Imperial Dynasties 5.5.0
Play Imperial Dynasties now and becomethe leader of a powerful asian dynasty. Construct a gorgeous palaceand develop a flourishing empire. Train an enormous army offearless warriors, ally with your friends, form military alliancesand prove your tactical skills in exciting battles.Features:- Download and play for free- great MMO strategy game, settled in ancient China- lovely graphics and animations in a beautiful asian style- enlarge your palace and construct new buildings- gather and trade a variety of ressources- fulfill many exciting missions- train brave warriors and form a powerful army- research new technologies and use them in battle- ally with your friends and form mighty alliances- fight your enemies and conquer their palaces- lead your dynasty to power and climb to the top of therankings- game fully supported in English- connection to the internet is needed to playImperial Dynasties is a free Massive Multiplayer Online StrateyGame (MMO), set during the time of ancient China. The playerascends the throne of a small asian clan. By constructing andexpanding your numerous buildings such as the tavern and barracks,you can make your small city into a flourishing metropolis with amagnificient palace. Mines deliver important ressources like oreand bricks, and you can increase your income via fulfillingmissions and robbing enemies. Resources can be used to research newtechnologies, which give bonuses to your economy or in battle, youcan also use them to train mighty warriors, who stand by theirlords’ side with sword, spear or bow.The huge world of Imperial Dynasties is populated by thousandsof emperors to ally, trade and join military forces with. If youwant to expand your empire, send your troops to battle against yourenemies and conquer their cities. The amount of warriors, thetactics you choose and the cooperation with allied dynasties willdetermine the outcome of the battle.There are no limits for your power in Imperial Dynasties,because you can conquer an unlimited number of cities if you choosethe right strategy. However, if you antagonize too many players,you could lose everything.Can you compete against your enemies? Start the rise of yourdynasty now, defeat your enemies and become the most powerfulemperor of all ages.Download also the other free games by Xyrality:- Lords of Blood, the exciting fantasy roleplaying game- Celtic Tribes, the multiplayer strategy MMO with great comicarts- Lords & Knights, the succesful medieval MMO- Crazy Tribes, the action packed war MMO in a post-apocalypticsetting
Incoming! Goblins Attack TD 1.2.0
The new tower defense game (TD) with cool3D comic graphicsIncoming! The goblins are coming. Defend yourself against hordes ofincoming monsters. Choose the right combination of towers andreinforce your defenses with magical spells. Countless levels indifferent worlds await you. Take command and defeat your enemieswave after wave!Free-to-Play with countless levelsIncoming! Goblins Attack TD consists of 160 crazy levels which aredivided into four completely different worlds ready for you toexplore. From green woods over night swamps and icy mountains intothe fiery depths of the volcanic zone. Use the powerful spells andface the insidious creeps who try to overwhelm you with their nastytricks. With the different towers you can adjust your strategyaccording to the situation. In this TD game, clever upgrading yourtowers is the key to impervious defenses.Mighty spells and achievementsShould the towers not be sufficient, go ahead and use spells! Whilethe goblins try to slip through your defenses, one or anotherfireball can keep them at bay. Upgrade your favorite spells andunleash their power on your enemies. Diverse difficulties enableyou to adapt to your skills and your current form. Numerousachievements are waiting to be unlocked and collected to be shownoff as your own achievements.Countless monstersAre you the hero to save the kingdom? Can you face dragons, theundead, goblins and other mystical creatures? What about vampires,skeletons and zombies? Or the other common monsters like demons,golems, gargoyles and trolls. Necromancers, black knights andlycanthrops also enjoy the smell of battle, just like ice wolves,barbarians and the terrifying ice queen. Those creeps are not justperfectly adjusted to the sceneries, they also strike from land andwater.High quality sound and spectacular effectsIn this tower defense game (TD) a living soundscape with fantasticmusic awaits to fascinate you. Thanks to the the weather effectsthe game is also very lively. The 3D graphics enable you to zoomright into the action or just enjoy the farther perspective.They are coming! Be prepared to repel them and save yourrealm!Would you like to know more?Visit Incoming! Goblins Attack TD on Facebook: https://facebook.com/incomingtdWant more real-time strategy?Our medieval MMO Lords & Knights offers you thrilling battles with thousandsof others players! Diplomacy or war; there are many ways to expandyour empire!Incoming! Goblins Attack TD is completely free to play &requires an internet connection to play.
Lords of Blood - Vampire RPG 1.4.0
For a long time, the empire of the vampireswas peaceful. But now old conflicts are flaring up again and warrises on the horizon. The three ancient clans of the vampires gointo battle for the legendary lost sarcophagus. They say, the firstvampire, the ancestor of all vampire clans, rests in it. Also thewerewolves, who have been surpressed by the vampires for hundredsof years, rise against there sanguivorous masters.Features:- download for free- great online roleplaying game (RPG) with strategy- andbuilding-elements in a medieval fantasy world- invite your friends by using your friendship code and both of youwill receive a helpful gift- exciting singleplayer-story with many levels and numerous questsand adventures- battles against vampires, werewolves and other monsters- construction of your own vampire city with expandablebuildings- many different heroes with individual skills, which can beimproved by gaining experience and training- powerful items such as swords, helmets, armors and rings providebonuses for your attributes and can be enchanted magically- lots of multiplayer options such as PVP fights and formingalliancesYour mission is to find the magic sarcophagus of the firstvampire and use its power. Choose your clan and go to war for theunderworld’s throne. Construct your secret city, research newskills and use them in battle. Experience the large singleplayercampaign with its numerous adventures and fight epic battlesagainst vampires, werwolves and demon hunters.Pass thrilling missions, fight your way from dungeon to dungeon andconquer castles and palaces. Find useful items and enchant themwith powerful spells.Expand your army by recruiting new heroes and train their skills tomake them more invincible. Ally yourself with other players’ clansor challenge them in action packed multiplayer battles.Experience the fantasy world of the online multiplayerroleplaying game “Lords of Blood”. Join the hunt for the holysarcophagus of the first vampire and win the battle of the lords ofblood.Follow us on Facebook: www.facebook.com/LordsOfBloodHere is what our users say about “Lords of Blood”:- “For me as a RPG fan, Lords of Blood is a perfect game!”- “A great fantasy game in Twilight-style!”- “I love the multiplayer part! Enjoying a roleplaying game withyour friends is double the fun!”- “Collecting these magical items gives me this brilliantDiablo-feeling”.- “It’s an excellent mix of roleplay- and building-elements,combined with a fascinating story.”- “By inviting all of my friends, we founded a powerfulalliance.”Download also the other free games by Xyrality:- Lords of Blood, the exciting fantasy roleplaying game- Celtic Tribes, the multiplayer strategy MMO with great comicarts- Lords & Knights, the successful medieval MMO- Crazy Tribes, the action packed war MMO in a post-apocalypticsetting
PanzerWars 1.0.6
Epic realtime strategyPanzerWars is an epic realtime strategy game, that allows you toassume the role of a general of the 20th century. The war hasreached the height of it’s intensity and your army will need a wiseleader in order to hold their own on the battlefields of Europe.You are in charge of the defense and improvement as well as theexpansion and offense of your empire. Will you choose asafe strategy or will you take a risk? Make thecorrect decisions and develop the best tactics to attainvictory and gain dominion over Europe.Tense BattlesErect factories and crank up your production, in order to secureyour supply lines. Raise and army of brave soldiers and powerfultanks. Construct bunkers at the front to defend yourprovinces and to minimize the risk of enemy attacks. Competewith up to nine players or AI-opponents. Ally yourself withothers and go to battle against your enemies, in orderto defeat their armies and conquer their cities. Fight ona gigantic map with more than one hundred provinces, for thedominion over Europe. Tactics for a World WarYou can establish contact with other generals with the help of thein-game message system. Each player is both a potential ally and apotential foe. Forge alliances and create pacts to secure yourreign. Scout the situation and use the goals of your fellow playersto your advantage. Play in up to three different matchessimultaneously for free and keep a cool head as you turn yourenemies’ plans against them. Have you got what it takes to win aWorld War?Multiplayer-battles with friendsPanzerWars is a multi platform game, that is available on theiPhone, iPod and iPad as well as Android devices. Take command ofentire tank devisions and play from your home or on the go: withquick changes to your tactics you can outmanoeuvre your enemy.Create a game with random players of play with your friends. If youlink your account to Facebook, you can share your achievements withyour friends and invite them to your game with ease. Your fightwill lead you to the top of the global rankings. Show everyone thata true are a true general of tanks.Battle for powerThere can be only one winner in this war: identify the opportunityand strike with the speed of lightning. Intervene and send in yourtanks when your enemies are clashing or have neglected theirdefenses. You can attain new territories and change the lines ofbattle with a Blitzkrieg. But beware: if you are not careful, yourenemies will join forces against you and try to reclaim what youhave conquered. Command gigantic tank battles and conquereverything.Download PanzerWars for free and witness exciting battles forthe dominion over Europe.Follow us on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/PanzerwarsSubscribe to our Youtube-Channel: http://www.youtube.com/XYRALITYUp for more real time strategy?Our medieval MMO Lords & Knights offers exciting battles withthousands of other players! Diplomacy or war, trading orconquering, there are many ways of expanding your empire!You need an active internet connection in order to playPanzerWars.
Mental Arithmetic 1.0
"Mental Arithmetic" combines both fun, logicalreasoning and challenging brain jogging, offering an entertaininggame experience. The player starts of with given number and has tosolve mathematical problems regarding the basic unit operations (+,-, x or /).This edutainment game is ideal for:- Training in basic mathematic operations- Regular brain jogging- Preparation for school, recruiting and aptitude tests- The occasional pastimeAn numerous amount of levels and combinations are available tothe player in "Mental Arithmetic".Additionally the difficulty level is automatically adjusted in thecourse of the game.Players can chose from:- Order of operation rule (following the rules ofmathematics)- Calculating step by step (comfortable mental arithmetics)
Land of Legends - Fantasy RPG 2.8
Land of Legends - A brand new fantasyRPGDarkest dungeons and an untamed wilderness await you! Are you THEONE HERO, superior to all the monsters?Become a mighty wizard, a cunning hunter or a hardened warrior!Make use of magic abilities or just the blade to fight your battlefor glory and fortune.+++FEATURES+++-EVOLVE your mighty hero-TRAIN your companions-DISCOVER countless monsters - and slay them all-FIGHT enthralling PvP arena battles-DEFEAT epic boss monsters-ALLY with other players…-…against monsters or other heroes!-RESEARCH magic regions and dungeons-PLAY with different classes-GATHER magic resources and items-CRAFT the perfect gear-PLAY for freeDefine your fateChoose one of three exciting classes and perfect it. Gather magicresources and craft your gear. Develop unique abilities and createthe perfect hero, able to stand up to any enemy and complete everyquest.Which path will you choose?As a hard-boiled warrior you trust in the strength and your bladeskills. As a hunter you make use of dexterity and fast reflexes.And as a wizard you count on the power of the mind and magicskills.Your companionsDo not travel alone - you will find loyal companions on your path,who will join your quest and stand at your side in every battle.Upgrade your companions and unlock their enormous strength.PvP BattlesFight against other heroes in the arena to display your dexterityand combat finesse. Prove your skills in battles against countlessother players. Defeat them all and win official PvPtournaments!Epic Boss-MonsterVarious threats await you in the world of Land of Legends. Spot theboss-monsters’ strengths and weaknesses and find the right tacticto defeat them all.Become part of an AllianceJoin a great alliance and fight shoulder to shoulder with yourfriends for the dominance in the fantasy world of Land of Legends.Together, you will win tournaments in the arena and explore darkdungeons.Become part of the storyWar has haunted the lands, the forests are full of monsters and thepeople need a hero. There are numerous quests to absolve, dungeonsto explore and interesting characters to meet in the world of Landof Legends.Play Land of Legends for free and dive into an epic fantasy world,now!Land of Legends requires a stable connection to the internet.
Idle Business Billionaire
Business Billionaire is an easy-to-play idle game. Become aBILLIONAIRE!
Goblins Attack: Tower Defense 2.0.6
Tower Defense at its best! The new tower defense game (TD) withcool 3D comic graphics Incoming! The goblins are coming. Defendyourself against hordes of incoming monsters. Choose the rightcombination of towers and reinforce your defenses with magicalspells. Countless levels in different worlds await you. Takecommand and defeat your enemies wave after wave! Free-to-Play withcountless levels Incoming! Goblins Attack TD consists of 160 crazylevels which are divided into four completely different worldsready for you to explore. From green woods over night swamps andicy mountains into the fiery depths of the volcanic zone. Use thepowerful spells and face the insidious creeps who try to overwhelmyou with their nasty tricks. With the different towers you canadjust your strategy according to the situation. In this TD game,clever upgrading your towers is the key to impervious defenses.Mighty spells and achievements Should the towers not be sufficient,go ahead and use spells! While the goblins try to slip through yourdefenses, one or another fireball can keep them at bay. Upgradeyour favorite spells and unleash their power on your enemies.Diverse difficulties enable you to adapt to your skills and yourcurrent form. Numerous achievements are waiting to be unlocked andcollected to be shown off as your own achievements. Countlessmonsters Are you the hero to save the kingdom? Can you facedragons, the undead, goblins and other mystical creatures? Whatabout vampires, skeletons and zombies? Or the other common monsterslike demons, golems, gargoyles and trolls. Necromancers, blackknights and lycanthrops also enjoy the smell of battle, just likeice wolves, barbarians and the terrifying ice queen. Those creepsare not just perfectly adjusted to the sceneries, they also strikefrom land and water. High quality sound and spectacular effects Inthis tower defense game (TD) a living soundscape with fantasticmusic awaits to fascinate you. Thanks to the the weather effectsthe game is also very lively. The 3D graphics enable you to zoomright into the action or just enjoy the farther perspective. Theyare coming! Be prepared to repel them and save your realm! Wantmore real-time strategy? Our medieval MMO Lords & Knightsoffers you thrilling battles with thousands of others players!Diplomacy or war; there are many ways to expand your empire!Incoming! Goblins Attack is completely free to play & requiresan internet connection to play. Incoming! Goblins Attack TD: TowerDefense
Jump & Rush - Jungle Fever 1.0.5
Retro-action in the jungle! Jump & Rush is an arcade-inspiredfast-paced platformer. 8-bit look, easy controls, instant action.What are you waiting for? You enjoy being eaten by snakes or beingattacked by deadly spiders? These are good preconditions! You liketo hang out with miserable giant bats? This is the right place foryou! You also like to run through the jungle in a scorching heat,although everywhere deadly traps are hidden? Welcome to Jump &Rush! Unlock all twenty levels and battle your friends for thefastest high-scores. FEATURES: - Classic arcade platformer action -Lovingly-created pixel retro graphics - Easy-to-learn controls - 20challenging levels with increasing difficulty - NOT another endlessrunner — beating all levels is within reach! - High-score hunt withsharing functionality Can you beat all 20 levels? FREE: Thisversion is completely free and Retro!
Lords & Knights X-Mas Edition
Play the popular medieval MMOG and experience its Christmassetting!
Lords & Knights - Medieval MMO 9.12.0
Strategic alliances with other players, fierce campaigns and warsas well as massive fortresses await you in Lords & Knights!Trade, complete missions and discover technologies. Recruit armiesof noble knights to protect your castle or conquer other cities.Conquer an empire and make your enemies quiver before you! Lords& Knights is a free to play medieval strategy MMO. At first youtake control of one castle and its knights. As time goes by, youcan expand your realm all the way to an empire with the righttactic. Conquer the cities of your enemies and become the mostpowerful ruler of the Middle Ages. Raise a powerful army and leadit into war! Recruit several medieval units like knights and footsoldiers. Lead them into battle against other lords with the rightstrategy and tactics, so you can strike them unexpectedly, or sendthem on lucrative missions. Among these missions, you will findadventures such as driving off robbers, taking part in a joust orhold a castle festival in honor of your. Construction anddevelopment of your castles into massive fortresses! Improve yoursimple starting castle all the way to a powerful fortress right inthe Middle Ages. You can stock up on resources for the war in yourkeep, while you are coming up with strategies for the upcomingbattles. Strengthen your armies by improving your armory andresearching new technologies. Improve the defense of your realm byerecting fortifications or improve your resource production.Tactics are an important part of the creation of your defense andyou decide on them as the king! An alliance system that facilitatesjoint conquest! Found an alliance or join an existing one, in orderto plan the strategy and construction of your medieval empire withhundreds of other players. You can forge non-aggression treatiesand create alliances with other alliances or march into the age ofwar together. You can take on different roles within thesealliances, for example that of the minister of war or of defenseand exchange information with your friends and other lords in theforum and the live alliance chat. Peaceful realm or warlike empire!Interact with other lords in order to plan attacks or set up yourdefense. You can support them with armies and resources. Defendeach other´s throne and life in the castle! Should diplomacy fail,another solution would be a well-planned war of conquest withnumerous attacks on enemy cities. Send out your armies and plunderthe resources of your enemy or assault his fortifications, occupyhis castle and make it a part of your empire and expand your realm.Make sure that your most hated enemy won’t remain a king for long!Show everyone that you have what it takes to be the king of anentire realm and conquer a throne! Become a fan on Facebook:http://fb.com/lordsandknights The medieval strategy MMO Lords &Knights is free to play and needs an active internet connection.Take a look at the rest of our free to play games: - Celtic Tribes– Celtic Strategy MMO - Crazy Tribes – post apocalyptic MMO Now,start building your stronghold fortress, defend it with a thoughtthrough strategy and conquer your enemies´ empires in medievaltimes!
Crazy Tribes - Apocalypse War 5.7.19
Play Crazy Tribes now, and become one of the most feared Dukes inthe wastelands! Recruit lots of crazy units and use your army tosubdue the post-apocalyptic lands. Send your troops into battleagainst thousands of other players, and make the world tremble withfear at the mention of your name. Join strategic alliances withother players, and trade precious resources. Features: • Start byupgrading your first base • Construct numerous different buildingsand create a new civilization • Recruit a crazy army and fightagainst other Dukes • Capture enemy bases and subdue the wastelands• Obtain vital resources and trade with other players • Developeffective strategies to capture and defend bases • Form clans withother players • Develop new technologies and complete thrillingmissions • Experience the meticulously designed and richly detailedapocalyptic graphics • Maximum game fun: play solo or in thecommunity Download the app free of charge now and experiencethrilling battles in the world of Crazy Tribes; the addictiveapocalyptic MMOG. You will need an active Internet connection toplay Crazy Tribes.
Celtic Tribes - Strategy MMO
Dive into this world now and prove yourself as a fearless Celtictribe leader!
Ionic Wars - Tower Defense TD 1.0.1
*****Electrifying tower defense action with unique polygonbasedlook***** Get with Ionic Wars a fast-paced 3D strategytop-classexperience: defend your portals against the incomingenergyparticles and adjust your towers to the right colors. Usemightyskills and with the right timing you can stop theonrush!*****Features***** * easy to learn, hard to master * 3Dgraphicswith stylish digital polygon-based look * electrifyingsoundtrack *40 fast, action-packed levels * intuitive control andadjustablecamera * mighty skills for support * tons of upgrades andskills *endless tactical options "This game is absolutelyaddictive!" "Ijust love that music and the retrofuturistic style.""A grippingarcade experience with a tactical demand!" Can youmaster thechallenges in the world of "Ionic Wars“ ? +++ Useheadphones forthe best experience. +++ FREE: This version iscompletely free!———————————— Also have a look at our other strategygames: Lords& Knights — medieval strategy MMO Celtic Tribes —Celticstrategy MMO Crazy Tribes — post-apocalyptic MMO
Jump & Rush Retro Style 1.0.5
Retro-action in the jungle! Jump & Rush is anarcade-inspiredfast-paced platformer. 8-bit look, easy controls,instant action.What are you waiting for? You enjoy being eaten bysnakes or beingattacked by deadly spiders? These are goodpreconditions! You liketo hang out with miserable giant bats? Thisis the right place foryou! You also like to run through the junglein a scorching heat,although everywhere deadly traps are hidden?Welcome to Jump &Rush! Unlock all twenty levels and battle yourfriends for thefastest high-scores. FEATURES: - Classic arcadeplatformer action -Lovingly-created pixel retro graphics -Easy-to-learn controls - 20challenging levels with increasingdifficulty - NOT another endlessrunner — beating all levels iswithin reach! - High-score hunt withsharing functionality Can youbeat all 20 levels? AD FREE: This isthe premium version of Jump& Rush and does not contain adbreaks!
Battle Hordes - Idle Kings 1.0.3
 Grow into a powerful KING in BATTLE HORDES,thefun medieval idle game! You start as a count, managingyourproduction lines while your subjects create valuable goods.Sellthese goods and watch as GOLD starts piling up in your treasury-even while you’re offline! Use your wealth to build aprosperousempire and expand your realm by unlocking newkingdoms.
Time tobecome the greatest and wealthiest ruler of theMiddle Ages! AN EYEFOR DETAIL Oversee supply lines and productionand make sureeverything works smoothly. 
Invest in new skills toovercomeshortages and increase your income!
In BATTLE HORDES youwill haveto distribute your gold wisely and strive for maximumefficiency tomake your empire grow.
Be resourceful and smart andlead yoursubjects into a golden age of prosperity! KEEP THEBALANCE
 Wheatis grown on your farms, processed into flour and usedto bakebread.
But producing more wheat than necessary will createunwantedstockpiles in your keep. Instead of sitting on yournaturalresources you can decide to sell them directly or increasethecapacity of your medieval processing sites. Be smartaboutbalancing your production and cut the best deal to gather asmuchgold as possible!
The more gold you receive the richer andmoreinfluential you become in BATTLE HORDES! THE SPOILS OFLEADERSHIPYou are busy and unable to play IDLE KINGS? Don’t worry,yoursubjects are working nonetheless!
The amount of riches inyourtreasury is growing continuously even while you’re notactivelyexploring the Middle Ages.
As soon as you start the gameyou willreceive an immense amount of gold to invest and furtherimproveyour kingdom!
Be a smart ruler and use your gold to youradvantage.CONQUER NEW REALMS Your influence in the Middle Agesgrows withevery step you take: Expand your territory tosurroundingprovinces, which give you the opportunity to produce newexcitinggoods. Become known in every corner of the kingdom! Andshould theactualization of your plans take a little too long: howabout atime jump? In BATTLE HORDES the future is only one klickaway.Become a great KING and create a prosperous andflourishingempire!
Lush meadows, historic buildings and lots of funarewaiting for you in the Middle Ages with BATTLE HORDES!
Goal Tactics - Football MMO 1.0.3
Football without limits: Goal Tactics is the ultimate footballmanager! Line up with thousands of other managers and demonstrateyour skill as a football expert! You can craft your own footballteam, train your players, build up your stadium, determine yourgame tactics and even follow your games live! FREE TO PLAY - GoalTactics is available for free! YOUR TEAM - Found your own team andfeel free to assign names and shirt numbers for all your players!The rating stars will show you at first glance what they can do!THE TRAINING - Develop a balanced training plan for your playersand work on more than 10 different skills! Bring your players intop shape using team and individual training! THE STADIUM - Expandyour stadium and gain considerably income this way! On top of thatthere are numerous upgrade levels in several categories. THETRANSFER MARKET - Buy and sell players on the transfer market tobring your football team to the top of the ranking; an extensivesearch engine for interesting players is included! LIVE GAMES - Theunique live ticker brings you goosebumps. With the help of livestatistics and game ratings, you are always amidst the action. SHOWCASE OF ACHIEVEMENTS - Collect trophies for your achievements andshow off what you have accomplished! Now it’s your turn: manageyour team all the way to the top and become the champion! Follow uson Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/GoalTactics Goal Tacticsrequires an active internet connection.