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Shining Beyond 1.0.34
From the creators of the hit mobile RPG ‘Valiant Force’, comesShining Beyond - an epic adventure into a new realm within theshared universe of Valiant Force! Shining Beyond, an onlineRole-Playing Mobile game, is an ‘idle-action hybrid’ that caters toany playstyle. Take on powerful Monsters and daunting Challengessuch as Raids, while passively gathering resources and loot whileyou are away from the game. Dozens of visually stunning heroes,skills and costumes await in the realm of Feldria - a war-torn landwhere an eldritch evil threatens to take away all hope and freedom.Key Game Features Offline Idle Play Earn resources, treasures andmore even while you are away from the game! Real-time Co-op Exploredungeons and slay enemies with friends. Work as a team to overcomethe most thrilling challenges together! Deep CustomizationCustomize every Hero through an in-depth job system. Choose a paththat best suits your team and play style, strengthening them with adiverse selection of equipment, runes and beautiful costumes!In-game Events Constant updates that introduce new lore, specialbattles and challenging mechanics such as Raids and Treasure Hunts!Exclusive rewards await all aspiring adventurers! An OtherworldlySoundtrack Boasting an original soundtrack by Mr. Hitoshi Sakimotoof Basiscape, immerse yourself in the enchanting soundscape ofFeldria! Visual Masterpieces Stunning 2D and 3D art by the talentedartists of XII Braves, bringing each hero to life on thebattlefield and on your screen!