Widow Games (DELKIPORT S.A.) Apps

Ruleta Turista Mundial Apps 1.0
Have fun playing the new Tourist Apps with our mobile app!
Jogo da Vida 1.4.7
The best digital version of the classic board game! It is free! 😃
Buy and sell real properties, and build a Global Real EstateEmpire!
LIG4 da Estrela 2.21
Play 4 in a row against friends and family in this fast paced andexciting game!
QI 1.2
Traditional board game of questions and answers Star! Free! 😃
Cilada 1.0.8
50 levels that put you in a Framed! Cool! It is free! 😃
Banco Imobiliário GEO 1.3.3
New and innovative mobile adaptation of the most famous board gamein Brazil!
Banco Imobiliário da Estrela 1.67
Buy, sell, trade and build properties in this classic board game!
Banco Imobiliário Clássico 1.65
Become a millionaire investing in real estate! 🏡🤑🎲 It is free! 😄
Batalha Naval 1.0.1
The great classic of the high seas! 🚢🏴☠️ It is free! 😄
Genius da Estrela 1.26
Have fun and test your memory skills with Star Genius!
Turista Mundial 1.0.1
Buy and build properties around the world! 🏡✈️️🌎
Jogo da Vida da Estrela 1.1.4
Play the Star Life Game and make decisions that will change yourdestiny!
War Strategy 2.4.4
Play the best digital version of the classic strategy board game! 📱
Geopoly - Tycoon Idle Game 3.4.0
Rent, Buy & Upgrade Businesses as a Landlord in a Real EstateEconomic Simulator
Carrera de Mente Familiar 1.3.9
The best-selling board game in Argentine history, now in digitalversion!
Juego de Damas 1.0.1
The classic game of checkers brought to your cell phone!
Jogo da Velha 1.1
Tic Tac Toe: Align the chips to win !!! 😃😀 It is free! 😄
Ludo Adventure 1.4
Enjoy the classic Ludo game!
Sudoku Classic 1.1.2
The best Sudoku puzzle game you ever played!