Endless Chaos 1.1.0
Join the battle for domination of the leaguein Endless Chaos! Summon heroes and form your own league! Leadpowerful attacks, and defend the innocent lands from the Evils ofDarkness!Endless Chaos is a RPG+SLG mobile game. Fight with your enemies inthe Arena of Endless Chaos. Numerous dungeons are waiting for beingconquered. Besides, lots of rewards can be gained in wonderfulevents.Storm of chaos is coming soon? Are you ready?ENDLESS CHAOS FEATURES:*Fight against monsters and make friends with other players fromdifferent countries. Global community platform is providedhere!*Recruit your own team from hundreds of heroes and create your ownleague. PVP league battle is fantastic.*Free stage, large map. Players can unlock the tower according toyour strategy and power.*Great visual effects, high definition graphics, and stunningbattle animations! Bring you a luxurious visual feast.*Summon abundant heroes of varying types, including Prophet, LycShaman, Medusa, Bladesaint, Dark Queen, Spectres, Wise Goddess, WarGoddess⋯*Numerous dungeons can be conquered. Lead your league to be thestrongest one in the world.*Players can gain rewards and gifts in various events, such as WeekGift, King of Arena, Summon Bash, Trade Carnival, Return Gift,Great Packs, etc.PLEASE NOTE!Endless Chaos is free to download and play, however, some items ingame can be purchased for real money. If you don't want to usethese features, please disable in-app purchases in your device'ssettings.Also a network connection is required.Official Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/EndlessChaosEC
無盡的紛爭(Endless Chaos) 1.0.1
無盡的紛爭(EndlessChaos)是一款主打結合策略陣法和角色扮演的最新史詩級卡牌RPG遊戲鉅作。提供玩家在策略上的應用與變換,全方位升級戰鬥體驗!玩家得在廣闊的開放世界地圖中自由探索,尋覓一個又一個隱藏哨塔,通過磨練陣法、英雄養成、裝備強化、收集藏寶圖,以不斷加強自己的實力,江哨塔一一解開,征服一個個暗黑部落,成為蠻荒大陸上的征服者,社會在走,無盡的紛爭(EndlessChaos)要有!【遊戲特色】告別枯燥單一地圖,自由隨心冒險不用再按照遊戲設計開塔,全新開放式地圖,告別以往線性闖關,想開哪個哨塔就開哪個!自由PK,即時對戰百人合戰、劍指沙場,行走江湖,帶領聯盟勇往直前。金牌英雄,稱霸全服每個英雄都有專屬技能特效,刀光劍影,體驗戰鬥視覺享受不是口號!排兵布陣,地表最強陣容精妙的站位、屬性相剋,最強智謀君臨天下。海量福利,有吃又有抓遊戲好禮大放送,獲得金牌英雄不是夢!天天登陸,還送超強紫將喔!粉絲專頁:www.facebook.com/EndlessChaosTWEndless disputes(EndlessChaos) is a flagship policy matrix method and thecombination ofthe latest RPG epic RPG card game masterpiece.Providing players onthe policy application and transformation, acomprehensive upgradecombat experience!Players have the freedom to explore the vast open worldmap,looking for another one hidden outpost, honed throughtacticaldeployment, develop a hero, and equipment to strengthen,collecttreasure map, to continue to strengthen their own strength,JiangTower eleven Solutions open, dark conquer one tribe, becomingtheconqueror wild continent, society go, endless disputes(endlessChaos) have![Game Features]Bid farewell to boring single map, free heart riskDo not have to open the tower in accordance with the gamedesign,the new map open, bid farewell to the conventionallinearcheckpoints, which would like to open outpost whichopened!Free PK, real-time battleHundred-wars, wins the battle, walking dead, led theleagueforward.Gold medal hero, dominate the whole serviceEach hero has unique skills, special effects, swords,battleexperience visual enjoyment is not a slogan!Formations, surface strongest teamExquisite stations, the attributes of grams, thestrongestresourcefulness Harbourside.Massive welfare, have to eat there catchGame Gifts big run, won the gold medal hero is not a dream!Landingevery day, gave the super-violet Oh!Fan Page:www.facebook.com/EndlessChaosTW