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Chairlift Simulator
The tourists have landed at the resort in Chairlift Simulator.Getthe chairlift ready to transport them to beautiful andamazinglocations, In this simulator you get the opportunity tocontrol andoperate a chairlift and take your passenger from onehill toanother. Visit beautiful mountain tops and experience thethrillingscenarios. Pick and drop the passenger from one incrediblelocationto another. As a chairlift cable car operator it isyourresponsibility to keep the passengers in your tram safe fromanykind of accidents. For safety purposes try to maintain amoderatespeed while driving your cable car and do not take sharpturns.Thisis a fun to play relaxation games and you have the optionto choosemusic while driving your tram. This simulator is designedto giveyou the real experience of having to drive a chairlift evenacrossthe lakes and rivers. Features : - Best 3D simulator game.-Realistic and aesthetic graphics. - Great and easy to useUIdesign. - Easy and responsive Controls. - Great varietyofchairlift cable cars for use. - Challenging and exciting levels.-Thrilling chairlift cable car driving game. Please feel freetosubmit any suggestions that would help us improve the game.Thankyou!
Police Car Driving: Criminal Chase
Police Car Driving : Criminal Chase is adrenaline filled policecarchasing games in which you take are the protector of the roadsandit is your job to catch those street racers that try tojeopardizethe safety of others. The police chase is on ! Get readyto searchand track the car owners who participate in illegal racingand takethem down and bring justice. These game is filled withthrillingand exciting chases which you will have to complete. Soget readyto burn some rubber and get those over-speeding felons andfinethem for good. Police Car Driving : Criminal Chase is thenewtrendy police chase racing game which will keep you glued toyourmobile screen for a long time. Refreshing challenges await you.Buynew upgrades and get the best quality car to use in the game.Thereare many upgrades that will give you a edge in the game andmakeyou the best chaser in the game. Download Police Car Driving:Criminal Chase now on Google Play Store. If you have anyproblemswith installation or playing of this game please reach uson ourmail and we will resolve the issue as soon as possible.
Zombie Smash : Road Kill
Love Drifting? Now drift your car and kill the zombies thatarecoming to attack you. The goal is to kill and survive. Driveyourway through zombie apocalyptic arena by killing zombies withyourcar. Upgrade your car with advance weapons and armor. How longcanyou survive the zombie arena? Please feel free to email usanyimprovements that could help us make the game better. Thank You!
Halloween Shooter 2020
Halloween Shooter 2020 is the exciting and thrilling shootinggamefor this Season. It's Halloween time that means it is time forsometrick or treat shooting. Shoot the haunted Jack'o'lanternspumpkinsand splatter them to score points and complete the level.Completethe levels to earn cash and unlock new upgraded weapons sothat youcan take the difficult shots also. Let the game of GhostsandTreats Begin!
Bike vs. Train
Bike vs. Train is an awesome simulation game in which you willhaveto ride a bike and defeat the train in a race. Tune you ridetogive you the maximum power so that it can go head to head withthehuge engine of a train. Try to ride the bike as skillfully asyoucan so that you can take maximum advantage of yourrouteflexibility. Try to find hidden shortcuts which will give youahead start in the race. As you progress, you will facechallengesfrom even faster trains so be ready to change or upgradeyour biketo a better model which can face competition from the morepowerfultrains. Ride into dark tunnels with the train but be alertandwatch the sides so that you don't crash. Earn extra pointsforpassing the train and shifting sides. Defeats trains from alloverthe world and in different conditions. Do you have the skillandtalent to defeat the trains ? Game Features: 1) Train View toTrackthe Train 2) Track Map to help you Stay on the Track 3)WideVariety of bikes to choose from, which will help you ride onallkinds of tracks including snowy and mountainous areas 4)Realistic3D Graphics enable you to experience a high speed Bike vs.Trainchase 5) Super Smooth Controls help you in following thetraineasily and also making turns is a easy affair 6) ChallengingLevelskeep you glued to the Screen
Truck Simulator 2020 Drive real trucks
If you are a fan of best offline truck driving games, then TruckSimulator 2020 is the game for you. This game has improved upon theold quirks and features of truck driving games and has presentedyou with more interesting and fun game-play which you will enjoy alot. Complete cargo deliveries and transport missions to earn coinsin the game which you can exchange for better trucks with morepower and speed. Have fun exploring new areas where you have toreach with your truck. Learn to park the really long trucks withprecision into tough and tricky parking spots. Complete 20 plusexciting and challenging levels and enjoy your truck drivingexperience in Truck Simulator 2020 now available on Google PlayStore.
Roller Coaster Train Simulator 2020
Roller Coaster Train Simulator 2020 is the new 3Droller-coastertrain driving simulation games of 2020 in which youjob is tooperate a sophisticated and modernized high speed rollercoasterand drive it on some of the most thrilling and high flyingtrackswith a lot of twists and turns. Roller Coaster TrainSimulator 2020is the epic driving game which is filled with extremehighs andlows which will provide so much thrill and excitement fortheriders that they will remember this epic simulation for the restoftheir lives. This is one of the best and fun rides of a themepark.So come visit the theme park of your dreams and experiencethisamazing once in a lifetime moment. Be alert as the safety oftheriders is in your hands so do not over-speed and take turnswithextreme caution and care. This is really difficult and taskwillrequire your full focus and attention so do not get distractedbythe screams of the tourists and just do your job efficientlyandreach ridiculous and amazing speeds. Game Features : 1)RealisticGraphics 2) Easy Controls 3) Interesting Levels
Dinosaur Simulator Games 2017
Embark with us on a terrifying and horror filleddinosaursimulation. Become a crazy and bloodthirsty dinosaur andhunt forall kinds of creatures. Wreak havoc in peacefulenvironments (Cityand Jungle) and destroy cars, buildings andflora. INSTRUCTIONS: -Control the left joystick to move. - Tapright button to jump.Please feel free to suggest us anyimprovements that could help usmake the game better. Thank You!
Chained Cars against Ramp
Get into the driving seat there is challenge for you. Chainshavebeen attached to your and your rivals car. Drive your car asfastas you can into the oncoming road block so that the rivals caristotaled. This driving game tests your ability to drive asupersports car as fast as possible at the highest possible speedstobeat and destroy your enemy player. Please feel free to suggestusany improvements that could help us make the game better.ThankYou!
Drag Bike Racers
Become the best bike rider and participate in some of themostexciting and thrilling races. Choose from a huge collectionofsports bikes to ride. Complete challenging levels of realridingpleasure. Winning is all that matters so make sure you getthoseshifts in perfect order. Learn to handle all the pressuresthat aprofessional bike racer has to go through and keep on winningraceto maintain your reputation in the game. Enjoy the straighttracksand just focus on the shifting of your gears at the correcttime.Game Features: 1) Stunning 3D Graphics 2) Smooth andResponsiveControls 3) Thrilling Game-play
Roller Coaster Games 2020 Theme Park
Roller Coaster Games : Theme Park is the one of the mostexcitingand entertaining roller coaster games which will give youthe bestthrills of all time. Get a ticket to the world's best themeparkand get ready to ride huge and really long roller coastersandexperience exhilarating and thunderous speeds which you haveneverimagined could be possible. This is the most crazy andfunsimulation of a roller coaster. It is really exciting becausetheroller coaster rider will have to overcome huge challengeswhileoperating the ride as the ride will take the roller coasterintothe water and into deep dark tunnels which give the riderthrillsand chills. Experience the most beautiful and excitingrollercoaster tracks that are filled with sharp twists and turnswhichare awesome to experience at high speeds. Enjoy RollerCoasterGames and soar to greater heights than ever to reach highskiesbetween the clouds. Take caution while driving near turns ifyouare at high speed the roller coaster might derail from thetrackand launch you and your fellow riders onto the ground. ThisRollerCoaster is the most fun ride of the theme park and itiselectrifying and overwhelming while at full speed on theamazingtracks. Playing this roller coaster game will rid you of thefearof heights and you will never be scared again for sittingandriding fascinating and incredible roller coasters again inyourlife ever. The steep lows of roller coaster are really shockingandunbelievable at really fast speeds the stomach feels as it hasbeenturned upside down. While in the roller coaster you will feelas ifyou were flying and jumping on the clouds.It really importantthatyou manage the speed of the roller roller coaster effectivelyandefficiently and keep the speed below 70 miles otherwise itwillbecome dangerous for the passengers of your roller coaster inthetheme park. The game has really good new additions likethedirection changer button which will help you to avoid the deadendsand the tracks which are used by other roller coaster. Wait forthetheme parks visitor to buy their tickets and come to therollercoaster entrance. The them park employee will check theirticketsand give them admission after the riders are free to chooseseatsin the roller coaster and then you the roller coaster driverwillhave to drive safely and make the ride delightful andsatisfyingfor the riders. Enjoy this game with your family andfriends orjust to kill time and boredom. We look forward toyourparticipation in the game and the crazy levels that ourdesignerhave designed for you. Win amazing bonuses to unlock allkinds ofachievements and increase your progress and score points byplayingand completing the levels. Game Features: 1) Realistic 3DGraphics2) Smooth and easy controls. 3) More than 20 levels of fun.4)Different kinds of moderns and epic roller coaster waiting foryou.If you have any problems while installation or playing of thisgameplease feel free to reach us on our email and we will trytoresolve the situation as soon as possible. Please feel freetoprovide us with better improvement suggestions for the game sothatwe can make your game playing better and more enjoyable.
Horse Games - Virtual Horse Simulator 3D
Tune into Stallion mode and play this exceptionallyimmersive,realistic Horse runner game. Be it horse lovers or anyonewho wantsto experience a lifelike animal simulation, this wildhorse sim isthe perfect pick to spend some quality time alone. InHorseadventure game. Tame your wild family horse through thedarkness ofjungle and train it to become the best stallion. Be themaster ofhorse jump and impress everyone else with your amazinghorsetraining and running skills. Play Horse Games – VirtualHorseSimulator 3D now! Experience Immersive Environment Have youeverplayed an animal simulation with multiple environments? As oneofthe best simulation games, this wild horse sim game is designedtooffers you a memorable and thrilling experience. Frommysteriousvillages and dark forests to super challenging planesandobstacle-laden running courses, this horse runner game isfullypacked with action, thrill and lots of realistic horserunningchallenges. Explore new regions like village and forests tofindhidden treasures. In Horse Games, jump across hurdles and kickdownobstacles to complete missions. Multiple Horse AdventureModesBrace yourself to tame the wildest horses in the town! Own afamilyhorse and tame it to be the fastest, most successful runnerin thetown. To increase the level of intensity and fun for you,this gameoffers a Mission Mode and an Endless Runner Mode. Inmission mode,you get to experience challenging obstacles throughoutthe runningcourses. Do you best to move at fast speeds and jumpover theobstacles to keep the horse alive and collect the treasure.Horselovers can also play Endless Runner mode, where you get toroamaround the villages and wreak havoc aimlessly while discoveringandcollecting new rewards or hidden treasures. Run, Jump, DestroyandWin! Experience the complete destruction and horsesimulatorchallenges and show your fury. Take charge of the wildhorse simreigns and do your best to cause as much destruction asyou likefor the sake of collecting the treasure. Do tricky horsejump andmake the most out of this unique horse adventureexperience. Let’sinflict rampage and hit everything in your way.Collect Rewards andUnlock Boosters The path is full of games likehurdles, skeletons,grumpy rocks and many others. Amazing boost ups,diamonds &jewels will help you survive along. The horse runnerworld is notan easy one, and it takes a man with guts to take onthis uniquechallenge and fulfill the missions successfully.Interactivity ofthe environment, sound effects and game play areeven moreinteresting to witness. Features of Horse Games – VirtualHorseSimulator 3D 1. Multiple Game play horse runner Challenges.2.Realistic horse training Animal Simulation. 3. Choose from arangeof Exciting Game Modes! 4. Smooth and eye-catching wild horsesimanimations. 5. 3D Environment, Interactive games & HDGraphics.6. Train and tame your family horse to run fast andperform horsejump 7. Best past time game for horse lovers Are youready to playan immersive horse simulator? Download and play HorseGames –Virtual Horse Simulator 3D today!
Mission Counter Attack - FPS Shooting Critical War
Are you getting tired of playing the same old sniper games? Willyoulike to take on a new deadly sniper mission and fightagainstterrorist strike? Lead your commando squad as afirst-personshooter and become the number on first person shootingexpert tododge the enemy attack of every level. Whether you are abeginnerin gun shooting or you want to make the most out of yourcounterterrorist attack mission, this amazing game has got all theuniqueelements of fun, excitement, thrill and deadly challenges foryou.From the 3D immersive sniper games environment to a collectionofexciting new weapons, this deadly game is ready to take you onwithyour pro sniper skills to the end. Play Mission Counter Attack–FPS Shooting Critical War now! Real Gun Shooting SniperMissionTake the lead and assassinate all the members from theenemyattack. Secure your top position in the commando squadbydestroying the general and targeted enemy attacks on your team.Youhave all the authority to take the lead in this fast pacedfirstperson shooter game. Counter terrorist attack and make themost ofyour sniper killing abilities in this mission themed gunshootinggame. Destroy Your Enemies On Ground or Mid Air Will youlike toexplore new angles of killing your enemies? If that is thecase,this gun shooting game offers a terrain killing mode as wellas ahelicopter assassinate mode where you get to sit in ahelicopterand assassinate the enemies from above. Every level willcome withnew challenges and newer elements designed to help youcompleteyour sniper mission. Zoom the sniper target into the enemyattackand release the shot to assassinate the enemies. ExcitingNewCounter Terrorist Attack Controls Auto reload, crouch, jumpandsmooth scope controls with minimal recoil make MissionCounterAttack FPS the best shooter gaming experience on mobile. Usethemini map to watch out for the enemy that approaching towardsyouand stay alert to survive till the end. With tactical AI,identifyand use high level offense moves like throwing a grenade toholdyou engaged for hours. So, get ready for the ultimate rainofbullets while using the medi kit to refill the health regularlyoryou will die soon! Mission Counter Attack FPS Game Controls -UseJoystick to move around - Touch and slide the screen to aimandkill the enemy - Use sniper mirrors to zoom in and out and aimatand kill enemies - Click the Shoot button. Launch bulletsFeaturesof Mission Counter Attack – FPS Shooting Critical War •3Dimmersive sniper games experience with HD environment •Countlessnew gun shooting features and sniper mission weapons •Challengingterrorist strike missions with increasing level oftrouble • Highpaced first person shooter game featuring counterterrorist attack• Lead the commando squad and destroy the terroriststrike movesDownload and enjoy Mission Counter Attack – FPSShooting CriticalWar today! Don’t forget to rate us better!! Mustshare youropinions we always appreciate user feedback and recommendforfuture updates!