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Forex Coffee: Advanced Forex Alerts & Signals 1.0
Using our advanced forex signals & alerts system you cantrade10x more profitable than everyone else. We provide you an easytouse complete forex alert monitoring system, which includes 7greatsolutions to help you to boost your forex trading profits.Perfectfor beginners and professionals. Forex Alerts Include: 1. -Liveforex signals 2. - Live forex trends 3. - Real time alertonjapanese candlestick patterns 4. - Harmonic pattern scanner 5.-Round number alerts 6. - Major forex events reminder 7. -Forexmarket hours reminder 1. Live Forex Signals We provide yougoodlong term results. This means that the overall profit fromwinningforex signals will outweigh the losses from losing signals.You'llreceive our live signals in real-time! We'll let you knowthecurrency pair, buy or sell, entry, take profit and stoplossprices. Signals have their own status (active or closed) andshowsprofits or lossess in pips. You will be able to see and verifyallour forex signals. Our Forex trading signals are provided foronlyEUR/USD currency pairs. 2. Live Forex Trends Fast andaccuratetrend direction detector. Establishing the exact trend ondifferenttime segments can help you to earn more profit. We monitortrendsand alterations in the market 24 hours a day, 5 days in aweek andwill keep you notified on any trend changes. You can easilyset upunlimited alerts to help you monitor trend change activity.3. RealTime Alert on Japanese Candlestick Patterns Detection ofRepetitiveJapanese Candlestick Patterns. Japanese candlestickspatterns helpyou to predict future price movements. They candefinitely boostyour forex trading profits! With our forexcandlestick patternrecognition system, you can easily identify themost usefulpatterns in real time. There are many patterns exists,but wemonitor only the powerful candlestick patterns, such as:regulardoji dragonfly doji gravestone doji engulfing hammer,invertedhammer, evening star the morning star pinbar and shootingstar. 4.Harmonic Scanner Harmonic patterns have proven themselvesover timeto be 70, 80 and in some cases 90% successful as long ascertainconditions are met. Going through different currency pairseverydayto search for these patterns can be a frustrating task.Ourharmonic scanner will help you determine market turning points,itenables you to develop a reversal trading strategy. You canalsocreate harmonic signals. Our scanner can easily find the abcd,batand butterfly the crab the cypher the gartley and sharkpatterns.5. Round Number Alerts Get notified ahead of potentialbreakouts.Round numbers are price levels that end with .00 or .000.They canact as a support or resistance level in most cases. You cantradethis occurrence by buying or selling as the price approachesaround number. We provide you live round number alert withforextrading strategy. 6. Major Forex Events Reminder Keep youupdate ofmajor events, using your local time. The news is a veryimportantpart of the forex market because it has the potential tomake pricemove! Trading the news can be very profitable, but notall newsreleases are created equal. Our filtered forex calendaronly showsmajor economic events which is extremely important, suchas: -Interest Rate Decisions - Consumer Price Index (CPI) -GrossDomestic Product - Employment and Unemployment Rates 7.ForexMarket Hours Reminder Concentrate your trading activity duringthetrading hours for the three largest Market Centers: London,NewYork, and Tokyo. Most market activity will occur when one ofthesethree markets open. Using our app you can easily convert themajorforex market trading hours into your own time zone. ForexCoffee isa complete forex alert strategy tool, if you're a trader,our appis a great tool to increase your profit! Be a successfulforextrader and stay up to date with the forex markets on the go.Joinus Today!
Forex Precision - Live Forex Signals 1.0
Using our Forex signals you can trade more profitable thaneveryoneelse. We provide you a very easy to use app, which includesfastreal time notification to help you to boost your trading. OurLiveForex Signals Service Features: 1) Real time trading signals 5daysa week 2) Accurate information about Entry level, Stop lossandMultiple TP levels 3) Very simple to use design, so you caneasilytrack our signals 4) Trading actions taken by onlyourtop-performing analysts 5) Fast reliable notification serviceWeare passionate about what we do! Our goal is accuracy aboveallelse. This means that the overall profit from winning Forexsignalswill outweigh the losses from losing signals. You'll receiveourtrading signals in real-time! We'll let you know the currencypair,buy or sell, entry, take profit levels and stop losslevels.Signals have their own status (active or closed) and showsprofitsor losses in pips. Once you get an alert on your phone, openatrade at the spot price and apply the specified stop loss andtakeprofit parameters. Forex signals are provided for thefollowingcurrency pairs: AUD/JPY, AUD/USD, EUR/CHF, EUR/JPY,GBP/JPY,NZD/USD, USD/CAD, USD/CHF, USD/JPY To provide moreperspective onour trading activity, we also provide statistic onthe daily numberof trading signals. You will be able to see andverify all ourForex signals success rate in real time! If you arethinking ofinvesting in the Forex market, our app is a simple andeffectivetool to increase your profit! Join us Today and StartEarning!
Bet Precision - Sports Betting Tips 1.0
Using our sport betting tips you can be more profitablethaneveryone else. We provide you a very easy to use app,whichincludes fast real time notification to help you to boostyoursport betting needs. Our Service Features: 1) Sport bettingtips 7days a week 2) Accurate information about odds, bettingmarket andupcoming sport event 3) Very simple to use design, so youcaneasily track our tips and success rate 4) Betting tips takenbyonly our top-performing sport analysts We are passionate aboutwhatwe do! Our goal is accuracy above all else. You'll receiveourbetting tips every day in real-time! We'll let you know allthenecessary information about the upcoming sport event, such assportcategory, betting market and odds. Once you get an alert onyourphone, open our app and use the specified sport betting tips.Tipsare provided for the following sport categories: Football,Soccer,Tennis, Hockey, Basketball To provide even more perspectiveon ouractivity, you can also check the statistical report on thedailynumber of betting tips. You will be able to see and verify alloursports tips success rate! If you are thinking of boostingyoursport betting needs, our app is a simple and effective tooltoincrease your chance! This app is not designed forchildren!(18+only) Please use our betting tips responsibly!
Tippmix Manager 1.0
Easily assemble and follow Tippmix coupons in any combination!
Lottó Tréner 1.0
Gambling stats, increase your chances!