to learn how add, subtract andmultiply
learn to write 1.8
learn to write the alphabet (abc) in a fun way and ludic
rompecabezas para niños 1.2
Puzzles for children 3 to 6 years