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Sensory Baby Toddler Learning 2.2.2
Entertain your baby or toddler in this fun, visually stimulatingunderwater sensory learning app. Also a great way to help developyour child’s hand to eye coordination skills, as well as for thedevelopment of children with learning disabilities such as autism.Sensory Play Features: • Vibration on touching the game screen •Sound Effects on touching the game screen • Choose from multipleeffects that are created where ever the game screen is touched(bubbles, starfish, fireworks) • Choose between a selection ofbackgrounds • Choose from a selection of scenes (reef, shipwrecketc) • Control where the fish swim to, includes multi touch support• Gyro support - as your device is rotated, the game world rotateswith it • Game screen lock – prevention from accidentally exitingthe game (uses screen pinning) • Different fish to choose from, allwith varying contrasting colors, you can also choose multiple fishtypes to play with at the same time. Now including seahorses andturtles! Whether it be a newborn baby, infant, or child. Thissensory play activity is guaranteed to provide them with joy andentertainment! Ideal for when you’re out and about and your infantis getting bored or upset, when your toddler won’t settle andgetting up to mischief or when you just want to relax your kidsbefore bed time – distract and get their attention with some visualstimulation in a joyful way! This sensorial app has many uniquefeatures in comparison with other sensory based games, such as thefirework, bubble, balloon pop and finger paint games available.Choose to amuse your baby with this visually stimulating,interactive, sensory game. Not only will this sensory app delightyour kids, it will also provide increased educational benefits.From the early stages of your babies development, they areconstantly learning and absorbing information around them, theybegin to see, touch, feel, hear and understand how theirinteractions are affecting the environment around them. Your babywill begin to learn that touching the screen will cause bubbles tobe created. Your child can drag your finger across the screen tocreate a pattern of bubbles. Your newborn can place their hands onthe screen to cause lots of bubbles to be created at all points onthe screen that they are touching. With sensory fish, your childwill experience and educate themselves by use of the cause andeffect techniques and features implemented. As your baby touchesthe screen, they gain instant feedback of a vibration, soundeffects and bubbles. They will eventually begin to understand thattheir touch is also causing the fish to swim towards where theytouched. If they were to touch the screen in multiple position, thefish will swim between all of those touched positions! Your babylearns and adapts to their findings within the game. As the game isfairly simple to understand and not too complex, it is ideal foryoung kids, boys and girls of ages from 0 months (with a parentshowing them the game), up to the late kindergarten / preschoolstage of their development where they fully understand and cancontrol all aspects of the world and have learned exactly what thecause will be from their actions. Sensory game play is great forthe continued development of your kids motor skills and hand eyecoordination development. It aids in helping to fine tune themotoric skills and movements, the very detailed movements that werequire and use every day. It has also been shown to have greatbenefits in learning and stimulation for children with autism andchildren with special educational needs (SEN). Having alreadyreceived excellent feedback from parents who have children withautism, special educational needs (SEN) and learning disabilities.Install now! It’s convenient, educational, stimulating, fun andbest of all, it’s free!
Little Pets Animal Guardians 1.4.3
Explore the beautifully crafted levels, play with with littleanimals, tame your own mini pets and catch them all! The cutefluffy animals need your protection! Go on adventures with yourfavorite friend. Look after the little animals like they're you'revery own mini pets. Let the animals roam wild in the safari likelevels. Tame enough pets and the guardian dragons arrive to help tolook after them. Lots of different animals and little pets to playas and train, do you have what it takes to get to the finalguardian dragon sanctuary and release the mighty dragon kings?Features: ★ New: Multiplayer mode! Play online or offline ★ 65 cuteanimals - little pony, mini horse, cute puppy, happy dog, babyduck, pussy cat, super goat, sheep, Pig, Cow, Baby Dragons and moreto train and play with! ★ Access 6 beautifully crafted levels toplay and discover - Enchanted Forest - Ice Fortress - DesertWasteland - Mayan Jungle - Paradise Island - Guardian Sanctuary ★Immersive ambient music and sound effects ★ Easy movement system,just tap the ground and automatically navigate to that location ★Unique animations ★ Intuitive camera control ★ Screen lock ★Reduced graphics option for lower performing devices ★ Animalinteractions ★ Unlock interactions by collecting gems and trainingthe animals ★ Collect gems by interacting with the animals or byexploring the levels ★ Unique and colorful effects ★ Collectpotions to gain speed boost and unlock additional effects Lots ofanimals to enjoy and explore with, from pink pigs to cute littlepuppies and dogs! Cat lovers will enjoy the kittens and cats. Theycan even play with a little pony! There’s lots of little pony’s totrain and play with. Run around the level at lightning speed onyour very own little pony pet. Once you’ve trained and tamed up allof the animal kingdom, the guardian dragon will return to protectall of your trained pets. The guardian dragon is a baby dragon withlittle wings, and they are also the fastest animals in the game, socollect them all and complete your very own pokedex like inventoryof animals. Progress through the levels and discover the rest ofthe animal planet and provide shelter and care for the rest of theanimal world Once you’ve trained all of the guardian baby dragons,you will open up access to the guardian sanctuary. You'll findlot's of different dragons here, from big strong dragons to smallcute dragons A cute game that will provide hours of entertainment.Adopt your own animal farm and create a wild haven. It's visuallystimulating and thoroughly fun to play, hours of entertainment foryour children and completely free to access 100% of the content, sowhat are you waiting for, help tame the little wild pets! What'syour favorite pet? Pink pony? White Horse? The Fox? The Pig? Ormaybe the water Dragon? Let us know your thoughts, suggestions orany issues that you’re experiencing: [email protected]
Sensory Baby: Games for Babies 1.5
Entertain your baby or toddler with this fun, enjoyable, visuallystimulating sensory learning app. Sensory Play will also help yourchild develop hand eye coordination skills. Whether your child is anewborn baby, infant or toddler, this sensory learning app willprovide activities guaranteed to provide them with joy andentertainment! Sensory Play is ideal for when you’re out and about,when your infant is getting bored or upset, when your toddler won’tsettle or gets into mischief or when you just want your kids torelax before bed time. Simply distract your child and get theirattention with some joyful visual stimulation! This sensorial apphas many unique features compared to other sensory based games.Your children will enjoy the firework, bubble, balloon pop andfinger paint games. Improve your child’s development and makelearning fun with Sensory Play! Sensory Play Features: Sensory Playfor Babies • Newborn babies can place their hands on the screen tocause lots of effects at all points on the screen • Visuallystimulating – Choose from multiple effects to be created when thegame screen is touched (twinkles, stars, plasma, fireworks) • Yourbaby will be entertained with a selection of backgrounds colors andscenes (forest, island, winter, jungle) • Your baby can controlwhere the birds and other animals fly with multi touch support •Newborn babies will be entertained by multiple birds, animals,angels and fairies with varying contrasting colors playing at thesame time. • Sensory games include Vibration and Sound Effects whenthe game screen is touched • Sensory gyro support - as your babyrotates the device, the game world rotates with them EducationalToddler Games • Sensory learning app will delight your kids andprovide increased educational benefits • Toddler games will helpfrom the early stages of child development, and help learning andabsorbing information around them • Help toddler development withtouch, feel, hear and to understand how interactions affect theirsurroundings • Your toddler will learn that touching the screenwill cause different effects they drag fingers across the screenChildren Development • Child development and education isimportant. Children will learn the cause and effect of screentechniques • Sensory games are simple to understand and not toocomplex. Ideal for young kids of ages from newborns, up to the latepreschool or kindergarten preschool • Sensory Play will helpdevelopment and fully understand all aspects of the world withtheir actions • As children touch the screen, they gain instantfeedback with vibration, sound effects and touch effects • Continuedevelopment of children’s motor skills and hand eye coordination •Sensory Play aids in helping to fine tuning motor skills andmovements with very detailed movements that we require everyday useStimulation Games • Children will be amused for hours with visuallystimulating, interactive, sensory games • Great entertainment forchildren as they begin to understand that their touch causes theanimals to swim to where they touched the screen • ParentalControls: Game screen lock – Prevent your baby from accidentallyexiting the game • Sensory Games for Autistic Children • SensoryPlay has shown great benefits in learning and stimulation forchildren with autism and children with special educational needs(SEN) • Parents of autistic children, special educational needs(SEN) and learning disabilities have given excellent feedbackSensory Play is a visually stimulating sensorial app for childrenthat helps child development at a young age. Help your baby,toddler or child learn hand eye coordination and be entertainedwith Sensory Play! Download this educational, stimulating, funsensory app now for free!