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Three Kingdoms: Art of War-Free 100K Diamonds 1.6.4
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The best collectible type Three Kingdoms RPG. Summon HEROES fromtheChinese THREE KINGDOMS era, lead them on the battlefield tomatchand blast a way out through the chaotic time of Han Dynasty !UniteThree kingdoms under your rule, forge the next great dynasty,thefate of your empire is in your hands! Game Features: 1.Hundredsofhero skills. Play with strategy! 2.Lossless hero trainingsystem.Cultivate at will! 3.Claim VIP EXP and diamonds for free.Withoutany limit! 4.Daily login to get recruit times for free. Tryyourluck! 5.SR can be awoken to be SSR. No useless heroes! ContactUs:Email: [email protected]:https://www.facebook.com/ThreeKingdomsGlobalWar/