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Animal Jam Parent Tools
Tool to manage and update your child's Animal Jam account andprivacy settings
Fer.al 0.19.1
Join an online fantasy world where you'll become your own creatureof myth, and explore a one-of-a-kind universe together withfriends! Create your unique style, design your own Sanctuary,collect and craft unique items, meet fantastical characters onintriguing quests, play games, and face challenges to earn rewardswith each new Season! What will you become when you go Fer.al?CREATE & EXPRESS YOUR OWN STYLE - Create and customize yourcreature with body modifications, markings, and accessories! -Decorate your own Sanctuary space with furniture, wallpaper,flooring, and room expansions! - Collect and harvest fantasticalmaterials to craft hundreds of items! - Use Dyes to coloraccessories and furniture to make your style stand out! EXPLORE AMASSIVE, MYSTERIOUS FANTASY WORLD - Socialize, chat, and capturemoments with friends across strange and beautiful lands! - Barterand trade items with others to expand your collection of Rareitems! - Complete challenges to unlock exclusive rewards each newSeason! - Play puzzles and parlor games to earn items, ingredients,and Dyes! EMBARK ON YOUR OWN ADVENTURE - Explore an ever-changingExpanse filled with vibrant cities, murky swamps, and chillingmountains! - Go on Quests to meet colorful characters and earnrewards! - Fly the skies with wings to track down airbornecollectibles - Delve into the strange lore of the world of Feral! -Uncover secrets to unlock mysterious items and crafts! UNLOCK MOREFUN EACH SEASON - Fer.al's Season Pass is made up of 100 ChallengeTiers, with tons of rewards that everyone can earn! - Each Seasonhas sweet new rewards to discover, and items exclusive to thatSeason. - Earn clothing accessories, furniture, craftingingredients, and Lockpicks to crack open Treasure Chests! -Complete Challenges to earn Star Fragments, and unlock premiumcontent! Let’s Go Wild Together. Our Stories. Our Fer.al. Gamecompletely in English. We welcome feedback during your experienceto improve the game. To give feedback, in-game go to > Settings> Give Feedback! Website: https://fer.al/en Privacy Policy:https://fer.al/en/privacy Terms of Service:https://fer.al/en/terms_of_service Player Support:https://support.fer.al/hc/en-us
Animal Jam: Design Cute Pets 87.0.13
Style pet cats & dogs, make best friends, & explore the funmagic world of Jamaa
AJ Jump: Animal Jam Kangaroos! 1.6
Adopt a kangaroo from Animal Jam and jump your way to the moon!
Tunnel Town 1.5.9
Create an underground wonderland for some very unusual rabbits!
Tag with Ryan 1.30.0
Become Ryan from Ryan's World and see how far you can go!