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Cryo (App Freezer for Samsung)
This app will not update anymore due toSamsung's warning.Important: This app only works on Samsung devices. If yourdevice is not Samsung please don't install.More important: This app requires Samsung knox, You shouldaccept the policy when you first use this app or it will not workproperly.Cryo (means freeze) is an packages disabler for Samsungdevices.Disable packages for better battery lifetime and get rid ofannoying apps without losing app data.Features:★ Freeze apps without losing your data.★ It is also an app launcher for your frozen apps.★ Auto-freeze when screen off.★ Ignore music apps when playing music.★ Easy-to-use and elegant GUI.★ Hide apps for privacy (Premium).★ Powerful search filter.If you have any questions please use the feedback in the app tosend us email to [ [email protected] ] . Any feature-requesting andsuggestion is welcome.Cryo is a newborn app! Please be generous with ratings andreviews...
Stitchcraft: Long screenshot
**No root needed!**Stitchcraft makes it easy to stitch multiple screenshots into along one. Just like scrolling screen capture.1. Take screenshots as usual. make sure there is common areabetween screenshots.2. Choose the screenshots to stitch them into a tall one.Tips: for better matching result, please take screenshots in orderand make sure the overlaps.FEATURES:- Ads Free!- Works with fixed background screenshots.- Stitching long screenshot fast, easily and automatically.- Just scroll and capture the screenshots then all done by theapp.- You can also stitch manually(awesome)- Editing screenshot with drawing on it.- Elegant and easy-to-use user interface!- Manage the screenshots your ever made.- Easy to share with you friends or to the social media.Please, instead of just giving a bad rating, contact us for anyproblem! We are always willing to help you!Want to try for free? Download Stitchcraft Free!