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Tickets PDD 2021 1.3.0
Official Tickets PDD 2022 for the traffic rules police exam 2021 /2022 * Free of advertising * Driving categories AB and CD We followthe changes in the traffic rules 2021 2022 from the traffic policefor the driving categories AV and share all the new exam rules. Wehelp you to complete the exam in the traffic police, do not makeany mistakes in the decision of the exam tickets traffic rules2022. In the official application you will easily prepare and passthe theoretical exam traffic rules 2022 in the traffic police. Alltraffic rules tests are in driving categories AB (AB) / CD (CD) andsubcategories A1,B1,C1,D1. We cooperate with driving schools of theRussian Federation. Features of the app: - All 40 trafic rulestickets are available for free and without advertising. - Thecurrent traffic rules of Russia from the traffic police for drivingcategories AB for 2021 and 2022, including the update of issues andrules of March 1, 2021. - Official and current traffic rules andtickets - Comments on the ticket answers - Mode of work on errors -Feature to take a practice exam as in the traffic police (for thetime being) - Ticket decision by traffic rules topics - Ability toadd a question to your favorites - Preparing for the exam in a gameform - Detailed statistics of your answers of tickets - Unique modesmart training for practice of tickets PDD 2022
Wallix - Live Wallpapers 1.5
Add bright colors to your home screen and lock screen - installlivewallpaper in 1 click. You can also set separate wallpapers forthelock screen, and others for the home screen. Professionalanimatorsand developers worked on our wallpaper application, wehavecollected for you exclusively highly artistic works in 4K and1080quality for fast download. Part of the live wallpapers isavailablefor free download, also you can make a free trial for 3days anddecide whether to use the application with live wallpapersor not.The following features are available in our app: - settinglivewallpapers for both the lock screen and home screen - Manydifferentcategories - conservative battery consumption - Newwallpapers areadded regularly - preview is available All our livewallpapers aredeveloped by professionals Do not delay and installour Wallixapplication on your Samsung Galaxy, OnePlus, Xiaomi orHuawei etc.We also plan to add 3d live wallpapers in differentcategories.