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Sengoku Asuka ZERO (Anime Girls x Samurai x RPG) 2.8.03
Beloved in Japan with over 3 million downloads, Sengoku AsukaZEROis finally available in English, German, and French!Thisanime-style RPG will take you back to the Sengoku period inJapan,where all its most famous warriors have been turned into cuteanimegirls! — GAME FEATURES — ◆ Build an Army with your FavoriteSengokuWarriors ◆ Create a formidable army of ninjas and samuraifromJapanese history, all re-imagined with anime visuals! Get over400beautifully animated and memorable characters, all fully voicedbypopular voice actresses! ◆ Lead Your City ◆ Listen toyourwarriors' suggestions to build a bustling town that will exceedanyother! You can increase your strength while raising the fealtyofyour army and building your relationship with them! ◆ Be Tactical◆Battle through an epic story and unleash devastating EX skillsonyour enemies. Knowing your warrior's elemental attributes,weapontypes, and their unique skills are your key to victory! ◆JoinRaids, Sieges & PvP Battle ◆ Compete with other players oryourfriends in PvP and climb to the top of the leaderboards, orjointhem in powerful co-operative Raid battles with up to 30players! ◆Enjoy an Epic Story in Single Player Mode ◆ Play throughabeautifully crafted story in Sengoku Japan! Join Sakihime andherretainers across many adventures, and meet the likes ofOdaNobunaga, Tokugawa Ieyasu, and many other historical figuresalongthe way. Visit our official sites for more information!SengokuAsuka ZERO Official Homepage https://www.sengokuasuka.com/Visitour Official Gamepedia Wikihttps://sengokuasukazero.gamepedia.com/Contact us for technicalsupport at:[email protected]
エバーテイル 2.0.88
A super sweepstakes festival is being held for a total of 100million yen! Let's run around the vast world with the wild monsterscaught in the adventure!
Neo Monsters 2.44.1
Become a Legend! Capture over 2000 Animated Monsters and Duel inReal-Time PvP!
Evertale 2.0.88
Catch, train, and evolve 200+ monsters in this captivating fantasyRPG!
Tokyo Debunker
Solve supernatural cases in Tokyo alongside devilish ghoulsandquirky cats!