Workpail Apps

QTip Tip Calculator 1.0.2
QTip Tip Calculator is a simple tip calculator, great when you'reat a restaurant or cafe, and need a tip calculator or percentagecalculator.1) Enter the bill into tip calculator2) Select a percent3) QTip Tip Calculator instantly calculates the tip and newtotal!Can also be used for as a percentage calculator.Use Tip Calculator to calculate tipsUse Tip Calculator to calculate percentagesWith QTip, you always have a tip or percent calculator in yourpockeet!
Football Game (soccer) 1.5
Like Soccer? Tap and swipe your way to World Cup fame in iAFootball/Soccer!
Messenger 1.0
Hejjo Messenger - Text and chat with anyone,anywhere!With Hejjo Messenger you can chat and send text messages to allof your phone contacts* for free.ONE APP FOR ALL YOUR MESSAGING NEEDS- Unlimited free text chat with anyone who also has Hejjo Messengerinstalled.- Free SMS messages to anyone who doesn't have Hejjo Messengeryet*.MESSAGE ANYONE, EVEN IF THEY DON'T HAVE HEJJO MESSENGER*- Other messaging apps require that your friends also have the appinstalled. With Hejjo Messenger, anyone who doesn't have the appwill receive SMS messages, and you will receive their replies inHejjo*.NO NEED TO CREATE NEW CONTACTS- Hejjo Messenger can import your existing phone contacts so youdon't have to add your friends. Just open the app and startchatting with your contacts right away, talk about "instantmessaging"! :-)EASY TO FIND YOUR FRIENDS- For any friends that weren't in your phone contacts, just findthem using their phone number or Hejjo Messenger username.GROUP CHAT- You can have private one-on-one conversations, or add yourcontacts to a group chat. Use it to plan a party, vacation, or forwork!SIMPLE, EASY, FAST MESSAGING- Hejjo Messenger is simple, easy and fast. We work hard to deliveryour messages really quickly, even when your chatting with friendshalf way around the world!INTERNATIONAL- Whether your chatting with your downstairs neighbor or with afriend on the other side of the planet, Hejjo makes you feel likeyou're in the same room.- Why spend money on international SMS messages when you can chatfor FREE using Hejjo?VIEW AND SEND MESSAGES FROM YOUR PHONE, TABLET, ORCOMPUTER- Other messaging apps require you to create a new account on eachphone or tablet, and some don't even let you message from a tablet!With hejjo messenger, you can access your account, contacts, andsend messages from your phone, tablet or from your computer.SSL ENCRYPTION- Messages and other transmitted data are encrypted between theHejjo Messenger app, website and our servers.MOBILE ADS- Hejjo messenger includes mobile ads, which can be removed byupgrading to the $0.99/year subscription. We understand noteveryone wants ads, but including them allows us to offer theservice for free, with a cheap option to remove them ifdesired.* SMS messaging is only available in the US for now.
Metronome 1.2.1
An accurate metronome for your mobile phone. Includes an A440tuning note.
Basketball Throw! 1.1.2
A fun and simple basketball throwing game.
Inkpad Notepad - Notes & Lists
Inkpad Notepad - Easy notepad to write text notes, to-do notes,shopping notes