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Share Link – File Transfer
Do various types of file transfer, such assharing multimedia files and applications, quickly and seamlesslyusing Share Link. This file transfer app lets you do all these bysimply tapping Send file or Receive file, even if youaren't connected to the Internet.Share Link offers these special features:Special features• Send and receive files such as photos, videos, music,application, and documents•Can link with all brands of Android devices•File transfer done via Wi-Fi but does not require Internetconnection•Connect and do file transfers with nearby PCs upon installation ofthe Windows® version.NotePlease download Share Link for Windows fromhttp://sharelink.asus.com in your PC to enjoy file transfersbetween Android devices and your computer.Join ASUS ZenUI Beta Tester CommunityGo to our official beta-testing community on Google+ to check outunreleased features and apps or our beta versions.Join here:https://plus.google.com/communities/102195698701588980223More informationWatch our Share Link tutorial here:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sYnzF2ZAEPoFor more product information and videos, check out:http://www.zenui.com/Feedbacks and suggestionsWe’d love to hear from you!Send us your feedbacks via: [email protected]
ASUS PixelMaster Camera
With ASUS PixelMaster Camera at yourfingertips, there’s no need to worry about fiddly options orsettings to capture great photos. Our unique scene-detectiontechnology analyses your surroundings instantly, suggesting thebest mode for your shot.From dusky evening scenes and low-light indoor shots to bright,high-contrast environments, ASUS PixelMaster Camera enableseffortless mode-switching. So, no matter whether capturing excitingsporting moments, beautiful scenery on your travels or cute shotsof your kids, ASUS PixelMaster Camera turns you into a professionalsharp-shooter – all at the touch of a button!Key Features- Get down to the basics. Optimize your photos viaAuto mode, which auto-sets the camera settings vis-a-vis thelighting and environment.- Shoot like a pro! With Manual, SuperResolution, HDR, or Depth of field mode, you cancapture vivid, beautiful photos effortlessly like a pro!- Let there be light. Capture precious moments even indimly-lit places via Low Light or Night mode thatadjusts the background lighting for picture-perfect moments.- Let’s have fun! Have more fun and apply animated effectsor creative filters to your photos or videos via GIFAnimation, Miniature, Effects, or TimeLapse mode.- Widen your reach. Encapsulate all that beauty and sceneryvia Panorama, PanoSphere, or Selfie Panoramamode.- Capture pretty and perfect photos. Capturebeautifully-enhanced photos using Beautification,Selfie, Time Rewind, or All Smiles mode. UseSmart Remove to remove unwanted details from yourpicture-perfect mementos.- Keep the camera rolling! Create your own story via a videowith High Speed Video and Slow Motion Videomodes.NoteThe user interface and features may vary depending on hardwarelimitation and Android version.More informationFor more product information and videos, check outhttp://www.asus.com/ZenUI/Feedbacks and suggestionsWe’d love to hear from you!Send us your feedbacks via: [email protected]
ASUS PC Link allows you to pair your computerwith your mobile device. This special app is designed by ASUS ZenUIfor a seamless connection with your computer. By using this app,you can mirror the screen of your mobile device and enlarge it toyour computer screen, with the full control of keyboard and mousefor input commands. Whatever the activities you do with your mobiledevice, either play or work, you can simply emulate it with ASUS PCLink.Key features- Emulates your mobile device to your computer: Use a USBcable or connect to a Wi-Fi network* to pair your mobile devicewith your computer.- Supports keyboard, mouse, or touch screen display to operateyour device: Use the keyboard, mouse, or touch screen monitorof your computer to send text messages or emails, browse websites,take notes, or play games.- Displays the notification on the mirrored device*: Themirrored device on the computer also displays the notificationsthat your mobile device receives and lets you take an action on itby clicking its popups.- Captures screenshot of the mobile device: ASUS PC Link forWindows allows you to take a screenshot and save it to a designatedfolder in your computer.- Copy and paste texts between your computer and mobiledevice: You can copy and paste text entries from your computerto an app of your mobile device or vice-versa.- Record and save videos of activity of the mirrored screen onyour computer**: You can record a video of any activity byclicking the Recording button on the tool bar of themirrored screen displayed on your computer.* These features are available for Android 5.0 devices only.** Update your ASUS PC Link for Windows to version orabove.How to use ASUS PC Link1. Download ASUS PC Link for Windows from http://pclink.asus.com and install it to yourcomputer. Follow the installation instructions onscreen.2. Launch ASUS PC Link in your computer and mobiledevice.3. Connect your mobile device to your computer via a USB cable orWi-Fi. When using Wi-Fi, ensure that both devices (mobile and PC)are in the same Wi-Fi network.4. In your computer, click the device that you want to connectfrom the list of available devices. ▪ To connect using USB, click the device with USB icon then waitfor your mobile device and computer to connect with eachother.▪ To connect using Wi-Fi, click the device with Wi-Fi iconthen tap Confirm on the mobile device to allow theconnection.5. On either of the devices, tap or click OK to switch inputmethod to Windows.When done, you can now use your computer to operate your mobiledevice.Notes:▪ ASUS PC Link supports ZenFone 5 , ZenFone 6, FonePad 7, MeMO Pad7, and Fonepad 8 with Android 4.4 only.▪ The appearance and operation of some features may vary dependingon your device.More informationFor more product information and videos, check out http://www.asus.com/ZenUI/Feedbacks and suggestionsWe’d love to hear from you!Send us your feedbacks via: [email protected]
ASUS Weather
ASUS Weather is more than just another weatherapp – it’s the weather app with RealFeel® outlook!In addition to accurate real-time prediction relating to the chanceof rain, expected precipitation depth, humidity levels and windstrength, ASUS Weather’s powerful RealFeel feature tells you whatall the information means with a simple figure that shows you whatthe temperature actually feels like.ASUS Weather also integrates seamlessly with ZenUI What’s Next, soyou’ll be informed via the lock screen both about your day aheadand how best to prepare for the weather you’ll encounter.You can even add the ASUS Weather widget to your home screen andeasily customize its view to show the weather where you are, whereyou’re going, or where you dream about going — anywhere on theplanet!Key features- RealFeel temperature guidance with daily charts- Daily temperature predictions, with daily highs and lows- Precipitation depth- Humidity levels- Sunrise and sunset times- Ultraviolet (UV) index- Wind speed and wind direction- Current weather condition and 7-day forecast- Search and add cities worldwide, quickly and easily- Choose your preferred temperature unit — Celsius orFahrenheit- Automatic location detection means accurate weather wherever youare- View hourly forecast of the day- View more details of the day or night weather forecast andtemperature- Taiwan/China regions: Includes Air Pollutant Standards Index(PSI) with real-time data on PM2.5 and other pollutants- Severe weather alert which includes notifications and alerts forhigh winds, heavy rain, heavy snow, sandstorm, haze, amongothersTips1. To add the Weather widget on the Home screen, tap and hold thewidget then drag and drop it to the Home screen.2. To show the 7-day forecast or PSI (Pollutant Standards Index)information, simply follow tip 1 then select the 4x2 weatherwidget.3. To edit or remove locations, tap the menu button (three dots atthe top right) and tap Edit.4. Change the update frequency and temperature and wind-speed unitsby tapping the menu button then tap Settings.5. Fit an ASUS Cover to your device to see the latest weatherthrough the viewing window.6. Select a city or adjust background opacity by pressing thewidget for 2 seconds and drag it to Edit on the top of thescreen.NotesFor accurate and up-to-date weather information, ensure that youare connected to Wi-Fi or a mobile data network when using ASUSWeather. Also, enable your device’s location-detection feature toreceive the local weather information.More informationFor more product information and videos, check outhttp://www.asus.com/ZenUI/Feedbacks and suggestionsWe’d love to hear from you!Send us your feedbacks via: [email protected]
ASUS Email
ASUS Email is the only app you need to managemultiple inboxes across all your mobile devices! With multiplepreset email services included setup is as easy as could be, andASUS Email’s VIP filter enables super-efficient messageorganization so you’ll never again miss messages from your mostimportant contacts. ASUS Email integrates seamlessly with otherASUS ZenUI tools, displaying an unread-messages badge in ASUS ZenUILauncher and enabling email-related tasks to be marked with ASUSZenUI Do It Later. Intelligent sorting, seamless integration,intuitive operation and beautiful design — ASUS Email haseverything you need to stay on top of your inbox![Key Features]- Choose ‘Combined view’ to manage multiple email accounts in oneeasy-to-browse inbox.- Navigate conversations quickly and easily by grouping messages bysubject or sender or sort messages by date.- Never miss an important message again, by marking selectedcontacts as VIPs.- Your days will flow smoother than ever with ASUS ZenUI Do ItLater integration, allowing you to add selected messages to yourto-do list.- Automatic fast filters let you view emails marked as Flagged,Important, Invitation or Attached for easier management of whatmatters now.- Quickly create and send meeting invitations with ASUS Calendarintegration.[Tips]1. Effortlessly select accounts and filters by swiping right fromthe left edge of the screen, opening the navigation panel.2. Browse Inbox and Sent folders simply by tapping ‘Inbox + Sent’ASUS Email in the navigation panel.3. View emails from VIP contacts by selecting the VIP filter in thenavigation panel. Mark contacts as VIPs in the ZenUI Peopleapp.4. Select ‘Combined view’ from the navigation panel to see all youremails in one easy-to-browse inbox.[Notes]1. The appearance and operation of some features may vary,dependingon your device.2. ASUS Email is a free app for ASUS devices. You will not becharged for downloading or using this app.[Contact Us]For more information about ASUS Email, please visithttp://www.asus.com/ASUS_ZenUI/Email: [email protected]
ASUS Messaging - SMS & MMS
↑ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ↑If you like ASUS Messaging, please give us 5 stars to encourageus. ASUS ZenUI Messaging is an essential application integrated inZenFone with the best usability and efficiency. ASUS ZenUIMessaging provides an easy way to send SMS/MMS messages in dual SIMsituation.SMART & SIMPLEASUS ZenUI Messaging is beautiful, simple, and easy to use. Theuser interface is neat and clear. With your Zenfone, you can sendSMS via both SIMs or send MMS via active mobile network.VIP MSG SUPPORTIf you’re using ASUS ZenUI Messaging on a ZenFone, it willintegrate with Launcher badge icon to show unread messagesnotification. You may set a message reply as a task in Do It Lateras well. Never miss any important messages from VIPs!BACKUP & RESTORE OPTIONYou can backup all SMS messages in your Zenfone, or send the backupfile with an email. After resetting your Zenfone, it’s easy torestore all your message conversations from a backup file.THEME/BACKGROUND CHANGE OPTIONYou may change the background picture in your own choices, or applythe system theme change to give a different look to your Messagingapp
File Manager
Manage your files efficiently and easily withASUS File Manager! ASUS File Manager helps you handle all yourfiles whether they are stored in your device's memory, microSDcard, local area network, and cloud storage accounts.By default, ASUS File Manager allows you to copy, move, rename,delete or share files to and from any of your storages. It alsolets you browse and access your files by category.Key featuresExperience and enjoy these features that ASUS Manager has tooffer:- Your light and savvy file explorer: Search, access, save,move, delete, or share files that are stored in your smart device'sinternal storage to or from a microSD card, LAN, or Cloud storageaccounts and vice-versa.- Access files in LAN and SMB: Manage files within your LAN(local area network) and SMB (Samba) network.- More storage options via Cloud storages: Supports cloudstorage accounts such as ASUS WebStorage, Dropbox, Google Drive andMicrosoft OneDrive- Suave and smooth multimedia streamlining: Streammultimedia files such as music or videos or open documents,pictures, or photos stored in any of your Cloud storageaccounts- Save disk space by packaging files: Compress files to savespace of your storage and extract compressed files in Zip and RARformats- Easy file browsing: Browse files easily by category rightfrom File Manager’s home screen: images, videos, music,applications, downloaded, and favorites.- Disk tools: Storage analyzer, recycle bin and hiddencabinet let you manage your disk easily.More informationFor more product information and videos, check out:http://www.zenui.comhttp://www.asus.com/ZenUI/Feedbacks and suggestionsWe’d love to hear from you!Send us your feedbacks via: [email protected]
ASUS What's Next
What's Next is a ZenUI-Integrated hubapplication to integrate various ASUS apps, such as Calendar,Contacts, Email, Messaging, Weather and so on.Once your sync account is set up or you start to use Calendar app,What's Next organizes your schedule and gets advanced alerts.The alerts notify the user cancelled/delayed/put forward/modifiedevent, tomorrow weather change, VIP's birthday or anniversary,etc.After setting up VIP in Contacts group tab, you can get alerts suchas unread SMS messages, incoming emails or missed calls in the VIPbar.[Notes]1. The appearance and operation of some features may vary,depending on your device's hardware, integrated ASUS apps orservices version, Android OS version and so on.2. ASUS What's Next is a free app for ASUS devices. You will not becharged for downloading or using this app.[Contact Us]For more information about ASUS What's Next, please visithttp://www.asus.com/ASUS_ZenUI/Email: [email protected]
Do It Later: Tasks & To-Dos
Modern life is hectic, so ASUS Do It Laterlets you focus on the most important tasks without missing a beat.When you're too busy to deal with a call, reply to an email orfollow an interesting link, just tap to send the task to the ASUSDo It Later list – it couldn't be easier!ASUS Do It Later integrates tightly with many other ASUS ZenUIelements, as well popular third-party apps, such as Google Maps,Chrome and YouTube, so sanity-preserving serenity is only ever onetap away. ASUS Do It Later also synchronizes seamlessly with Googleand Microsoft Exchange accounts to keep all your to-do lists incheck.When you're ready to deal with your tabled tasks, ASUS Do It Laterhelps you to pick up from where you left off. Just tap the taskcard's action button and your'e all set!.[Key features]- Seamless integration with many ASUS ZenUI apps and third-partyapps – just one tap on the menu option sends tasks to ASUS Do ItLater.- Dynamic action button adjusts to reflect the task type, allowingyou deal easily and instantly with emails, messages, phone callsand much more.- Smooth snapshot-style animation indicates clearly when that thetask has been sent to ASUS Do It Later.- Easy task-management page lets you see, sort and swipe yourtasks.- All-new widget shows unfinished tasks even more clearly andallows you to create new tasks.[Tips]1. Mark simply by tapping the exclamation point ("!") button.2. Simple swipe a task card off the screen to delete it.3. Use the drop-down menu to filter tasks by type.[Notes]1. The appearance and operation of some features may vary,depending on your device.2. ASUS Do It Later is a free app for ASUS devices. You will not becharged for downloading or using this app.[Contact Us]For more information about ASUS Do It Later, please visithttp://www.asus.com/ASUS_ZenUI/Email: [email protected]
ASUS Gallery
ASUS Gallery is your great application forphotos and videos viewing. You can explore photos in differentsmart ways e.g. People, Location, and manage your photos bycustomized tag. Try to experiences creatives’ fun and stunningworks by Moments, beautification effects, MiniMovie and PhotoCollage.People albumThe new AI-powered Gallery organizes your photos using facialrecognition and automatically creates individuals people album. Youcan create your preferred groups of friends or family members, andGallery will swiftly sort all group photos of the selectedindividuals into your predefined groups. And since the magichappens offline, there is no need to upload your images to a cloudservice—meaning you can save bandwidth, enjoy a faster experienceand keep your photos privately secured on your device.CollectionsWith customized tag, creates any tag name you want e.g. travel,shopping list, toy collections…Find all your tag photos inCollections album and switch photo categories to browse and managethem.Multiple format supportSupport GIF Animation, Slow Motion editing, 360-degree photos andvideos on swipe, gyro and VR mode.MiniMovie & Photo CollageYou can create sparkling moments by Photos’ family MiniMovie andPhoto Collage with super easy steps.Access online photosASUS Gallery gives you quick, easy access to photos and videos thatare stored in social networks like Facebook, Flickr, and GooglePhotos, as well as cloud storage services like ASUS WebStorage,Microsoft OneDrive, and Google Drive.※ Some new feature is not available dependent to Androidversions.[Note]1. Gallery v1.5 now supports Android™ 5.0 and is backwardcompatible with Android™ 4.4 or earlier versions. To enable this,Gallery needs to reset the database used for People mode sopreviously tagged faces will be reset as "Unknown."2. Since Gallery v1.5, your album cover will also be reset when youupgrade from Android™ 4.4 to Android™ 5.0.3. User interface and functions may vary by device.4. ASUS Gallery is a free app for ASUS devices. You will not becharged for downloading or using this app.5. [What if I forgot the password to unlock Gallery]* If the title in the upper-left corner on Gallery is "AppLock",please go to Google Play and uninstall "ASUS Launcher". You canreset your password and enjoy the "Lock Gallery" feature afterupgrading "ASUS Launcher". Don't forget to set a Google account toretrieve your password if forgetting it again.* If the title in the upper-left corner on Gallery is "CM Applockfor ASUS", please click the upper-right button and choose "Forgotpassword?” After entering the password of your Google account, youcan reset your password to lock Gallery again.[Contact us]For more information about ASUS ZenUI, please visithttp://www.asus.com/ASUS_ZenUI/Email: [email protected]
ASUS SuperNote
Notes taking are happening all the time everyday! While you are meeting in office, doing window-shopping,reading, etc., ASUS SuperNote provides a good note takingexperience and helps you solve the daily notes takingactivity.Key features are:1. Rich input methods: Keyboard, handwriting, or drawing.Just pick one method that best fit the information you want to takenote.2. Various attachment formats: Photo, Audio, Video, TextFile, Time Stamp, Stamp, and Shape formats are supported. You cantake a note with rich content type.3. Notebook management functions: lock/unlock notebook,reorder pages, and edit notebook cover. Also, you can selectdifferent template of notebook to fulfill different purpose ofnotes.4. Sync and share: you can sync your notebooks via ASUScloud storage to access it anytime, on any devices, and you canalso share your notebook with your family or friends by mail,Facebook, IM…etc.Enjoy your life and record everything by using ASUSSuperNote.** Please note that SuperNote has stopped updating for android 4.4device. You could firstly upgrade the device OS to Android 5.0above so that you can use the latest version of SuperNote. Thankyou for your support. :)
ASUS Calendar
ASUS ZenUI Calendar is the essentialscheduling partner for your ASUS ZenUI device, allowing you tointegrate appointments from multiple agendas, including GoogleCalendar and Microsoft Exchange – seamlessly!ZenUI Calendar also synchronizes with your favorite social-mediatools, such as Plurk and Weibo, keeping all parts of your life inharmony.Whether you like to like to browse your schedule by the day orweek, or via a monthly view, ZenUI Calendar makes quick and easywork of managing personal, social and business arrangements — andwith just a few taps of your finger!ImportantDue to changes in Facebook's service policy, ASUS Calendar will nolonger be able to access some of your Facebook services such as allyour Facebook friends information including their birthdays.Some related features in ASUS Calendar have been modified in orderto comply with this new policy. Thank you for yourunderstanding.[Key features]- Support for both local, online and corporate calendars keeps allparts of your life in view.- Multiple calendar views allow you to flip easily between daily,weekly or monthly schedules.- Seamless integration with popular social networks helps you stayon top of birthdays, anniversaries and other events.- Ever-present ‘New event’ button means you can create new entrieswhenever you need, without having to hunt through menus.- Reply, forward, share or send invitations via ZenUI Email withouthaving to switch apps.- Simple-to-configure countdown option provides persistent reminderof impending events, so you’ll never miss an importantappointment.- Decide exactly how simple or detailed you’d like your ZenUICalendar to be, with easy-to-customize views.- Intelligent location integrating speeds the creation ofappointments, allowing you to add previous or current addressesjust by tapping the Location field.[Tips]1. Tick ‘Show number of events’ in Settings and Month view toenumerate each day’s appointments, allowing you to gauge yourschedule at a glance.2. If you’re running late for an appointment, use the ‘Quickresponses’ feature in Settings to let everyone know — with just atap.3. Send greetings quickly and easily, right within ZenUI Calendar –just tap the entry and then choose to call or email.4. Enable the ‘Show weather’ and ‘Show second time zone’ options inSettings for a heads-up on outdoor conditions and to keep in syncwith remote friends and colleagues.5. Link cover images for ZenUI Gallery events to ZenUI Calendar andthen tap the image icon in ZenUI Calendar to instantly switch toZenUI Gallery to view all linked photos.[Notes]1. The appearance and operation of some features may vary,depending on your device.2. ASUS ZenUI Calendar is a free app for ASUS devices. You will notbe charged for downloading or using this app.[Contact Us]For more information about ASUS ZenUI Calendar, please visithttp://www.asus.com/ASUS_ZenUI/Email: [email protected]
Calculator - unit converter
Calculator is now available for all Androiddevices running version 4.1 and above!Make easy calculations with ASUS Calculator. This app has simpleyet intuitive interface that lets you calculate fast, smooth, andeasy. It provides all kinds of features that meet your calculatingneeds and demands.Key features* Unit converterConversion of Length, area, weight, volume, speed* Basic or root operators+, -, ×, ÷* Swipe left/right to switch viewsSwipe left for standard mode, swipe right for other operators* Standard mode/Scientific modeTilt to switch between standard mode and scientific mode* Other operatorsLike %, √, !, π, e,log,ln* Trigonometric functions in degree or radianssin,cos,tan, in DEG or RAD* Easy edit operationsSuch as cut, copy, or paste of results in any editing app* History displayEasy to see your previous calculations via History display* Floating calculatorFloating Calculator app for quick calculations* Auto-adjustment of the font sizeFit more digits on the display* Thousand separatorsHelps you count the numbers easily* Allows a combination of operators in one expressione.g. √(125÷5) + sin(30x3)* Easy edit of the inputs using a cursorLike add, delete, or change a number/operatorMore information* For more product information and videos, check out:http://www.zenui.comhttp://www.asus.com/ZenUI/* Get first dibs on ZenUI’s upcoming versions by joining ourbeta-testing site! https://plus.google.com/communities/102195698701588980223''Feedbacks and suggestionsWe’d love to hear from you!Send us your feedbacks via: [email protected]
ASUS Quick Memo
Need a way to quickly take memo in your life,like to-do list, and quickly see it?ASUS QuickMemo provides solution for you. You can write down to-dolist, and pin the memo to your home screen, so you can see itanytime.1. Pin the memo: You can always pin one memo to the homescreen so you can see it anytime, and open quick memo by tapping onthe pinned memo anytime.2.Input methods: You can either use handwriting, or textinput with keyboard to take memo in the way you like.3. Share: You can share memo with your family orfriends.Download it, and enjoy the simple and easy function of ASUS QuickMemo to take your life memo quickly and easily.
ZenCircle-Social photo share
Love photography and want to share your photosto the world? ZenCircle is a friendly social platform to showcaseyour photography skills, get recognized by a growing community ofover 1.5 million ZenCirclers around the globe, and be a friend toeveryone. Download ZenCircle onto your phone and discover the worldwith your fingertips!Capture life’s beautiful moments, share, and explore a world filledwith incredible stories here in ZenCircle! Photo sharing is mademore friendly and fun in 3 seamless steps: (1) Capture momentsusing the built-in camera, (2) apply in-app filters and tags, then(3) post on ZenCircle or share to other social media sites.NEW FEATURESVirtual reality can take you anywhere. See life in 360 degrees anddiscover a world beyond imagination with our brand new VR 360features:- Find all the 360-degree content at a glance under our new VR 360category, right on your ZenCircle home screen.- View stunning 360-degree photos on swipe, gyro and VRmodes.- Get fully immersed in the world of VR using your preferred VRheadset. ZenCircle is compatible with cardboard viewers, be itGoogle Cardboard or your own DIY cardboard headset.- Experience a hassle-free 360-degree photo sharing and viewingright on ZenCircle, without the need to install additionalapps!MAIN FEATURESEasy social photo sharing- Customize share or download permissions for your photos- Download your favorite photos from other ZenCirclers and use themas wallpapers on your phone.- Meaningful social connections using Customized Emotion. Get morethan just a Like as people or friends:-Love your story.-Give you a warm Cheer up.-Encourage you to brave the world with a Fight!- Block people from commenting on your stories that do not suityour taste.Creative editing- Take photos using SnapCamera, with instant access to our 10+built-in photo effects to instantly edit your camera shots such asAmatorka, Vignette, Haze, Contrast, and many more!- Seamless integration with PhotoCollage and MiniMovie features formore advanced photo editing.Intuitive photo viewing experience- Subscribe to your most favorite categories on ZenCircle so youcan immediately see topics that matter most to you. Drag-and-dropto rearrange the viewing order of the categories.- Sorting feeds according to recent or trending posts.- Display bigger photo size on your phone for your pleasure to viewand/or edit.- Easy search by users and by tagsMore information:Note: This version is compatible with devices running on Android4.4 and up.For more product information and videos, check out:http://www.zenui.comFollow us on:Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ASUSZenUI/Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/asus_zenui/Get first dibs on ZenUI’s upcoming versions by joining ourbeta-testing site!https://plus.google.com/communities/106045828611519106287Feedback and suggestions:We’d love to hear from you! Send us your feedbacks via:[email protected]
Photo Collage - Layout Editor
Photo Collage is packed with templates,stickers, grid and layout options, photo effects, and excitingphoto editor tools to make photos extra special. Spice up yourphoto using stickers, or get creative with effects, using the freecollage maker ASUS Photo Collage!How does it work?1. Launch Photo Collage then tap Grid, Magazine, or PhotoEffects.2. Edit your photo using Photo Collage’s user-friendly editingtools.3. Save then share your collage or edited photos!Special features:Get amazing stickers on Sticker Shop• Most popular cartoons and new cool characters• Richer, more premium, and more adorable sticker setsShare your life using Grid !Collage memories in just one photo using:• Dynamic adjustment of grid size• Text editing and adding stickers to personalize yourcollageBe an instant cover model using Magazine!Style up your photo with these fab features:• Lots of magazine templates to choose from, fit for anyoccasion.• Add stickers and create your own captions.• Color filters can be applied straight on your photo layout.And more special Magazine.Do magic with Photo EffectsTurn everyday photos into extraordinary shots with these funeffects:• Frame special details using Photo in Photo• Play with colors via Color Lab• Get steamy shots from Steamy Window• Get pro-looking shots using Lens Flare• Create your mini-world using Little PlanetExpress yourself in fun creative stickers• Make photos more memorable using special stickersSmart face detection• This feature automatically centers faces proportionally within alayout or photo effect.• Enabled by default on Grid, Magazine, and Photo EffectsWhat do they say about ASUS Photo Collage?"Great !!! Gets the work done for quick collages and effectseasily and quickly. Keep it up." -Brijesh P"Awesome addition. I'm usually not a fan of bundled software butthis one is as good or better than many pay titles." - TerranceShihMore informationFor more product information and videos, check out:http://www.zenui.comhttp://www.asus.com/ZenUI/Get first dibs on ZenUI’s upcoming versions by joining ourbeta-testing site!https://plus.google.com/communities/102195698701588980223Feedbacks and suggestionsWe’d love to hear from you!Send us your feedbacks via: [email protected]
ZenUI Launcher
Google Play’s top-ranked ZenUILauncher.Customize your launcher the way you want it to be: apply yourfavorite wallpapers and widgets, apply scroll effects ortransitions, or organize your apps in folders. Secure your appsfrom prying eyes with integrated app locking features.Your Android launcher, now more personalized!• Showcase your personality on your Android devices using a varietyof themes, free wallpapers, effects and transitions! You can evenset different wallpapers in home screen and lock screen to make itmore fun and interesting.Efficiently and intuitively manage your home screen!• Swipe up home screen to access the setting shortcuts to keyfeatures such as apps, widgets, wallpapers, icons, and systemthemes to customize your launcher easily.• Organize your apps and folders in One layer mode (access all appson home screen) or Two layer mode (access apps using ashortcut).• Auto-group related apps using Smart Group feature to keep yourscreen organized.• Get a sneak live preview on your screen when customizing yourwallpapers, themes, fonts, and more!Search smart and fast!• Explore great Android apps recommended just for you withintuitive Contextual App Discovery feature.Safety and security that you can depend on!• Get the best security for your apps with the integrated AppLockand Hide App features that protect your private apps from pryingeyes or unauthorized access.More informationFor more product information and videos, check out:http://www.zenui.comhttp://www.asus.com/ZenUI/Get first dibs on ZenUI’s upcoming versions by joining our beta-testing site !Feedback and suggestionsWe’d love to hear from you! Send us your feedbacks via:[email protected]
ASUS Webview
ASUS WebView is a latest Chromium based coreengine technology for ASUS Browser which adds some useful featuresand bug fixes.Your device will pre-install ASUS WebView, and synchronize thelatest Chromium engine to continuously update this element toensure that you get the latest security updates and bugfixes.Note: This element can only normally operate on ZenUI
ZenUI Dialer & Contacts
ZenUI Dialer & Contacts is an all-in-onecontacts, dialer, and call log app that offers powerful phone callfeatures enabling you to block calls from unknown callers and spamsenders, use speed dial, link duplicate contacts, run smart search,view history with all important info and personalize your own themeon your dialer, call log, and contacts.Block calls from unidentified callers• Get rid of annoying phone spam using the Smart blockingfeature.• Block calls from unknown and private numbers.• Block calls from recognized spammers and by block list.Smart search to find your contact fast• Type partial/first character of name or number to get relevantsearch results from your dialer.• Available in these languages: English, Traditional Chinese,Simplified Chinese, Russian.Speed dial with a tap• 8 available number slots to instantly link with your importantcontacts from your phone dialer.Safeguard your private contacts• Password-protect your contact list and address book history fromprying eyes.• Trigger your phone’s front camera into a security cam and capturephotos of unauthorized users who try to hack in with wrongpasswords.Smart linking the duplicate contacts• Link same contact data from different accounts under one basedfrom email addresses or phone numbers.Your very personal phone book• Personalize and apply theme on your dialer, call log and contactlist backgrounds.More informationFor more product information and videos, check out:http://www.zenui.comhttp://www.asus.com/ZenUI/Get first dibs on ZenUI’s upcoming versions by joining ourbeta-testing site!https://plus.google.com/communities/112146880955122950337Feedback and suggestionsWe’d love to hear from you! Send us your feedbacks via:[email protected]
ASUS Music
Asus Music app sets your music free! Createplaylists and queue tracks easily from content stored on yourphone, media server or cloud storage. Enjoy a feast of musicanywhere, anytime!
ASUS Calling Screen
↑ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ↑If you like ASUS Calling Screen, please give us 5 stars toencourage us. You can get the newest update of ASUS Calling Screen from GooglePlay now!ASUS ZenUI Calling Screen is easy to use. The ASUS ZenUI CallingScreen includes useful functions with simple design, users maytrigger functions by simply one tap.The three amazing functions of ASUS ZenUI Calling Screen:SWIPE TO ANSWER WHILE SCREEN LOCKED: With an incoming call,you may tap "answer" to pick up the phone. But if the screen islocked, you can swipe the screen to answer to avoid accidentaltouching.CALL RECORDING: ASUS ZenUI Calling Screen provides theeasiest way to record a call. When during a call, just tap the iconto start, and tap again to stop. It’s very convenient and intuitiveto use.MULTIPLE CONFERENCE CALLS: ASUS ZenUI Calling Screenprovides several functions to manage a conference call, such ashold a call, add a new call, merge calls, and exit from conferencecall. It helps you to manage the conference calls in an easyway.
ZenUI Keyboard – Emoji, Theme
Loaded with fun emoji and emoticons, ZenUIKeyboard lets you type fast with a flick or a swipe, and dohandwriting or voice input. No need to enter full texts, justselect autocorrect or prediction words from the suggestionbar.Make your conversations more expressive on social media apps with800+ emoji and emoticons. As a custom keyboard, you can downloadbeautiful themes, languages, or customize your keyboard using yourown photos.ZenUI Keyboard also works best as a tablet keyboard for big screensand allows you to quickly jot down notes using note-taking apps.Customize your input method in ZenUI Keyboard and enjoy a smoothand intuitive typing experience!Key features:- Emoji and emoticons : Tap the emoji icon on the toolbar orenable emoji and emoticons in the input language list. Choose from800+ emoji or emoticons to make conversations more fun andexpressive.- Theme Store: Customize your own keyboard skin or downloadthemes from Keyboard Theme Store to make typing more fun andpersonalized.- Toolbar: Convenient access to most-used keyboard settingssuch as emoji, language switch, voice, numeric keypad, theme, andother personalization options.- Continuous handwriting: Supports Chinese handwriting(Traditional and Simplified), Bulgarian, Farsi, and most SoutheastAsian languages such as Bahasa, Malaysian, and Thai.- Voice input: A faster input method that dictates your textwith your voice via the microphone icon.- Autocorrect: Autocorrect your typing and spellingmistakes.- Next-word predictions: Smartly predicts words based onpreviously-used or entered text.- Split keyboard: Split your keyboard for a fast,comfortable, and efficient typing experience. (for tabletonly)Note:- The keyboard’s appearance, features, and functionality may varydepending on your device. Emoji is supported on Android 4.4 andabove.- You are highly recommended to turn on Auto-update in order tokeep the language and trending words updated. Please go to Keyboardsettings > Input languages > more menu > Autoupdate.More information:http://www.zenui.com/zenui_keyboard/http://www.asus.com/ZenUI/We’d love to hear from you! Please feedbacks via:[email protected] first dibs of upcoming versions by joining beta-testing!https://plus.google.com/u/0/communities/100323479232159237021?cfem=1
Mobile Manager
Keep your phone in its best status usingMobile Manager! This all-in-one app provides quick solutions toyour phone dilemmas. With Mobile Manager, you can easily controlpower consumption, release more memory, manage apps and data, cleanunused apps, manage app permissions, scan privacy issues andoptimize the system's overall performance.Key featuresOptimize: Optimize the system's overall performance, whichincludes data usage, power consumption, memory usage, storage ,andprivacy.Boost: Optimizes power and releases more memory for a speedyand seamless user experience without lags. You can also enableSuper Boost to close unused apps.Data usage: Monitor data usage and manage apps that usemobile data so you won’t have any surprises in your phonebills.Notifications: Annoyed with fussy notifications? Block themusing the Notification feature! Choose which apps you don’t want toget notifications from, or block specific notifications you don’twant to receive anymore!Cleanup:Clean unused apps for more storage. You can alsoredeem free 100GB from Google Drive to backup data from yourphone.Permissions: App Permissions feature helps you reduce therisk of information leaks.Auto-start Manager: Save memory to minimize system lagswhile reducing your device's power consumption.Power Saver: Optimize battery power using Power Saver! Thissmart feature allows you to choose the best battery mode for yourspecific use..Privacy & Security: Check your phone’s privacy issuesand provide recommendation on how to fix them. Use App Lock toprotect your phone’s app data and prevent information leaks.Notes-The appearance and operation of some features may vary, dependingon your device.-Mobile Manager works at a system level. This allows you to keepyour phone in its best status.-Mobile Manager is a free app for ASUS devices. You will not becharged for downloading or using this app.-Mobile Manager runs on Android 5.0 and up.-Mobile Manager is not supported on ZenFone 4, ZenFone 5, andZenFone 6.More information-For more product information and videos, check out:http://www.zenui.comhttps://www.instagram.com/asus_zenui/https://www.facebook.com/ASUSZenUI/Feedback and suggestionsWe’d love to hear from you!Send us your feedback via: [email protected]
ASUS DayScene (Live wallpaper)
ASUS ZenUI Day Scene is a collection ofgorgeous live wallpapers with an intelligent twist.Each of the five beautiful backgrounds are interactive, soyou’ll marvel as the natural beauty is brought to life with a tapof your finger. The glorious backdrops even change to reflect thetime of day.With Dawn, Daybreak, Perihelion Dusk and First snow themes tochoose from, and multiple viewing modes, ASUS Day Scene bringsbeauty and esprit to your home screens![Key features]- Five animated wallpapers that change to reflect day andnight.- Choose between Timeline, Slide show and Wallpaper modes.- Scenes include Dawn, Daybreak, Perihelion Dusk and First snow, soyou can experience everything from the morning sun piercing throughsilver-lined clouds to dancing fire flies, shooting stars and theharshness of winter, as nature’s colors are turned to white withcold, cold snow.[Contact Us]For more information about ASUS ZenUI Day Scene, please visithttp://www.asus.com/ASUS_ZenUI/Email: [email protected]
ASUS Contacts Theme - Dark
If you install this app, you can apply darktheme in ASUS Dialer & Contacts.Note: Dark theme only support phone layout.What's special:If you apply dark theme in ASUS Dialer & Contacts, the fontcolor will be changed as light grey as well, you may create yourown look for ASUS Dialer & Contacts by choosing differentbackground picture and font type!How to apply:1. Open "ASUS Dialer & Contacts", open option menu.2. Choose / Personalized settings / Theme style, and apply "Darktheme." If you haven't downloaded yet, please choose "free" andinstall it3.Once download complete, choose / Personalized settings / Themestyle, and apply "Dark theme."