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Truck Builder 1.0.4
Kids can assemble 18 different kinds of cars in three workshops.Once they finish assembling, they can drive their creation andstart their road adventure! Friendly interaction! Easy to control!Drive from underground caves to the Midwest highways, with avariety of fun props, the children will enjoy on their road. Now,come and drive down the road! Pick a car, racing car or tractor.Are you ready for the adventure? Features: 18 different kinds ofcars for assembling 3 types of road driving experiences, includingcaves, cities, and mountain roads in the US Midwest • No rules ortime pressures. Explore at your own pace • Great for toddlers andpreschoolers, ages 2-5
Truck Driver 1.0.9
All kids like driving cars and trucks - and with 18 differentvehicles, yours can quickly be on the road and ready to roll!Monster truck, race cars, rescue trucks and excavators are just afew of the vehicles to choose from in this driving simulationgames. Some kids just have a need for speed and want to race;others like to build stories around the vehicles, drivers and gamescenes. Either way, “Truck Driver” is, well…Ready to Roll! Choosefrom 18 vehicles, including fire trucks, police cars, F1 race car,monster truck, artillery-shell truck, ice cream trucks, excavatorsand more. One is sure to be a favorite for your little driver! Onthe speedway, the highway or a country road, kids can easilyexplore the routes through four different scenes. This gameprovides a simple and fun journey especially designed for 2-6year-olds, and it can help them learn about people in theircommunity based on the vehicles they drive. Game Features • 4 gamescenes • Over 40 interactive animations to discover • Perfect forboys and girls, ages 2-6 • Contains no third-party advertisingParents, you can always count on the Yateland team to create safeand educational apps your children will love!
Train Builder 1.1.0
Assemble your own unique train! Experience the fun of driving! Pickup fruits from the farm, get your favorite animals from the zoo,and don’t forget to add the dining and ice cream carriages at thecity railway station. Choose a destination and start your train, itis time to begin your journey! Here we go! Playful and friendly,Train Builder lets children act as the train conductor. With supereasy controls, children will enjoy driving the train up and downthe track, exploring different journeys along the way. • Six train- assembling scenes, from the farm to the zoo • Six different kindsof locomotives, Thirty-six different carriages, as well as theoption to assemble your own unique train • Six destinations, fromthe forest to the big city • Great for toddlers and preschoolers,ages 2-5 • No third-party advertising Yateland designers anddevelopers work hard to create applications which children love andparents trust.
Dinosaur Car 1.0.8
Come! Paint and create your unique car! Join us in exploring theislands. The little dinosaur will be your driver. He will guide youthrough the whole adventure! Kids can choose sports cars, SUVs,trucks, or classic cars. Even more, there are various customizationtools: different paintbrushes, car gadgets, and beautiful stickers.And the most exciting thing is you can put your name on this uniquecar. Isn’t it cool? Cities, islands, mountains: each map is full offun. Are you ready? Let’s start the journey! Download NOW!Features: > 6 game scene > more than 40 interactiveanimations to discover > Great for toddlers and preschoolers,ages 2-5 > No third-party advertising About Yateland Yatelandcrafts apps with educational values that inspire preschoolersacross the globe to learn through play! With each app we make foryour children to enjoy, we are guided by our motto: "Apps childrenlove and parents trust."
Train Driver 1.1.0
Choose your favorite train, and experience the fun of driving!Explore the world with it! Don’t forget to load some sausage,cheese, pasta, and candies on the train! Little monsters are alsowant to join your train trip! Choose a destination and start yourtrain, it is time to begin your journey! Here we go! Playful andfriendly, Crazy Train lets the children act as a train driver. Withsuper easy controls, children will enjoy driving the train up anddown the track, exploring different journeys along the way.Features • Four train experience scenes • Great for toddlers andpreschoolers, ages 2-5 • No third-party advertising Yateland’sdesigners and developers work hard to create applications whichchildren love and parents trust.
Dinosaur Truck 1.0.0
Let’s drive a truck with a small dinosaur! Assembling your owntruck, put fruit, biscuits, cakes, toys, and cars in it! Start yourjourney now! Remember to deliver goods to the final destination! Inthe truck-assembling workshop, kids could assemble their lovelytrucks. There are four different tasks. Kids could play all day!Game Features • 4 game scene • more than 30 interactive animationsto discover • Great for toddlers and preschoolers, ages 2-5 • Nothird-party advertising Parents, you can always count on theYateland team to create safe and educational apps your childrenwill love!
Dinosaur Digger 2 1.0.0
With small dinosaur friends to play with, kids are drivingexcavators, bulldozers and cranes, digging deep underground,looking for ancient treasures! Working at the dock, dig new tunnelsunderground. On this construction site, kids are the commanders ofcement mixers and cranes, small trucks and stone crushers. You canplay all day! Features: • Play 4 powerful machines • Filled withinteresting animations and surprises • Recommended for preschoolchildren, 2-5 years old • No third-party ads Children love it andparents trust this Yateland designer's vision!
Dinosaur Rescue 1.0.1
There is a car broken down on the road waiting for your rescue! Letthe children drive the tow truck to pick it up! Now off to theworkshop to repair, paint, and even put on a pair of big, beautifulnew tires! Your child can enjoy driving 4 tow vehicles, experience4 game scenes, and rescue more than 8 sets of cars. Whether youhave a toddler or a preschooler, working with the trucks andrepairing the cars can inspire their imagination. Children canexperience the game, while telling their own stories, well, let usnow begin to rescue! Game features • 4 towing vehicles, 4 differentgame scenes • More than 30 interesting interactions • Suitable foryoung children and preschool children, 2-5 years old • Nothird-party ads Yateland’s designers and developers work hard tocreate applications which children love and parents trust.
Jurassic Rescue 1.1.1
Come help your dinosaur friends escape! They have been locked incages, scattered all over the landscape, and are counting on youand the Tyrannosaurus Rex to set them free! Children, together withthe T-Rex set off on a trip across the country to save thesedinosaur friends! In this game your children are at the controls ofthe T-Rex, navigating through the forest to rescue the beautifulPterodactylus, then head for the mountains to save the awesomeChasmosaurus. Next you’re on to the desert where Pachycephalosaurusis awaiting your help, and don’t forget the Protoceratops! Wait! Becareful of the Raptor! Jurassic Rescue has 4 different andbeautiful scenes, along with 7 interesting dinosaur species. Ifyour child is a fan of dinosaurs, get this fun game now! Feathers •4 game scene • more than 40 interactive animations to discover •Great for toddlers and preschoolers, ages 2-5 • No third-partyadvertising Children love it and parents trust this Yatelanddesigner's vision!
Dinosaur Plane: Games for kids
Fly to 36 famous spots around the globe and enjoy unique flyingexperiences!
Jurassic Dig 1.0.8
Kids, get ready to enjoy this grand journey as you trek high andlowon a grand adventure. Choose your vehicle then set out on aquest.Earning fuel along the way travel through several scenesandhazards, using super tools to achieve your goal. Eventually,youcome to the site and act as an archaeologist as you carefullydigand find the bones of a Jurassic superstar. The fun isn’t overyetas you work to reassemble the bones, recreating thisbeautifulcreature. But wait, suddenly he returns to life and it isup to youto save the day. Lead him on through new scenarios andchallengeson your quest to reunite him with his family. Suitablefor childrenages 2-5, this game offers hours of great fun andlearningopportunities. Beautiful scenes, weather changes, a varietyofvehicles, obstacles to overcome and surprises to share. Freeofads, this game has plenty of opportunity for your kids to usetheirimagination and enrich the experience with stories of theirown.Children love it and parents trust this Yateland designer'svision!
Fire Truck Rescue 1.0.1
What kid doesn’t want to be a fireman? Our fire engines aredesigned for children under 5 years of age. Choose from fourdifferent types of fire trucks, race to the fire in a variety ofgame scenes, spraying water on the flames. Kids love and enjoy thefun of playing this great new game. The fire bell rings and thefirefighters head to the station. Woo-woo-woo! Listen to the siren!Dinosaur island residents are anxiously waiting for the rescue.Quick! Jump on the fire truck, and go to the rescue! Your childrencan be the small dinosaur fire fighters, driving the fire truckthrough obstacles to reach the destination. Take control of thewater gun and spray the fire, extinguish the burning flames andrescue the trapped dinosaur and his little partner! Simple gamecontrol, easy pass mode, and quick downloads let the childrenexperience the pride of becoming a hero! Game features · 4different types fire trucks · Well designed interactive episodes ·Suitable for preschool children, 0-5 years old · No third partyadvertising · Children love, parents trust, this is the vision ofYateland designer.
Monster Truck Go 1.0.3
VVRROOOM! Time for the big monster truck rally! Racingoverobstacles through beautiful landscapes, all headed to thefinishline. Your children will love this game! Choose from 12differentmonster trucks, all colorful with flashy paint jobs!Designed forchildren 2-8 years old, control of the monster trucksis verysimple and super fun! Travel up, down, under and through inthiscross country monster truck race to the finish line! Fromthewestern United States to Egypt, from the desert to the forest,evenfrom volcanos to Mars, enjoy these interesting maps justwaitingfor the children to explore! 10 game scenes and 12 monstertrucks.Loads of fun! Features: • Play 10 game scene • Play 12monstertrucks • Recommended for young children, 2-8 years old •Nothird-party ads Children love it and parents trust thisYatelanddesigner's awesome vision!
Dinosaur Digger 3 1.0.1
Dig, drive and discover with the latest Dinosaur Digger gameforkids! Bulldozers, cranes and trucks come to life in thiscreativeand colorful dive into the world of construction andexploration.Full of surprises, fun sound effects and opportunitiesfordiscovery, Dinosaur Digger gives kids the chance to choosetheirown adventure. Select a vehicle, hop in and drive into abrand-newworld full of dinosaurs, machines, movement and inspiredfun.Features: > Play 6 powerful machines > Filled withexcitinganimation and surprises > Recommended for children ages2-5 >No third-party ads Yateland aims to develop high-qualityapps forkids and families. We create apps and games forpreschoolers acrossthe globe, inspiring creativity, imagination andadventure. Ourvision is "Children love. Parents trust."
Train Driver - Games for kids
Okay, conductor: select your train. Now, head off on an amazingadventure!
Dinosaur Patrol Boat - Coast Guard Games for kids 1.1.0
The alarm rings, and you head to the station to see what theproblemis. It looks like there are other dinosaurs who have hadaccidentsand are trapped in different areas out on the water! Jumpinto oneof the six unique patrol boats to head out and help thedinosaurs.Make sure to watch out for sharks, dolphins, octopus,and other seacreatures and obstacles in the water along the way!Each ship hasdifferent features that you can use to get past seacreatures andrescue the dinosaurs. Boat features include waterguns, propellers,and baskets of fish. Water guns can be used toput out firestrapping the dinosaurs, propellers can be used toshake off seacreatures in the water, and baskets of fish can beused to distractsea creatures who are blocking your path. And someboats have lifepreservers to help with the rescues! The strandeddinosaurs are allin different situations, including being stuck onislands, icebergs,and even other boats! And don’t forget to keepan eye out for coinsand other bonuses in the sea along the way!Bonuses like thenitrogen rocket can provide a huge burst of speedto you inbypassing sea creatures and reaching the trappeddinosaurs. Don’twait any longer — the dinosaurs have been waitingfor a long timefor you to rescue them. Jump in a boat and let’sbegin the rescues!Features > Take control of six unique patrolboats to rescuedinosaurs stuck in unique situations. > The sixrescue scenariosvary from tropical islands to the North Pole. >Well-designed andhighly interactive storylines for children. >Suitable forpreschool children zero to five years old. > Nothird partyadvertising About Yateland Yateland develops apps witheducationalvalues that inspire preschoolers across the globe tolearn somethingthrough playing! As we make apps for your childrento enjoy, we areguided by our vision: "Children love us. Parentstrust us."
Dinosaur Submarine - for kids
Navigate submarines to explore the fascinating ocean for kids!
Jurassic Dig - Games for kids
Dinosaurs: Digging up the Jurassic!Dinosaur & Truck simulatorgames for toddlers
Dinosaur Park - Games for kids
A unique Dinosaur fossil and exploration games: Dinosaur Park inJurassic!
Dinosaur Smash: Driving games for kids 1.1.3
Press down on the accelerator and slam into dinosaur opponentswhileexploring unique worlds!!! Dodge, flip, and set off trapstooutsmart the dinosaurs in Dinosaur Smash: Bumper Cars! Childrenandadults from all over the world enjoy our games. Now for alimitedtime, you and yours can too! Interact with responsiveenvironmentsto defeat the dinosaurs! Watch as the ALIEN’S UFOtractor beamsucks up the dinosaurs and takes them to who knowswhere! Playoffline anytime, anywhere. No Wi-Fi needed! The game isregularlyupdated with new features, content, and locations to keepyou andyour child hooked! Features > 15 BUMPER CARS to choosefrom likethe FIRE TRUCK, POLICE CAR, and COKE-MOBILE. The ways youand yourchild can enjoy Dinosaur Smash: Bumper Cars are endless!> Watchyour child’s eyes light up in amazement thanks to ourEXCITINGANIMATIONS and SPECIAL EFFECTS! > Recommended forchildren ages2 through 5. But even adults can have fun playing thegame WITH orWITHOUT their children. > KID-FRIENDLY sound effectsto delightyour child’s ears and IMAGINATION! > This game isAD-FREE tomake sure you and your child have a FUN and SAFEEXPERIENCE. >SMASH and DASH across a variety of uniquelocations. Including THEMOON, PIRATE SHIPS, and ANCIENT INDIANTEMPLES! Don’t miss out onthe fun! Download Dinosaur Smash: BumperCars for free today!Before you know it, you and your child will bearguing to see whoplays next! About Yateland Yateland develops appswith educationalvalues that inspire preschoolers across the globeto learnsomething through playing! As we make apps for yourchildren toenjoy, we are guided by our vision: "Children love us.Parentstrust us."
Dinosaur Guard: Games for kids
Driving 5 different off-road vehicle across the Jurassic Island!
Dinosaur Airport:Game for kids
Get familiar with the airport, hop into a plane to explore theworld!
Monster Truck Games for kids
Monster truck Go! Race monster trucks on fun tracks, earning starsalong the way
Dinosaur Ocean Explorer: Games for kids & Toddlers 1.0.4
Travel the polar seas, dormant volcanoes, mangroves, and plateaustodiscover fascinating animal habitats! This game combinesadventurewith scientific knowledge to teach kids in a fun yeteducationalenvironment. It lets kids experience the exciting worldofexploration and fall in love with the natural sciences! Kidschoosefrom 5 giant scientific research vessels and 5 speciallydesignedtools! They will carefully observe each animal's featuresas theywould in nature and act as scientists, photographing eachanimal tocreate a self-made illustration, complete withinformation about theanimal’s features. Your child will learn allkinds of nature factsalong the way, like why alpacas spit and whata "Halitrephes Maasi"is. Your child can navigate their researchvessels to the Arctic tounderstand how climate change is affectingthe everyday life ofpolar bears that rely on the ice for survival.Kids will not onlyboard the dinosaur scientific research vesselsto "see" and"listen," but they also will be able to join in thestory, coming tothe rescue and even rewriting some parts of thestory based on theiractions! There are a wide variety ofadventures for kids to embarkon. They can enter a dormant craterto explore where land iguanaspawn or dive into the deep blue oceanto watch the incredibleshining “fireworks of the sea”! And much,much more… The scientificinvestigation will be challenging, as youwill encounter suddensituations such as avalanches, icebergs andmore. Don't panic, andnever forget that there are a group ofreliable dinosaur members whowill assist you! Features > 30different animals, each with itsown unique habitat > Audioexplanation during each adventureteaches kids about the animals> Drive 5 originally designedscientific research vessels alongthe wind and waves: 6-wheel drivecar, ice-drill truck, submarine,glass-ball car, and speedboat >Explore the Antarctic, Arctic,Galapagos Islands, Trench and SouthPacific > Interesting rescueplots and interactions > Playwithout internet > Nothird-party ads Now, pick a scientificresearch vessel and embarkon an exciting interactive tour with thewild animals! AboutYateland Yateland develops apps with educationalvalues thatinspire preschoolers across the globe to learn somethingthroughplaying! As we make apps for your children to enjoy, we areguidedby our vision: "Children love. Parents trust."
Jurassic Rescue:Games for kids
Ready for a rescue adventure? Help dinosaur friends, explore, andsave the day!
Truck Driver - Games for kids
Truck simulator, racing and driving games for kids with 18different vehicles!
Dinosaur Police Car - for Kids
Become a dinosaur police and bring those prison breakers tojustice.
Train Builder - Games for kids
All aboard! Build your train then set off on the adventure of yourchoice.
Dinosaur Math - Learning Games for kids toddlers 1.2.4
The right age to expose kids to math is when they are between twoand six years old. If you are looking for a way to help your kidslove to learn math, join now and download "Dinosaur Math!” DinosaurMath is very useful in building logical thinking and allowschildren to understand the concept of numbers while playing withbuilding blocks. Even kids without any formal education canincrease their understanding of numbers, addition, and subtractionby combining and splitting building blocks! Every time the childcompletes a task, they will be rewarded with a component. Aftercollecting four components, they can unlock a new battle robot inthe math factory. Placing the robots and learning thecorrespondence between number and quantity Toot toot! The littledinosaur will drive the train to you! The robots need your help toboard the train. Please drag the correct number of robots on boardthe train. Once the robots match the displayed number, the trainwill start running! There are five themed islands and 20 quirkyrobots in all. The children will learn the relation between numbersand quantities step-by-step during the mathematical journey. Takepart in a fun and exciting train race 3-2-1, and the race is on!Drive your favorite train and count the number of batteriesaccurately to make your train run faster. Answer questions to winthe game! By practicing different counting methods, children canimprove their counting skills. Free assembling and combiningbuilding blocks activities to learn “addition” and “subtraction” Insix different machinery factories, children can combine and splitthe blocks using the number tips to collect robot components. Ifthey collect enough components, they can use them to create newbattle mechas! Children will understand "addition" and"subtraction" in depth through play. Math battle against randomizedcomputer robot Drive 20 cool combat mechas, and answer questionscorrectly to beat your opponents! The game will increase kids’interest and enthusiasm in Math and is powered by a huge questionbank to help them improve their math skills. Reports to recordgrowth in math ability Get a report of your kid's progress alongwith professional study suggestions and level-appropriate practiceresources. Developing your child’s interest in math is the best wayto help them learn. Make learning enjoyable with Dinosaur Math.Hurry up and download it now for your kids! Features • Ability toadjust difficulty level based on child's level of understanding.Hundreds of questions to help kids learn math. • Unique playingmethod of combining and splitting blocks allows kids to understandnumbers, quantity, addition, and subtraction concepts • 20elaborately designed combat machines and vivid attack effects • Noprior learning required • Includes reports for parents • Can beoperated without the Internet • No third-party advertising AboutYateland Yateland crafts apps with educational value, inspiringpreschoolers across the globe to learn through play! With each appwe make, we are guided by our motto: "Apps children love andparents trust." Learn more about Yateland and our apps atyateland.com. Privacy Policy Yateland is committed to protectingusers' privacy. If you would like to know more about how we dealwith these matters, please read our full privacy policy athttps://yateland.com/privacy.
Dinosaur Coding School Games 1.0.6
Drive mechas and explore the world alongside T-Rex! Set out on funadventures where you help T-Rex solve puzzles Help plants thrive inthe wasteland; clean up pollution at the factory; escape from thefire; hunt for treasure under the sea; repair machines at therocket base; rescue trapped friends in space! Combining fun gamesand programming knowledge, coding has never been so fun! Intuitivepatterns on blocks make coding easy even for pre-readers!Understand foundational coding concepts and foster computationalthinking, logic, and problem-solving skills. Drag the blocks,arrange them, and use commands to drive the mecha Use 17 differentcommand blocks; each block triggers a different action. Choose[light] command to help plants grow, [stop] command to turn offpollution-making machines, [box] command to create a box to standon, [destroy] command to smash big rocks under the sea, [repair]command to make machines restore running, [break] command to breakthe trap and rescue cosmos friends, and more! Learn by playing 108engaging levels ranging from easy to difficult help children learnsequences, loops, parameters, events, conditions, and functions.Hints and guides allow your child to freely explore without gettingfrustrated. Features • Abstract codes transformed to commandblocks, perfect for pre-readers • Drag, arrange, and click; codingis as easy as building blocks • Elaborately designed hint systemmakes it easy to explore • 18 amazing mechas; drive them to escapefrom danger, find deep-sea treasures, rescue cosmos friends, andmore • Six different regions; set out for a fun fantastic adventure• 108 featured puzzles; learn coding from the shallow to the deepend • 17 coding blocks; master programming concepts includingsequences, loops, parameters, events, conditionals, and functions •You can operate without the Internet • No third-party advertisingAbout Yateland Yateland crafts apps with educational values andinspire preschoolers across the globe to learn through play! Witheach app we make for your children to enjoy, we are guided by ourmotto: "Apps children love and parents trust."
Cars games for toddlers: Kids cars racing games 1.0.6
Hop into one of 28 cars, which include the pumpkin car, spidercarand hot-pot car, and start your journey through a housebuzzingwith Christmas excitement! You can even customize each ofthe carswith exclusive tires for decoration! You’ll journey throughthehouse and experience surprises along the way. Visit thelivingroom, reading room, candy house, garden, bedroom andbathroom,where different adventures await you in each one! In everyroom,look around at your environment to discover activities youcanenjoy. You can have your hair waved in the microwave, or diveintothe drains to find the secret hamster house! And keep an eyeoutfor exciting Christmas gifts that you can pick up along theway!Where your journey is up to you! Drive to each room to get afeelfor the house and discover what surprises await you. Along thewayyou’ll also come across the Christmas tree, presents,ribbons,stockings, wreath, gingerbread house and more! When youfinish anadventure, pick out another car and get back to exploringthe houseand any surprises you may have missed! Wishing all of ourlittledrivers a Merry Christmas and happy adventure! Features: >Takecontrol of 28 toy cars like the pumpkin car, spider car,hot-potcar and many more > Drive the cars in 6 real-lifescenarios: thereading room, garden, candy house, kitchen, bedroomand bathroom> Look out for hidden surprises and secretactivities that youmay come across > Suitable for preschoolchildren up to fiveyears old > No third-party advertising AboutYateland Yatelanddevelops apps with educational values that inspirepreschoolersacross the globe to learn something through playing! Aswe makeapps for your children to enjoy, we are guided by ourvision:"Children love us. Parents trust us."
Jurassic Dinosaur - for kids
Become a small Triceratops and explore the dinosaur world!
Dinosaur Digger 3 - for kids
Dig, drive and discover with the latest Dinosaur Digger game forkids!
Dinosaur Deformers - for kids
A magic car ! Creative truck simulator games for kids
Dinosaur Truck: Games for kids
Assemble trucks and transport cargo for dinosaurs!
Dinosaur Rescue - Truck Games for kids & Toddlers 1.1.1
There is a car broken down on the road waiting for your rescue!Letyour child drive the tow truck to pick it up! Now off totheworkshop to repair, paint, and even put on a pair of big,beautifulnew tires! Your child can enjoy driving 4 tow vehicles,experience4 game scenes, and rescue more than 8 sets of cars.Whether youhave a toddler or a preschooler, working with the trucksandrepairing the cars can inspire their imagination. Childrencanexperience the game while telling their own stories. Well, let'sgorescue! Features: • 4 towing vehicles, 4 different game scenes•More than 30 interesting interactions • Suitable for youngchildrenand preschool children, 2-5 years old • Play without theInternet •No third-party advertising About Yateland Yateland craftsapps witheducational value, inspiring preschoolers across the globeto learnthrough play! With each app we make, we are guided by ourmotto:"Apps children love and parents trust." Learn more aboutYatelandand our apps at https://yateland.com. Privacy PolicyYateland iscommitted to protecting users' privacy. If you wouldlike to knowmore about how we deal with these matters, please readour fullprivacy policy at https://yateland.com/privacy.
Dinosaur Island:Games for kids
Dinosaur Simulator games for kids in Jurassic!
Dinosaur Park Explore:for kids
Let’s explore Jurassic with Triceratops!
Dinosaur Aquarium: kids games
Reunite animals with their families, build homes for marine life,and have fun!
Dinosaur Bus - Bus Games for kids, toddlers 3-5 1.0.7
Hop on the bus and choose your own adventure with thedino-tasticDinosaur Bus! Create your very own bus – select from avariety ofcolors, styles, cool decorations, and more – and then setoffacross the world. Invite passengers to join you as youcollecttreasures, face fun obstacles, and drive your bus throughsea, sandand land. Dinosaur Bus is creative and inviting for kidsexploringtheir first apps. Features: > Filled with excitinganimation andsurprises > Recommended for children ages 2-5 >Nothird-party ads About Yateland Yateland crafts appswitheducational values that inspire preschoolers across the globetolearn through play! With each app we make for your childrentoenjoy, we are guided by our motto: "Apps children love andparentstrust."
Dinosaur Helicopter - for kids
Helicopter Rescue Games for kids, fly a helicopter to rescue!
Dinosaur GarbageTruck:for kids
Garbage piled up on sidewalks? Start your garbage trucks! Drivingnow!
Dinosaur Digger:Games for kids
It's a digging frenzy! Design a digger; collect ores; explore anunknown world!
Dinosaur Car - Games for kids
Paint your car! Truck Driving Simulator Games for kids in Jurassic!
Fire Truck Rescue - for Kids
Want to be a firefighter? Choose from six different types of firetrucks!
Earth School: Science Games for kids 1.0.7
Earth School are fantastic for teaching young kids about howtheuniverse began in a fun and effective way that is at just therightlevel for them to understand. How did the universe begin? Howwaslife born on earth? Where did water on earth come from? Welcometoearth school, Earth School is an educational kids appscontaining14 different mini games. It will show the big bang toearthgeneration, enjoy! FEATURES: > 14 different science gamestoplay with > Funny environmental science > Fantasticoriginalartwork! > Fun sounds and animations! >Kid-friendlyinterface! > No third-party advertising AboutYateland: Yatelanddevelops apps for kids and families to enjoy. Ourgames inspirepreschoolers across the globe to create, imagine, andadventure! Aswe make games for your children to enjoy, we areguided by ourvision: "Children love. Parents trust."
Dinosaur Farm - Games for kids
Ready, set, farm! Design your tractor then plant, tend, and harvestcrops!
Dinosaur City - Games for Kids
Stacking and removing blocks, children become architects of theirown cities!
Dinosaur Guard 2:Game for kids
Drive cars and submarines to save the dinosaur of the JurassicWorld!
Dinosaur Pirates:game for kids 1.0.4
Becoming the captain of a pirate ship and exploring the fantasticocean! Through the interesting combination of adventure anddecryption, Dinosaur Pirate introduces children to the fascinatingphysical world. Children without any scientific knowledge can alsoexperience the secret of physics in the dynamic physical phenomena!Piloting a manipulator ship to dismantle the fortress by certainlogical judgment and observation; Using electromagnet device toattract iron and understand the magnetic phenomenon; Cracking themechanism through the refraction of light dispersion; Utilizing theforce of the sprinkler to push the mechanism and observing theoperation of the machine on the water cannon ship! This practicehelps deepen the understanding of children who are first exposed tophysics. The sea waves are coming, please grip the steering wheel,furl the sail and become a brave and wise captain! When all is saidand done, pick your favorite pirate ship and set sail! Features:> Over 40 levels of physical puzzles and 6 unique play modes.> Physical enlightenment:includingoptics、electromagnetism、mechanism and principle of mechanicaloperation. > Piloting 6 different pirate ships:manipulatorship,water cannon ship,fireball ship,magnetic wave ship,rayship,artillery ship. > The level changes along with the plot andthe player can observe the physical phenomenon in the game. >Various animation and funny sound effects. > You can operatewithout the Internet. > No third-party advertising. AboutYateland Yateland develops apps for kids and families to enjoy. Ourgames inspire preschoolers across the globe to create, imagine, andadventure! As we make games for your children to enjoy, we areguided by our vision: "children love. Parents trust".