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Classic Hearts - Card Game 1.0.4
Play the #1 Hearts Now for Free! Challenge yourself in the classiccard game.
Backgammon Classic: Classic Di 1.3.0
Challenge yourself in the classic board game!
Hearts World Tour: Classic Card Plus Board Game 1.1.9
Enjoy the world’s favorite classic card game: Hearts! Thisdeluxeexperience is the best available on mobile. Just make sure toavoidthe Queen of Spades! Travel the world and customize your gamelikenever before! Level up to unlock new cities like Paris andLasVegas, then customize them in game. You’ll be the envy of allyourfriends. No ads required to progress. Unlike Spades, thelowestscore wins! Avoid collecting Hearts and the dreaded Queen ofSpadesto beat your computer friends. Think you're ready for achallenge?Take on our premium and deluxe computer opponents. Clubs,Diamonds,Hearts, or spades! Use the correct card. Hearts, while nota trumpcard, give one penalty point each, hence the game's mostcommonname "Hearts". It’s easy to play with large, clear Hoylecards, abeautiful interface with no banner ads, plus challengingcomputerplayers. It’s Hearts, the classic card game, as the mostdeluxeexperience on phone and tablet for free. Hearts is theperfectclassic card game for those who play Spades & Euchreonline oroffline with their friends. Uno & Gin Rummy are alsobeloved byHearts players! If you already play baccarat, Canasta,Pinochle,Backgammon, Gin Rummy 500, or Solitaire, then you'll lovethisclassic card & board game. Learn to play free Hearts “live”ina game with great hints. Friends will call you a Hearts pro innotime! Make a friendly bet to make the game more fun orconvinceyour friends to play all together against AI. Time for afreeHearts trick-taking game. Unlike poker or blackjack casinogames,Hearts Plus is a game for the whole family, from the youngesttothe oldest can play. Just like Spades! Take into account thevalueof each card, and the value of each combination to win thematch.Follow our tutorial to understand the rules and the differentmodegames. Enjoy the best card game ever! Free Hearts (BlackLady)time! Hearts is a game from the specialists at Wildcard Gameswhomake free card table games. Trust in our extensive experienceinthis type of games for a unique experience! If you like pvpcardsgame, try this free Hearts game, a classic card game. Plus,you canalso play the board game Cribbage free!
Blackjack Legends: 21 Online 1.4.6
Win BIG in the #1 Blackjack 21 game! Think you're a pro? Test yourpoker face!
Ultimate Cribbage: Card Board 2.8.2
Score, compete, win! It's Cribbage time in this ultimate card game.
Ultimate Hearts: Classic Card 1.1.9
Become the Ultimate Hearts champ. Impress your friends with cardgame skills.
Classic Blackjack 21 - Casino 1.2.0
Train your Blackjack 21 strategy. Become a Vegas casino table gamelegend now!
Spades Fever: Card Plus Royale 1.0.8
Unwind with Spades Fever! The #1 classic adventure card gameforsharp brains!