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Zenia: Interactive Fitness App 3.5.6
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Zenia is more than just a fitness app. It's a smart, interactivehealth and fitness studio right on your smartphone. Aside frominteractive online lessons, you get real-time feedback on yourmoves and poses. This is the first yoga app that uses your phone’scamera to track your asanas with breakthrough technology. WithZenia, you can do a workout in the safety and privacy of your home.The app does access your camera, but it’s totally private—no oneelse can see you. Train fitness at home—with a teacher, if youlike! Zenia is not only about artificial intelligence motiontracking. If you prefer following fitness classes with aninstructor, Zenia will help you too. With this workout app, you canpractice with experienced trainers. Zenia's features: Jam-packedwith fitness practices—from fast challenges to 30-day fitnessplans, live online classes, and more, Zenia has something foreveryone from absolute beginners to yogi pros, whenever you want topractice. Intelligent motion tracking—move your body into the frameand discover how a free yoga and fitness app can help align yourposes more closely and ensure you get it right. Track your entirebody from head to toe in real-time and get accurate feedback.Secure and safe—for those who like a little bit of privacy, you caneven hide your form and focus on the outlines of your body duringyoga. Our camera is secure, and we make no recordings of yoursessions, so your workout is always just for you. World's best yogatrainers—what better way to inspire you to fitness than workingwith the best out there! Grab a class from the best in the yogabusiness and train your body to perfection. Personalized programs,just for you—armed with intelligent data and your feedback, wedesign a personalized yoga program just for you. Get the bestworkouts in our app for your body and see the results. Analyticsand performance statistics—want to know how accurate your poseswere or how often you practiced? With Zenia, you can access allthis data and more to get an overview of your daily progress.Challenges to motivate you—we all need that little push sometimes,and Zenia's fitness challenges are the perfect companion. Access avariety of challenges, show off your skills, and get to the top ofour leaderboard. Want more from your fitness app? This is it! Getaccess to a variety of fitness routines to meet your needs, whetheryou want to lose belly fat, improve your corepower, take yourfemale fitness routine to new heights, or just get in a good yogaworkout—Zenia is your yoga training companion. Want to know thebest part? There's no need to leave your house to get in a workout.All you need to do is grab your phone, open Zenia, and start yourasanas now. Enjoy healing through fitness—age doesn't matter here.Terms and Conditions https://zenia.app/terms Privacy Policyhttps://zenia.app/privacy