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Fish Mania
A perfect fusion of original Match 3 fun and fresh fish raisinggameplay!
Cooking Joy - Super Cooking Games, Best Cook!
🍳 Play new crazy fun cooking games for free, become the 2018 bestchef!
My Story - Mansion Makeover
Design & renovate your mansion, solve fun blast puzzles!
Pro des Mots 5.412.239
Vous aimez mettre votre sens de la logique et votre vocabulaire àl'épreuve ? Alors TÉLÉCHARGEZ « Pro des mots » pour vous remuer lesméninges GRATUITEMENT ! Les règles du jeu sont simples : Faitesglisser les blocs de lettres pour former des mots et gagner desécus ! TÉLÉCHARGEZ « Pro des mots » sans attendre pour commencer àréveiller votre cerveau et devenir un crack du vocabulaire !Qu'est-ce qui rend « Pro des mots » si spécial ? • Gameplay simple,facile et addictif • Des centaines de niveaux n'attendent que vous! • 9404 niveaux au total vous attendent ! • Vous n'appréciez guèrela pression du chronomètre ? Les niveaux de ce jeu ne sont paslimités en temps, vous pourrez ainsi résoudre les énigmes à votrepropre rythme ! • Retrouvez les blocs de bois de votre enfance ! •Des mots bonus cachés n'attendent que vous pour être découverts ! •Entièrement jouable localement, les problèmes de wifi sont del'histoire ancienne ! • Jouable sur téléphone et tablettes « Prodes mots » est une app conçue pour entraîner votre cerveau et vousenseigner de nouveaux mots en vous amusant. Partagez « Pro des mots» avec votre famille et vos amis !
Cooking Madness -A Chef's Game
Cooking Madness brings out your inner crazy chef in this coolrestaurant game!
My Home - Design Dreams
Design & Decorate your dream house with fun match 3 puzzlegames!
Word Connect
It is time to train your brain and vocab! Enjoy the fun of buildingwords TODAY!
Cooking Joy 2 1.0.22
Cooking Joy 2 - a new highly addictive cooking game from theteamthat brought you Cooking Joy, is calling all masterchefcandidates! Upgraded from Cooking Joy - a fun cooking game,itinherits the same challenging spirit and adds more fun! If youhavealways dreamt of becoming a top chef in a crazy cooking gameworld,then catch the cooking crazy fever with this game! DownloadNOW andtry it for FREE! Time to get back to the kitchen and enjoycookingdelicious dishes for starving customers again! Show offyouroverwhelming cooking skills and use your time managementexpertisewisely to beat some cooking game challenges! Dash into themadness,craze and fun created by Cooking Joy 2 now! Cook indifferentkitchens, cafes and restaurants while serving food tocustomers andlearning new cooking skills. Tons of challenginglevels are waitingfor you in our awesome cooking game! What makesCooking Joy 2 morespecial? Simple and addictive cooking gameplay! -Easy to start yetvery challenging. Let the lovely waitress cook andserve hungrycustomers. - Manage your time cooking tasty dishes anddo not burnfood! Amazing restaurants and delicious cuisines await!- A funcooking journey full of delicious food to cook andstunningrestaurants to unlock. - Cook hundreds of tasty dishesincludingburgers, sausages, hot dogs, soups, french fries, etc… -Serve foodto all different types of awesome customers in this crazycookinggame, from an old mama to a hungry boy. Give yourself aspecialbrainstorming! - Train your brain by memorizing newcookingrecipes. - Use your time management skills to find the bestway tobeat cooking levels. - Enjoy the excitement of time-limitedcookinggame challenges. Immerse yourself in the vivid graphics! -Makeyour mouth water at the delicious food. - Delicate graphicswillgive you the feeling of actually being in the restaurantsinsteadof a cooking game. Enjoy your time with family and friends!-Compare cooking skills in-game and see who is the best cookinggamemaster chef! - Remember to share your cooking success withothers!What are you waiting for? Get ready and dash to thedelightfulcooking journey! Devote your craze of cooking to servingthe bestfood to your customers! Accomplish your cooking tasks withperfecttime management skills in the brand new cooking game -Cooking Joy2! Download NOW for FREE! You’ll definitely love thefever andcraze brought by Cooking Joy 2!
Wort Guru 5.414.235
Gefallen Dir klassische Worträtsel? Lade Dir noch heute Wort Gururunter um Dein Gehirn zu TRAINIEREN! Komplett GRATIS! Verbinde dieBuchstaben und baue Wörter um Münzen zu erhalten! Wort Guru jetztHERUNTERLADEN um Dein Vokabular zu weitern und ein Meister derWörter zu werden! Es ist an der Zeit versteckte Wörter zu entdeckenund so viele Wörter wie möglich zu formen! Was macht Wort Guru sobesonders? • Einfaches & süchtig machendes Gameplay! • HunderteLevel mit jeder Menge Wörter warten auf Dich! • Ingesamt 8844Levels! • Keine Lust auf Zeitdruck? Du kannst Dir so viel Zeitnehmen wie Du brauchst! • Zahlreiche Stile stehen dir zur Auswahl!• Versteckte extra Wörter wollen entdeckt werden! • Kein Wi-Fi?Keine Sorge, Wort Guru kann überall gespielt werden! •Unterstützung für Android Smartphones & Tablets Wort Guru isteine App welche geschaffen wurde um Dein Gehirn zu trainieren undgleichzeitig neue Wörter zu lernen! Habe eine fantastische Zeit undgenieße den Spaß zusammen mit Deiner Familie und Freunden! Lass unszusammen Wort Guru spielen!
Zombie Survival: Eternal War 2.81.1230
A war, a plague, and an infected world - survival is all you canhope for. Will you be the hero to lead your fellow survivorsthrough this zombie apocalypse or fail as the world crumbles aroundyou? ⭐️ Features - Blast zombies and monsters in randomly generateddungeons. Keep exploring and venturing into the unknown! Every runis a new experience. - 100+ weapons and 50+ skills to explore andchange in battle. Develop your unique strategy to crush yourenemies! - Start your adventure as Wade or Eva, two heroes withunique abilities. But don’t stop there - more heroes are on theway! - Grow your power permanently by leveling up perks. - Join theDaily Patrol and take the time to hone your skills! - Claim rewardsby logging in daily and completing dungeon missions! Equip yourselffor battle against the walking dead! Zombie Survival: Eternal Warcombines the roguelike shooter experience with a zombie apocalypse.Choose a hero and begin your adventure traversing mysteriousdungeons while killing rotting zombies and other fantasticcreatures. Escape from danger to survive! 🎮 Game - Roguelike ActionShooter - with Zombies! Roguelike elements are an essential part ofthe game. Death will be swift and frequent because there's noescaping misery in an apocalypse. When you die, just start a newrun. Venture out again with a fresh perspective to get a whole newexperience in this constantly shifting cityscape. Start a newadventure and find new weapons. Battle zombies as a shooter,archer, swordsman, or sorcerer. Whether it's guns withbullets/lasers or bows with arrows, you can equip any weapon youfind in the dungeons. Hone your zombie slaying skills innever-ending dungeons and become a master of archery, gunslinging,sword-swinging, or spellcasting. In your adventure, humanity'ssurvival is threatened by evil ghouls and terrifying creatures. Youwill enter dark dungeons filled with the dead, wretched monsters,and corrupted drones and robots - all vicious and focused on yourdeath! Adventuring in maze-like dungeons is another challenge.Escaping from randomly linked rooms while battling enemies is notan easy job. Some dungeon rooms are battle rooms with zombies,monsters, and bosses, while others have healers, merchants, epicguns, treasure boxes, and more waiting for you to explore. Finally,in Zombie Survival: Eternal War you can simply just enjoy thethrill of slaying zombies in your preferred way – shooting,blasting, slashing, and burning! Explore an assortment of powerfulweapons to achieve your ultimate goal – destruction! Hack zombieheads with your sword or incinerate them with Flamers - there arehundreds of ways to battle the walking dead! You can also upgradeyour equipment, level up perks, and increase your statspermanently. 👍 Recommended to these gamers! - If you like casualauto-aim shooters, action-adventure games, or Roguelike andRoguelite games! - If you like dungeon exploration, randomlygenerated maps, and weapons. - If you like dodging bullets inshoot-'em-up games! - If you like simple and easy to learn controlswith strategic skills and combat tactics! - If you like trying outdifferent heroes and challenging various bosses. - If you likegeneral shooters or bow and arrow archer games. - And if you likeslaying zombies and surviving apocalypses! Pick up your weapons anddodge enemy bullets. The war is on, and it's time to fight forhumanity's survival! Let the never-ending war begin in this zombieapocalypse shooter!
単語パズル-文字をつなげて遊ぶ脳トレゲーム 2.1.5
一息つけてハマっちゃう文字パズルゲーム「単語パズル」登場!リラックスしたい時にやり込めるゲームアプリだよ!「単語パズル」は簡単操作で遊べて、ハマり込める要素のあるゲームアプリ!何時でもアプリを開いてゲームできる、空き時間も無駄にならない!文字をつないで単語を作り語彙力アップ!脳トレもできちゃう!今人気の脳トレアプリ、さっそく無料でDLしちゃおう!簡単操作: ・画面をなぞって文字をつなぎ、単語を作りパズルを埋める。 ・指定の単語をつなぎレベルクリ!&大量コイン獲得!・ボーナスワードもあるよ!つなげるとボーナス獲得! ・クリアできない?大丈夫!コインでヒントが見れるよ! 特徴:・楽しくて操作も簡単! ・多数の優美な和風テーマ!好みのテーマでプレイできるよ! ・ディリーチャレンジと豪華報酬!・多くのレベルでやり込める!楽しさ無限! ・ネット環境が不安?オフラインでも遊べるよ! ・脳トレにおすすめ!・空き時間にすぐ出来ちゃう! 「単語パズル」をダウンロードして、楽しく脳トレしよう!
Decor Match
Decorate rooms, solve match-3 puzzles, and explore your creativeside!