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Kiss Me! Lip Kissing Test Game 9.1
❥ The newest kissing scanner is finally hereto measure the percentage of your kissing skills and to show youwhat kind of kisser you are! ♠Kiss Me! Lip Kissing Test Game♠ is anew love calculator game for couples that brings lots of fun andgood mood! Finally, the most thrilling and amusing kissing test inthe sea of many other love test games free. No need to look further– download this amazing kiss scanner app that all couples in lovewill adore!♥Put your kissing skills to the test by downloading this simple andeasy to use kissing game app!♥Kiss the luscious red lips on the screen and you'll get yourresults in a few seconds!♥You'll get your results calculated in terms of passion, romanceand experience!♥Get this free kissing tester and have fun with your loving one,your friends, relatives or family members whenever you wish!❥You like playing love games for girls and boys or using a “lovecalculator” to measure the compatibility of you and your partner?These kind of “love games” are fun ice-breakers and conversationstarters and they can be a great way to kill time during thewaiting periods. No matter if you're single or not, you can alwaysuse ♠Kiss Me! Lip Kissing Test Game♠ to measure the level ofromance, passion and experience of your kissing skills. A simple,easy to use, and above all, absolutely free kissing app that willraise your spirits at times you feel low. An absolutely fantasticlove test real that everyone likes – download free and find outwhy.❥This kiss scanner app is one of top trending love games for kids,for teens and for all love couples in the world who want to spiceup their love life in a fully entertaining way. Download it forfree and find out your unique kissing style. Improve your skills ifyou're not satisfied with the results you get, but remember: thisfree love calculator app is just for fun purposes and should not betaken too seriously. Along with other interesting love test gamesof this type such as love meter, matchmaker games, lovecompatibility games, you can use this one to start a conversationwith someone you like – it will surely bring you lots of fun andlaugh. Share it with your friends and relatives and make your dailyroutines much more interesting with this great kissing test forAndroid™.❥Discover your personality with free love games for girls, boys orkids, and for people of all ages. Download ♠Kiss Me! Lip KissingTest Game♠ free for your mobile device and see what type of kissesyou give – are you a passionate, experienced kisser or do youprefer sweet and romantic kisses? Play this love test with yourfriends and you'll never be bored.❥You've seen it done in the movies and probably even in public —the French kiss, a timeless and passionate gesture of romanticaffection. Whether you live in Paris, France or Paris, Texas, youcan learn how to kiss like the French do. You can use this lovecalculator as a “French kissing” test or a fingerprint scanner appas well! The ways for having fun with it are unlimited. You thinkyou've learned how to kiss better? Get this incredible love testapp for free and test your kissing skills right now! Add lovecompatibility apps and love percentage games 2014 and the matchmania can begin! ♠Kiss Me! Lip Kissing Test Game♠ - one of thegreatest games for girls and boys in love and absolutely one of thebest "kissing games"!Bear in mind this is a prank app and it's for entertainmentpurposes only. It's a simulated test, so don't take the results tooseriously. Just enjoy the app and have fun with your lovingone.
Dress Up Game For Teen Girls
Become a true fashion designer and dress up your model
3D Makeup Games For Girls
Revolutionary 3D makeup and makeover games are waiting just foryou!
Fashion Studio Dress Up Games
Prove yourself as a fashion stylist in amazing free dress up games!
Hair Salon Games For Girls
For all fans of hair makeover games – download & enjoy makingawesome hairstyles
Photo Blender Editor
Create an artistic image by blending your pics into one easily andeffortlessly!
Pet House Decoration Games 6.1.5
🐱 Welcome to our top "house decoration" games! This time we takeyou to a crazy pet story adventure where you'll be in charge of themost exciting pet house makeover! The cute little pet buddies arewaiting for you to come and furnish their home like a real housedesigner. Meet your new friends – adorable puppies, kitties, bearsand much more, and help them build, design and decorate their dreamhouse. Only in our 🐾 Pet House Decoration Games 🐾 – become thedesigner of the most impressive playhome for pets! 🏡🐕🏡 Start thepet home decoration fun right now! 🏡🐕🏡 🐩 “Pet care games” free -simple gameplay for pet lovers of all ages! 🐩 Your virtual pet homeis ready – start designing and decorating interiors for cute babyanimals! 🐩 Meet your new friends – Flopsy the puppy, Betsy thekitty, Honey the bear, Genie the leopard, Boo Boo the bunny andmany more pet buddies! 🐩 Create a fantastic puppy house – developwhatever home design plan you want and paint the walls whichevercolor you want! 🐩 Match and mix various home furniture items andhouse decorations to create beautiful rooms for your baby animals!🐩 Extremely easy to use: just touch the items and drag themwherever you want. 🐩 Take a photo of your playhouse, share itacross all social networks and boast of your dream home foranimals! 🐩 Perfect “pet shop” decorating items only in 🐾 Pet HouseDecoration Games 🐾 FREE! 🐾 🐾 🐾 🐾 🐾 🐾 🐾 🐾 🐾 🐾 🐾 🐾 🐾 🐾 🐾 🐾 🐾 🐾 🐾 🐾 🐾🐱 Dear pet lovers, we invite you to come and take care of cutelittle pets who need your assistance in their house decoration. Ifyou adore playing pet puppy games or pet cat games, and you love toplay house decoration games free, we have everything you need tofill you time with absolute fun and enjoyment. If you've alreadyplayed “dollhouse games” and you'd like to try something equallyentertaining that will test your room designer skills, 🐾 Pet HouseDecoration Games 🐾 will definitely be your best choice. Pet housestory starts now! 🐾 🐾 🐾 🐾 🐾 🐾 🐾 🐾 🐾 🐾 🐾 🐾 🐾 🐾 🐾 🐾 🐾 🐾 🐾 🐾 🐾 🐱 Mypet princess castle decoration games for our little pets offer youthis amazing once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to design a deluxeprincess castle for the queen of puppies. Paint the walls,rearrange the furniture and design the best “pet salon” in theseawesome pet care games free. The life of pets will be so muchbetter with you in the role of their room designer. Be the proudcreator of the best-looking puppy dog house in the world and shareyour creations across all social networks. 🐾 Pet House DecorationGames 🐾 are bound to become your favorite house decorating gameswith animals. 🐾 🐾 🐾 🐾 🐾 🐾 🐾 🐾 🐾 🐾 🐾 🐾 🐾 🐾 🐾 🐾 🐾 🐾 🐾 🐾 🐾 🐱 Have youever played “doll house games” with people or house design gameswith animals? If your answer is yes, start with these superb“decoration games” and explore the limits of your imagination.Download 🐾 Pet House Decoration Games 🐾 completely free and seewhat real “room decoration” games and “pet salon games” look like!Be among the first to design and decorate your own house forPrincess Flopsy and share your creations with all your friends toprove you’ve designed the most extravagant puppy dog house in thesefantastic dog games free. Treat your pet baby to a dream housesalon and enjoy playing our “pet care games”. 🐾 🐾 🐾 🐾 🐾 🐾 🐾 🐾 🐾 🐾 🐾🐾 🐾 🐾 🐾 🐾 🐾 🐾 🐾 🐾 🐾 🐱 Take care of your own pet, look after yourown pet, finish your pet home design and tell all your friends: mypet "princess castle" is completed! You'll see numerous likes ofyour house design photos in no time. If you enjoy combiningfurniture items, colors and textures, these house design games arethe excellent first step towards your goal! Virtual pet games freefor everybody – download NOW and experience tremendous fun!
Cute Icon Changer App
Personalize your mobile phone with the cutest icon pack from thisawesome app!
Unicorn Games - Horse Dress Up 2.1.3
🐎 Have you imagined what it would be like if you were a beautifulprincess with a magical flying unicorn? Do you love cute horsegames where you can dress up your own pony? You are at the rightplace, since with our new free app you can realize all your dreams!Now you can use all your horse makeover ideas and create awonderful little pegasus which will amaze everybody. Our pony gamesfor girls give you everything you need to dress up your littlehorse and design outstanding and modern outfits for your unicorn.Use your imagination and creativity to make your virtual pet horseshine in a new and amazing outfit! Download our 🐎 Unicorn Games -Horse Dress Up 🐎 now and let the magic begin! ✨ Create your ownhorse in these beautiful “pegasus games”! ✨ Name your cute littlepony the way you want! ✨ Pick the eye color for your “ponyprincess”! ✨ Choose the mane that suits best! ✨ Decide on the lookof the horse shoe and the color of the socks! ✨ Choose appropriatewings for your flying pony! ✨ Decorate your pony with many fashiontattoos! ✨ Don't forget the horn! ✨ Many stylish necklaces for yourpony beauty! ✨ Dress up your pony in unique stylish outfits! ✨Customize its tail the way you want! ✨ Discover beautifulbackgrounds and environment! ✨ Share your “pony dress up” outfitson social networks! ✨ 🐎 Unicorn Games – Horse Dress Up 🐎 FREE! 🐎Are you searching for fun and easy “pony games” where you can dressup your little pony and give it a new and interesting outfit everyday? Do you have amazing ideas for creating fashionable outfits foryour unicorn and need a fantastic pony creator application? This isthe perfect game for you! With our new 🐎 Unicorn Games - HorseDress Up 🐎 you can open your own salon and give your beautifulhorse a makeover from your dreams! Our “horse simulator” games havenever been more fun! You can use your fashion designer skills todress up your pony, share photos on social networks and collecttons of likes from your friends! Try out our fantastic “horse dressup” games free of charge and enjoy your fabulous pony outfits! 🐎Are you trying to find amazing pony princess games where you cantake care of your beautiful “flying pegasus”? Do you need a“unicorn simulator” game where you can make your own pony andprepare it for a beauty pageant? These 🐎 Unicorn Games - HorseDress Up 🐎 will not disappoint you! Decorate your “virtual horse”and create a wonderful fashion outfit which will simply dazzleeverybody. And when your amazing unicorn wins the beauty pageantyou can proudly say: My little pony is the best! Have fun withthese “unicorn dress up” games and use your creativity to designfabulous outfits for your horses. Take care of your baby unicornand let it grow into a stunning flying pegasus! Download our littlepony games for free and see for yourself why they are some of thebest horse care games on the market! 🐎 Have you always wanted tohave your own horse and take care of it? Do you like playing “horseriding games” for free? You will definitely adore our new unicorndress up games which you can download free of charge right now!Start a new adventure with these pony “games for girls” and becomethe best pony creator among all your friends! With our 🐎 UnicornGames - Horse Dress Up 🐎 you can customize your pony and experimentwith different outfit styles every day. Create a gorgeous mane andtail for your unicorn and admire its beauty as it runs free onwonderful backgrounds on your phone. If you like horses and magic,you will love our flying unicorn game where you can be creative andmake your own wonderful little pegasus! Do not waste any more time- start writing your own fairytale with these amazing “unicorngames” right now!
Easter Eggs Painting Games 1.0.7
It's time to set everything ready for Easter 2020! Come oneverybody, let's get our eggs painted and decorated like neverbefore with one of the most exciting eggs painting games 3D. If youenjoy playing "coloring games" , you will fall in love with our🍀Easter Eggs Games🍀 because they have plenty of creative optionsfor eggs decoration packed in the cutest graphics ever. PaintingEaster eggs has never been more fun! Join us in these awesome"painting games" and show everyone you're a natural in painting anddecoration! 🐣🍀🌷🐥🌺🐣🍀🌷🐥🌺🐣🍀🌷🐥🌺 Features: 🐣🍀🌷🐥🌺🐣🍀🌷🐥🌺🐣🍀🌷🐥🌺 🐇 Exciting"Easter egg games" like you've never seen before! 🐇 Select an eggfrom the basket; 🐇 Boil the egg, then dye it with your favoritecolor; 🐇 Apply tons of cute decorative patterns; 🐇 Add funnystickers to make originally decorated Easter eggs; 🐇 Place yourbeautiful “Easter egg” in your Easter basket; 🐇 Choose one of thestunning Easter backgrounds for your egg, take a photo and share itwith the whole world! 🐇 Only in 🍀Easter Eggs Painting Games🍀 FREE!🌺 Are you ready for the "easter egg hunt"? Hurry up and meet ourcute little Easter bunny who's waiting to paint and decorate eggswith you. In this free coloring game you will get to choose eggswhich you want to boil and prepare for the art of decoration. Onceyour egg is boiled, it's ready for dyeing. Choose from a widepalette of colors, mix them the way you want and combine differentpatterns and designs to obtain a perfectly decorated Easter egg. Besure that egg decoration will be perfect fun for the whole family!🌺 Endless fun for all fans of “easter egg hunt games”! Let the funbegin with these brand new 🍀Easter Eggs Painting Games🍀 free. Useyour favorite colors, patterns and glitters to decorate the eggsjust the way you've always wanted. All you have to do is to letyour creativity flow. So, hurry up friends, download this greatcoloring game for girls and boys and find creative ways for eggspainting because Easter is just around the corner. Our “free Eastergames” are here just for you! Download them and make a “surpriseegg” for your loving one. 🌺 If you're a fan of cool “coloringbooks”, and you'd like to have something equally amusing butdifferent, try out our painting games designed especially for thegreatest Christian holiday. Yes, we're talking about our 🍀EasterEggs Painting Games🍀! Download this great free game, and explorethe largest variety of colors, patterns, stickers and all sorts ofdecorations for your Easter eggs. Practice your decoration skillsand creativity while you try to create the most beautifully paintedand decorated Easter egg. Once you've done, take photos withdifferent holiday backgrounds and share your creations on allsocial networks. Let everyone see you're a master in thesefantastic free Easter games! Enjoy!
Rose Clock Live Wallpaper
An amazing flower clock live wallpaper with excellent roses clock
Teen Love Story Games: Romance Mystery
💫 Intensely dramatic magic love story that'll get you hooked onwizards!
Love Story Games: Royal Affair
✨Create your royal romance in our brand new interactive love storygames!
Anime Avatar Maker - Character Creator 2.3.5
🙋 For all the fans of kawaii avatar and anime characters, here'sthe most inspiring "avatar maker" FREE of charge! “Make your ownavatar!” Create, dress up and customize your very own cute animeavatar and show everybody what an amazing anime creator you are!This adorable 👧 Anime Avatar Maker - Character Creator 👦 is thebest character maker app for styling these beautiful mangacharacters from virtual reality. Give yourself up to the latestcraze for "kawaii avatar" creation, design and dress up that'ssweeping the world! Download our mind-blowing hero builder andperfectly create avatars from your dreams with tons ofcustomization options and an infinite number of combinations!💖😍👕👔👗👒🙋😜🙋👚👖👠😎💖 FEATURES: 💖 “Create your own characters” in thesekawaii "avatar creator" games free! 💖 Edit their faces with tons ofdifferent options: eyes, eyebrows, mouth, glasses, masks, tattoos,facial expressions! 💖 Pick your kawaii hairstyle! 💖 Dress up youravatar in the cutest outfits! 💖 Add beautiful accessories to yournew manga avatar: hair decorations, wings, tails, ears, horns! 💖Take pictures on different backgrounds and save them to yourgallery when you're satisfied with the designed style! 💖 Share yourabsolutely unique and awesome creations on social networks! 💖Become a creator of awesome-looking manga avatars! 💖 All this andmuch more is waiting for you in this astonishing 👧 Anime AvatarMaker - Character Creator 👦 for FREE! 💖😍👕👔👗👒🙋😜🙋👚👖👠😎💖 👧👗 Have youalways wanted to make an amazing kawaii avatar, but you didn't knowhow to draw manga characters? Now you can finally make your dreamcome true in a brand new anime avatar creator, because yourfavorite developers are bringing you a mind-blowing "charactermaker" free! It's hard to believe that create-your-own-charactergames have gone that far, isn't it? Well, not so much as it turnsout! Download our kawaii 👧 Anime Avatar Maker - Character Creator 👦and see for yourself what an awesome virtual avatar creator thisis! 👦👔 Fantastic RPG "character creator" such as you've never seenbefore! Close your eyes and imagine a wonderful manga world inwhich you have an astonishing "anime avatar creator" that lets youdesign your avatar just the way you want it. You can edit facialfeatures, change hairstyles, change clothes, add variousaccessories, you name it! Wouldn't it be great to have such acharacter maker? Now open your eyes 'cause seeing is believing.This person maker is more real than life and it's right in front ofyour eyes! This means you're literally only a tap away from a cool"avatar dress up" app that'll easily turn you into a pro avatardesigner! Get 👧 Anime Avatar Maker - Character Creator 👦 and secureyourself hours and hours of FREE FUN! “Character creation” hasnever been more fun! 👧👠 Would you like to learn how to draw animebecause you want to create your own character and test your "chibimaker" skills? Now you can do practically anything you'd like to doin our free avatar dress up games! Our top designers made sure tocreate more than plenty of elements for you to combine intogorgeous alts you'll get in the end. Enjoy our avatar making app!If you are asking for a better cartoon avatar maker, you won't beable to find one! Impress everybody around you with a new characterready for the VR world full of surprises. Download this 👧 AnimeAvatar Maker - Character Creator 👦 right now and start getting usedto being called the best designer and fashion stylist in all avatargames with virtual worlds! Make your own avatar and play as them!
My Boutique Fashion Shop Game: Shopping Fever
Run and manage your very own boutique in one of the latest fashionstore games!
Mermaid Love Story Games
A delightful interactive story of seduction, friendships andintimate secrets!
Couple Dress Up Games - First Crush 1.1.6
💑 You're a huge fan of dress up and makeup games but you're slowlygetting bored of dressing up girls only. Luckily for you, we'vedeveloped a brand new couple dress up game where you'll get achance to dress up both girls and boys at the same time! We presentto you Couple Dress Up Games – First Crush - a totally differentdress up and makeup salon game app in which your task is to showall your fashion stylist skills and get a love couple ready for adate. “Makeup and dress up games” of this kind have never been moreexciting! Download this amazing new simulation app and make sure acute high school couple goes on an unforgettable first date! 💑FEATURES 💑 👄 Dress up your models according to the latest fashiontrends in these free “dress up games and makeup games”! 👄 Choosefrom a number of trendy hairstyles and fashionable haircuts! 👄Combine different items of clothing to create various outfits incouple dress up games for girls! 👄 Various item categories forgirls: hairstyles, hats, dresses, skirts, tops, tunics, leggings,trousers, jackets, shoes, handbags, necklaces. 👄 Various itemcategories for guys: hairstyles, hats, shirts, t-shirts, jackets,trousers, shorts, shoes, scarves and neckties. 👄 Add accessories toround up their final look: jewelry, trendy purses, sunglasses,school bags, books, flowers etc. 👄 Pick the background image youlike most and choose where the romantic date will take place inthis “high school simulator”! 👄 Calculate love compatibility forthe cute couple in Couple Dress Up Games – First Crush app ! 👄 Saveyour masterpiece and don't forget to share it with your friends onFacebook, Twitter and Instagram – in “dress up games anime”! 💑 Forall fans of dress up story games here comes the ultimate beauty andfashion simulator app where you can create outfits for a boy and agirl on the same screen! Meet a boy and a girl who are gettingready for their first date in “high school games for girls” free.Help them decide what to wear, style them up as best as you can andpick a location for their rendezvous. Pick nice hairstyles, tops,jackets, short skirts, high-heel shoes, dresses and fashionableaccessories for high school girls. Choose male shirts, caps, pants,shorts, suits and boots for the guy. And that's not everything!High school games for girls and boys have now reached a completelynew level! Finally, measure their love compatibility and see ifthey make a perfect couple! Only in Couple Dress Up Games – FirstCrush – new “dress up games and makeover games” free for girls! 💑“Dress up games for girls with levels” are now getting even morefun! This free simulation game offers you the chance to dress bothgirls and boys at the same time and style them using limitlesscustomization options. Dressing up a boyfriend is as fun as thegirlfriend as you have tons of stylish items and accessories foreach of them. Therefore, start designing great outfits for the cutegirl model and her “high school crush”. Only in kawaii “dress upgames and makeover games” free. Couple dress up games a boy and agirl! “Couple Dress Up Games” – First Crush app is waiting just foryou! 💑 “Couple dress up games anime” are here just for you! Testyour fashion designer skills and dress boys and girls the best youcan. Unlike other “dress up and makeup games” for girls, this onewill simply exceed all your expectations! Excellent HD graphics, agreat choice of fashionable clothes, hairstyles, makeup andaccessories and unlimited ways to style up and dress up girls andboys make this teen dress up game one of a kind. Start writing yourown “fashion story”! Get one of the best “dress up games for girls”and kids now! “Fashion games for teenagers free”.
Love Story: Blog of Secrets
An unforgettable story of love, friendship, and troubles on the wayto the top!
My Pet Care App: Pet Diary 1.1.2
Here is a new app for all you pet owners out there who want totakegood care of your “precious pets”! 🐾 My Pet Care App: Pet Diary🐾is our new pet care application that will help you keep trackofyour pet's daily routines easily! Create a profile for yourpet,make notes, add cute pet pictures, set reminders and much more!Tryout one of the best pet care apps on the market and see how easyitis to care for a pet when you have the right “pet care app”righthere in your smartphone! This pet care diary has lots ofoptionsfor each pet profile, so that you can make notes for one ormore“pet animals” at the same time. So, don't wait, downloadthisamazing my pet app right now! Features ⭐ Easy to use petcaretracker with lots of options! ⭐ Create a profile for your pet –addits name, age, pictures and more! ⭐ Customize each note –choosebackgrounds, colors, text fonts, buttons, add stickers,pictures orphotos! ⭐ Write a title, note, add pictures of your petsand setreminders for important events! ⭐ Make notes for all kindsofactivities – pet walking, vet's appointments, even yourpet'sbirthday parties! ⭐ Option to search by title, date oractivity! ⭐Play the lottery and win cool new prizes! ⭐ This app forpets isfree to download! Supported languages: English, Polski,Español,Português, Deutsch, Français, Srpski, Русский, 日本語! 🐶 🐱 🐭 🐹🐰 🦊 🐾 🐶🐱 🐭 🐹 🐰 🦊 🐾 🐶 🐱 🐭 🐹 🐰 🦊 🐾 🐶 🐱 🐭 🐹 🐰 🦊 🐾 Pet owners know thatpetkeeping is a wonderful responsibility, and 🐾 My Pet Care App:PetDiary 🐾 can help you with “animal care” of your best friendspets!Keep track of all activities with your “cute animals”, sowhetheryou have a pet dog, a cat or another “animal pet”, you canhave funwhile you make notes of the fun times you have together!You cankeep your “pet pictures” in one place in this “my pet diary”andshow them to your friends whenever you want! Also, you canaddimportant dates in this pet care reminder. Create profiles forallyour cute pet animals, because your “cute pets” deserve thebest!Do you have a pet? If the answer is yes, this is the animalcareapp for you! You can take a look at your notes of differenteventsand activities with your pet animal and see how your petfriendsare growing and becoming cuter each day! Also, you will havelotsof fun personalizing each profile and customizing your notes!🐶Having pets and caring for them is more fun than ever! 🐶 Ifyouwant to keep a pet, but you haven't had pets before, this istheperfect app for you! With a good “pet app” in your phone, youwon'tforget to feed, walk or spend quality time with your cute pet!Eachpet activity can be saved, so rest assured that you're caringforyour pets properly! Take a moment and check out all the pros ofpetcare apps, you'll see how useful they are in your everyday careforpets! 🐾 My Pet Care App: Pet Diary 🐾 is ready for youabsolutelyfree of charge! 🐱 Get ready for fun pet care! 🐱 Peoplewho havepets love taking pictures of their “animal friends”, andnow youcan use these photos for your pet's profile and activitynotes!Save loads of adorable “pet photos” on each pet profileandremember all precious moments and fun times that you spendtogetherwith your favorite animal in the whole world! Having a petis evenmore fun with 🐾 My Pet Care App: Pet Diary 🐾, so don'thesitate,download it today and make notes and new memories withyour bestpet friends!
Niki: Cute Alarm Clock App 2.1.6
⏰ Do you have troubles waking up in the morning? Are you annoyedbyyour old alarm clock? Don't worry, we all feel your pain...Andthat's why we created the cutest alarm clock ever! You can neverbeangry at Niki for waking you up! But trust us, she will wake youupfor sure! If you are looking for an alarm for heavy sleepers,youare definitely at the right place! This “alarm clock app”offersyou tons of customization options, as well as fun puzzles youneedto solve in order to turn off the alarm. So, there is no wayyouwill oversleep ever again! Change the buttons, “alarmclockringtones” and set the alarm clock vibration to create theperfectwake up alarm for you. Download 🐰 Niki: Cute Alarm Clock App🐰 nowand let the magic begin! 🐇 🥕 🐇 Features 🐇 🥕 🐇 🌞 Set alarm forthetime and day you want! 🌞 Choose the game you wanna play to turnoffthe alarm! 🌞 Type in the label of your alarm! 🌞 Selectthedifficulty of the puzzles! 🌞 Determine the snooze duration! 🌞Pickyour favorite card background and alarm ringtone! 🌞 Turn the“alarmclock vibration” on or off! 🌞 Play the lottery and win coolstuffevery day! 🎮 Amazing alarm clock app with fun alarm games! 🎮 ⏰Areyou a heavy sleeper and need “alarm clock games” to wake up inthemorning? You will love our new free alarm app! You can choosethealarm clock with math problems which you have to solve in ordertoturn off the alarm. If you like puzzle games better, don't worry–our free alarm app has a puzzle game too! And if you aretrulyadventurous, have fun with the waking animation! You can tapthescreen to fill the bar and wake up Niki. Also, you can setthedifficulty of the alarm games and find the best way to wake up.Andwith the right “alarm clock music” everything will be mucheasier!Try out 🐰 Niki: Cute Alarm Clock App 🐰 and have yourownpersonalized “alarm clock” to wake you up free! 🎼 Numerouschoicesfor wake up alarm ringtones! 🎼 ⏰ Have you been searching fora newand beautiful wake up alarm app? Are you tired of youroldmonotonous wake up alarm clock? This is your lucky day! 🐰Niki:Cute Alarm Clock App 🐰 has everything you need for awonderfulmorning! Niki the Rabbit will be there when you need her –just setthe alarm for the right time and determine the duration ofthesnooze. If you need a new “alarm clock and loud sound” forwakingup, our new free app is perfect for you. You can easily setyourfavorite alarm ringtones – just select one of the defaultalarmclock tones or set one of your own songs as the alarmringtone.This magnificent alarm clock with your own music is justone tapaway from you! Get one of the best alarm clock apps forfree! 🎨Many customization options and fun lottery game! 🎨 ⏰Customize yourhard to wake up alarm just the way you like it!Select the cutestcard background to make waking up in the morningeven easier.Choose your favorite song, set it as your alarm highsound and youwill never wake up nervous again! If the alarm loudsound is notenough for you, just turn the “alarm vibration” on. Youwill sleeplike a baby knowing that your new alarm clock with songringtoneswill wake you up in the morning. Besides all this, you canplay thelottery every day and win amazing free content! “Wake upalarm”clock has never been this fun! So, if you are looking for afun andcreative alarm clock with music which also contains mathproblemsand alarm clock puzzles, try out our new 🐰 Niki: Cute AlarmClockApp 🐰!
Write on Pictures App 6.1.58
Great news for all fans of photo editing apps with text and picturedecorating apps! Write on Pictures App is an amazing picture editorwith text fonts which offers you a unique opportunity to add textto photo of your cherished moments and decorate it with watermarks,love quotes and messages – it's all up to you! Adding text topictures is now super easy. Get Write on Pictures App and you’llget the photo editing text writing app and cute pictures editor inone! Features: 📷 Easy to use interface – vibrant and colorful! 📷 30splashy picture templates and designs! 📷 Select a photo from yourgallery or take a new one to decorate it with an original message!📷 Choose font, write text on image and add watermark on photos! 📷Choose from a great variety of fonts specially adjusted for yourlove pictures! 📷 Frame your life memories with beautiful outlines!📷 Add date and time stamp to your photos and preserve your memoriesforever! 📷 Share your funny images on Facebook, Twitter, orInstagram! Use this "stylish text photo maker" to add text in imageand try out all multicolored fonts we've designed for you! Makeyour selfie pics look glamorous and luxurious with cool effects andpicture frames! Download Write on Pictures App and start puttingtext on photo! Funny photo effects and pictures templates willbeautify your cute pics with a wide choice of "text fonts forphotos"! You can choose from a variety of borders and frames forphotos so open your imagination and start being creative! If you'veever wanted to know how to add text in photo or how to makewatermark, download Write on Pictures App you'll find out. Imageediting and writing on pictures has never been easier! Becomepopular by posting your awesome funny pics edited with "text onpics in stylish fonts"! Upload your lovely photos, write some funnytexts, or add some love quotes and sayings, post your masterpiece,and see what happens. Everyone will be enchanted, for sure! Usethis great pic decoration app to edit text on image byexperimenting with various cute fonts. You can also add borders,shading, fill, adjust opacity and put your pics into lovely frames.This "watermark photo editor app" represents a quick and easy wayto edit pictures with words and quotes you love. If you are a fanof high-quality pic editor with text writing, you will become bestfriends with our writing on pictures app. Texts on photos can nowbe stylish and completely editable! Download "Write on PicturesApp" free where you can make really cool pictures by using creativephoto editing tools!
Custom Keyboard Color Changer
Customize your own keyboard with fantastic keyboard backgrounddesigns for free!
Anime Love Story: Shadowtime
Take part in the exciting otome game that will leave you cravingfor sequels!
Teen Love Story
Take part in this thrilling love story and make your own choices!
Vampire Love Story
Dive into an exciting vampire romance and make determining lifedecisions!
Love Story: Teenage Drama
Experience the thrill of forbidden love and friendship in thisinteractive game!
Pink Butterfly Live Wallpaper
Enjoy pink live 3D butterfly wallpapers that move and cutify yourphone
Wedding Dress Maker and Shoe Designer Games 4.2.2
★★★ Absolutely magnificent wedding dress design games! ★★★Fullyrelease your passion for fashion designing and shoe makingwhileyou're getting a bride ready for her wedding – totally FREE in💖Wedding Dress Maker and Shoe Designer Games 💖! Even thoughstillvery young, every girl creates her own fashion story whileplanningher wedding day – the most important day in her life. Asthe mainhighlight of the day is a wedding dress, it must have aperfectdress design. That’s why it’s never too early to startimaginingthe wedding dress of your dreams, and if you’ve got achance todesign it yourself, the better it gets! Our innovativefashiondesigner games offer you this very opportunity to designyourwedding dress AND shoes as well! Become a famous fashionstylistfor brides! Download ♥ Wedding Dress Maker and Shoe DesignerGames♥ and start with fashion designing while having fun in one ofthetop trending “dress up games” for girls! 💖 Make the mostamazingdresses and shoes only in our stunning designing games forgirls! 💖Design and decorate shoes for the dream wedding: sandals,pumps orboots! 💖 Edit the shoes: the vamp, the heel, the backquarter andthe sole, and don't forget to adjust the height ofheels! 💖 Choosefrom a number of materials, patterns, colors andaccessories. 💖Combine various designs to make the wedding dress ofyour dreams:a-line gowns, ball gown, sheath dress, mermaid andtrumpet cut,empire cut, beaded wedding dress, dress with ruffledskirt, etc. 💖Add elegant accessories: bridal veils, tiaras and manyheadpieces.💖 Share your remarkable shoe and dresses designs onsocialnetworks: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram! 💖 Make your owndress in👗 Wedding Dress Maker and Shoe Designer Games 👠 free ofcharge! 💖Let your fashion designing of high heels come alive withthesefamulous dress up games for girls! Create elegant dressesandbridal gowns in one of the most impressive fashion designgames,which are the coolest dress up and makeup games at the sametime!These fashion games for girls are coming to you with manynewoptions you can use to design your own clothes and withgreatimprovements as compared to other similar fashion designinggames.Apart from creating various bridal gowns and wedding dressups, youcan opt for the most beautiful high heel shoes to match theweddingoutifit. Your choices are numerous and the combinationslimitlessin our new makeover games for girls, so get your ♥ WeddingDressMaker and Shoe Designer Games ♥ this instant and set off foryourplace among the most famous fashion designers on the planet!Girlsare never too young to start planning their fashion looks fortheirwedding day. ♥ Wedding Dress Maker and Shoe Designer Games ♥willhelp you achieve whatever wedding looks you can think ofwhilehaving loads of fun playing around with dresses design,beautifulgowns, original makeup, the most popular hairstyles andnumeroustrendy accessories. If you like fun games for girls, thenthese“wedding games” are perfect for you, and they’re completelyFREE!Once you enter our outstanding "shoe making games", you’ll besorryyou hadn’t done it sooner, because our dress up and shoedesignswill fully attract your attention! Get the most fun gamesfor girlsand make your "high heel designer" dreams come true. Bestshoedesigner app on the market! Design your own shoes games arereallypopular nowadays, which explains why there’s so many of themon themarket, so you should consider yourself extremely lucky tohavefound one of the best bridal boutique games there is!Therefore,install these cool games for girls to prepare yourself tobecomethe top fashion designer of the year, compete with yourfriends tocheck whether the future best fashion designer is amongyou andhave fun! Wedding Dress Up for Girls free!
Niki: Cute Diary App
Keep your secrets safe with this amazing cute diary app for girls
Cute Girl Collages Photo Booth 8.1.3
All you beautiful girls out there, if you're a truephotographylovers, here's a brand new pic collage and photo editorthat willhelp you turn your selfie, BFF pics or photos with yourboyfriendinto gorgeous collages! ✰ Cute Girl Collages Photo Booth ✰offersyou lots of girly photo frames, picture effects and othereditingtools and decorations to make your pics look amazing!Download thisincredible collage maker and photo fun canstart!*・゜・゚.*・゜・゚.*・゜・゚.*・゜・゚.*・゜・゚.*・゜・゚.* ❥ Choose from 45 photogridlayouts for up to 9 pictures! ❥ Select and edit photos fromyourgallery! ❥ Zoom, rotate, scale and crop images to fit thecollagelayout! ❥ Great number of background colors and patterns tochoosefor your image collage! ❥ Lots of picture frames to add toyourphoto collage! ❥ Over 35 filters and photo effects foryourpictures – Pop art, vintage, black and white, and much more!❥Share your artwork via Facebook, Twitter andInstagram!*・゜・゚.*・゜・゚.*・゜・゚.*・゜・゚.*・゜・゚.*・゜・゚.* Edit pictures fromyourgallery! *・゜・゚.*・゜・゚.*・゜・゚.*・゜・゚.*・゜・゚.*・゜・゚.* Cute GirlCollagesPhoto Booth is the hottest photo editing software for girlsthatwill help you create the most amazing pic collage by addinggirlypicture frames and applying beautiful special effects! Choosecutephotos of you and your friends, and this magical pictureeditorfree will turn them into the prettiest photocollage! Choosefrom awide variety of collage frames and create the most wonderfulphotoalbums full of cute mosaics!*・゜・゚.*・゜・゚.*・゜・゚.*・゜・゚.*・゜・゚.*・゜・゚.*How to make a collage?*・゜・゚.*・゜・゚.*・゜・゚.*・゜・゚.*・゜・゚.*・゜・゚.* Withthis awesome pic app youcan easily create your own insta photomosaic with only a fewtouches! Choose your favorite pics from yourpicture gallery, choosethe background you like the most, add oneof our lovely frames forpictures, apply some cool photo effectsand voilà! Your instacollage foto is ready for share on all majorsocial networks!*・゜・゚.*・゜・゚.*・゜・゚.*・゜・゚.*・゜・゚.*・゜・゚.* Lovely photoframes for youradorable pics!*・゜・゚.*・゜・゚.*・゜・゚.*・゜・゚.*・゜・゚.*・゜・゚.* Already triedall of thephoto frames in which you can put only one pic? With thispicturecollage maker you can choose up to 9 pics to edit and sharewithyour friends via social networks! Add some photo collages picframeand you'll get the most beautiful images for yourpersonalcollection! Apply some of the effects, such as black &white,retro, pop art, and much more photo effects, and fun canstart!It's like your personal mobile photo booth! Create the mostamazingphotocard for girls and tell your friends how much you lovethem!Or edit your selfie and get the most beautiful profilepicture!Free download 'Cute Girl Collages Photo Booth' and you'llget agreat number of layouts for grids, wallpapers, albums andcollages!Get this free app and start creating your own art gallery!✿✿✿Thanks for using our picture collage creator! For more fun wearecreating for you an update with lots of stickers, morebackgroundcolors, frames and picture frame patterns! You can alsoexpect toget lots of cute stamps and the possibility to takebeautifulpictures with beauty camera, as well as to write text onpics fromyour cam album or phone gallery! Download this free photoeditingsoftware and our other programs for image editing and besureyou'll have the most beautiful pictures on all social networks.Thebest frames for pictures and photo collages are waiting for youinour free apps! For true fans of photo editing!
Cute Ringtones and Sounds 7.2.3
★ You're tired of listening to same old ringtones for textmessagesand notifications and you want to refresh your mobile phonewithsome "cute ringtones" and text message tones that will bringpurefun into your everyday routine and make your each daymorebeautiful and enjoyable? If your answer is yes, consideryourselflucky because we have a perfect collection of most popularfunnyringtones and sound effects that you can download absolutelyfreeof charge in just a few seconds! Therefore, wait no more,download❦Cute Ringtones and Sounds❦ for free and make yourselfrecognizableby "cool ringtones" wherever you go! ❦❦❦ Super cute andfunny soundeffects and ringtones for Android phone free! ❦❦❦ ★ Getthe bestfree music ringtones for Android! ★ High qualitynotificationsounds, message tones, ring tones and other "soundeffects" foryour mobile phone! ★ Choose from 10 most popularringtones! ★ Easyto use interface: just tap once to preview thesound and hold toset it; ★ Set the sound as a ring tone, SMS,notification alert,“alarm sound” or assign it to specific contacts;★ Compatible with99% mobile phone devices; ★ Remember that ❦CuteRingtones andSounds❦ are some of the "best ringtones" 2018 that youmust have inyour mobile phone! ★ Great news for all of you who aresearchingfor the latest ringtones to download free! Take a look atthenewest collection of our cute ringtones for messages and giveyourphone a total refreshment! ❦Cute Ringtones and Sounds❦ are heretooffer you a wide variety of sound effects that you can setasnotification alerts, alarm sounds, text message ringtones,etc.Pick cute animal sounds, baby ringtones, chipmunks singingsongs orset some beautiful romantic songs for ringtones. One thingis forsure – these cool “funny ringtones” will make your day somuchcooler and happier! ★ Best “sound effects soundboard” withcoolmusic tones for your mobile phone! Get this great app rightawayand enrich your phone with the cutest sounds that everybody inyourvicinity will go crazy about. Choose from a variety of freemp3ringtones, and set them as your phone call alert, notificationandtext message sound, wake up alarm or assign it to somespecialcontact, it's totally up to you. Awesome ringtones for yourcellphone are just a click away from you! Don't miss the chance tohavethem! ★ Wake up feeling relaxed and with a smile on your facewith❦Cute Ringtones and Sounds❦ app. Let the cute pet sounds orlovesongs from this awesome “ringtone maker” wish you a goodmorningevery day and fill it with the feeling of joy andsatisfaction.Discover the most popular funny sayings and freenotificationsounds for text messages in our newest app and try themall out.Simple and easy to use, yet quite unique and different fromotherringtone apps on the market, Cute Ringtones and Sounds❦ is amusthave for every phone. ★ Music "ringtones free" to downloadarewaiting only for you! We offer you the best ringtone songswhichwere carefully chosen by our creative designers. Set adifferentmelody for notification sounds, contact ringtone, alarmclocksounds, and text message ringtones. Let every day be yourlucky daywith funny ring tones! Wake up to your favorite soundeffects orringtone music and enjoy the pleasant feelings they evokein you.Get ❦Cute Ringtones and Sounds❦ and see for yourself! Legalinfo:Ringtones or any portion thereof may not be reproduced or usedinany manner whatsoever without the express written permission oftheauthor. © 2016 Dalibor Ilić All rights reserved. Cute RingtonesandSounds - Document ID: LC-TGG002
Love Story: Fantasy Games
Create your own love story in a magic kingdom of fairies and elves!
Fashion Nails 3D Girls Game 10.0.0
Fashion ladies, get ready for one of the most excitingmanicuresalon games that will help you take your fingernails designskillsto a professional level. Fashion Nails 3D Girls Game is heretooffer you an abundance of beautiful nail polish colors,stickers,decals and rings that you'll adore so much. Createtastefullydecorated cute nail art for girls that will surprise allyourfriends on social networks. Step into your new manicuresimulatorand have fun playing our fantastic Fashion Nails 3D GirlsGame.Choose the skin color you prefer; Choose from more thantendifferent fingernail shapes; Various types of brushes: thin,flat,dotting pen, airbrush... The largest nail coloring palette!Lots ofpredefined cute nail designs to choose and apply toyourfingernails; Sparkling rhinestones in all possible shapesandcolors; All kinds of cute stickers for a virtual nailmanicure;Decorate your fingers with glamorous rings and have anailmakeover; Choose a background for your photo; Choose a handposeand take a photo; Save all your designs in your phone galleryandshare them on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter; Beautifulhighquality colorful and attractive graphics! Intuitive, easy touseinterface! Infinite gameplay with unlimited combinations inaunique nails app! If you love popular “3d nail games for girls”,weoffer you a completely immersive game for nail polish thatwillkeep you busy for hours. Ever wondered how to do your ownnailswithout going to the nearby manicure and pedicure nail artsalon?Play fingernail painting games by using colors,predesignedpatterns, glitter nail paint, cute girly stickers andglitteringrhinestones stylish rings. Try out Fashion Nails 3D GirlsGame andcombine different decorations and accessories! Have yourown “nailsdesign app” - unleash your creativity and play some coolfingernailpolish games and become a nail designer. Engage yourimagination increating beautiful nails in this Fashion Nails 3DGirls Game!Choose from tons of sparkling rhinestones, crystals,gemstones,stickers, decals, hearts, flowers, fruit and much more todecorateyour cute nails. The number of variations of a girlmanicure isunlimited – experiment with lots of nail art stickersand learn howto perform a perfect manicure. In the end, show yournails fashionskills and boast about it on all social networks. Getone of thebest “nail painting games” on the market! Simply bypracticing tocreate a gorgeous manicure design you'll learn tobecome aprofessional nail artist and you'll be able to open yourown beautysalon makeover! If you like long fingernail games, tryout thesuper exciting “Fashion Nails 3D Girls Game” with thecutestgraphics and lots of amazing options. Enjoy the art nailsalon inthis fantastic beauty game app. Treat yourself to a cutegirlfashion makeover and have fun playing beautiful hand manicuregame.All fans of nails editing app will definitely adore this cutenew“girls manicure game”.
High Heels Designer Girl Games 2.1.7
Fashion ladies, if you've ever wanted to have a chance todesignshoes like a real pro, you can finally unleash yourhiddenpotential in one of the most beautiful games for girls 2021new.Download this fashion app completely free of charge and makehighheels with beauty and ease. Gain popularity on all socialnetworksin our virtual fashion boutique with the latest ladiesgame. Engageyour imagination and creativity to become a fabulousshoe designerwith this original High Heels Designer Girl Games!Originalpatterns and lots of glamorous accessories are waiting foryou! ❦Start creating fabulous shoe designs. ❦ Choose the type ofshoes:sandals, pumps or boots. ❦ Choose the height of heels foryourbrand new designer shoes. ❦ Edit parts of the shoe - the vamp,theheel, the back quarter and the sole. ❦ Pick the color andthematerial of all parts of the fashion high heels. ❦ Playwithdecorative clips in all styles and colors. ❦ Shareyourbreathtaking works of art on major social networks. ❦Thesephenomenal girls games 2021 will inspire your BFFs to becomeshoedesigners like you. ❦ Make your own shoes in High HeelsDesignerGirl Games for free. Buckle up for an amazing andexcitingadventure where you will get to make your own shoesaccording toyour taste. This engaging heel sandal game will makeall yourdreams come true. Step into the designing world and enjoythe "bestgames for girls offline". Decorate shoes any way you wantand glamup a perfect pair of stilettos, pumps, sandals or boots.Show offyour sense of style and fashion in creating some coolladies'footwear with the help of this creative “shoe maker game”.Weguarantee you lots of fun where you can also include your BFFssothat you can compete who has created the most perfect design.❦Design High heels games 3d for all fans of shoe fashion. ❦Ifyou're looking for interesting games for girls, you're at therightplace. High Heels Designer Girl Games offers you a chancetoexperiment with colors, patterns, glitter, and you canalsodetermine the height of your heels and edit all parts of theshoethe way you want. "Shoes games" free of charge are aperfectsolution for all the young ladies out there who wish tospend timecreating an unlimited number of custom shoes for allkinds ofevents – a wedding, a party, prom, or a date. Fashiondesignergames for girls are here for you to evoke your magnificentself,all you need to do is have a passion for designing clothesandshoes. ❦Enjoy the most fun shoes game and unleash yourcreativity.❦ Heels game for girls will give you a chance to addstylishaccessories and ornaments and create footwear for anyoccasion andfor all seasons. The choice is all yours. With "highheels game 3D"you will get to create beautiful sandals for yourfashionistapersonality. Shoe designer games for girls will help youcreatefantastic pumps and share them on all social networks soeverybodycan see your outstanding creative skills. You will findthis "shoedesigning" makeover so much fun! Shoe maker games arehere at yourdisposal whenever you want to feel like a truecelebrity stylist.Download High Heels Designer Girl Games and startstylizing now!
Niki: Cute Notes App
Cute notes app for girls in an adorable kawaii note widget withgreat options
Ice Princess Doll House Games
Create a wonderful princess castle in princess room decorationgames
Love Story Games: Time Travel Romance
💑 Experience an exciting superhero romance in this interactivestory game! 💑
Love Story: Amnesia 21.2
Can you imagine being completely alone with no one around youtohelp you? No one to rely on, not even yourself? What would youdoif your whole world crumbled to pieces before your eyes? Youwillmake new friends and find new love, but will you manage tofindyourself again? So many questions... And they are waiting foryouto find the answers in Love Story: Amnesia! Let the magicbegin!'However, the sun would rise again, but instead of warmsunbeamsand good mood, a cloud of suspicion would hang over myhead, makingme feel afraid of the uncertainty...' 💘 This love storyapp willdefinitely wake up the butterflies in your stomach! 💘 Maketoughchoices and create your own path in this magnificent lovestorygame! 💘 Decide who will have your heart forever! 💘 Find outthetruth about yourself and your life! 💘 Fabulous visualeffects,mysterious and fun characters, and simple gameplay in ournewinteractive story games! 💘 Name the main character and createyouravatar just the way you want! 💘 Choose your story and writeyourown romance! 💘 SUPPORTED LANGUAGES: Polski, Español,Português,Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Srpski, Русский! Have youever askedyourself what is real and if there is something you areimagining?Our new “interactive story games” will take you on anunforgettablejourney and put your imagination on fire! Everychapter of this“love story game” will leave you craving for moreand you will notbe disappointed. Follow the events in this visualnovel romancegame and unveil the carefully hidden secrets! Diveinto theunexpected romantic love triangle or choose the old andfamiliarlove. The choice is yours and yours only, but be careful –everychoice has its consequences! Enjoy a visual novel romance inLoveStory: Amnesia like never before! Experience the thrillofforbidden love and romantic drama right now! These love gameswillput you in a difficult position of choosing one boyfriend overtheother. So who will be your prince charming in the end? Anewmesmerizing friend or someone who you already know very well? Itisentirely up to you to decide! Indulge in this “virtual lovestory”and make your choice about the love of your life. Our LoveStory:Amnesia will stir up the feelings you did not even know youhad!This “visual novel game” will simply shake you to your core!Theenchanting story, tough life choices, romantic love triangle –this“dating game” has everything to keep you entertained and leaveyoucraving for new chapters which you will discover regularly.Solvethe mystery which engulfed you and find your true self again!Learnto trust and love people again and find your true love!Discoverall that and much more in our Love Story: Amnesia!
Rememberton: Cute Calendar
Cute reminders and aesthetic calendar for your smartphone
Sequin Flip Live Wallpaper App 4.2.3
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Glitter Launcher for Girls 2.2.10
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