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Storm Radar 1.5
The wait for Storm Radar is over! Highdefinition radar, advanced storm cell tracking, and real-timesevere weather alerts make this the best app to have by your sidewhen weather is closing in. View current conditions, daily orhourly forecasts at a glance and in a more detailed view. Nowavailable free on Android.FEATURESINTERACTIVE MAP• Radar: The highest resolution (250m) radar showing interactiveanimations for past and future data• Global Radar: An experimental radar layer with worldwidecoverage. It combines existing radar data with a computer modelproxy when data is not available.• Storm Tracks: Storm Tracks utilize the most advanced severeweather algorithms to provide a detailed analysis of an impendingstorm. This includes a storm strength rating, detailed componentsof the storm (such as wind, hail, lightning, and tornadoes), thespeed and direction of the storm, the precipitation rate, and muchmore.• Tropical Tracks map overlay• Lightning: View lightning 100 miles around your selected location(Continental US only)• More: Full screen map with customizable data layers including:earthquakes, fronts, severe weather alerts, and more.WIDGETS, ALERTS, & MORE!• Hyper-local weather data powered by Weather Underground's networkof over 250,000 personal weather stations• Widget featuring real-time alerts for severe weather• In-App alerts from the NOAA, Environment Canada, andMeteoAlarm.• Tap on current conditions, daily or hourly forecasts to view moredetailed weather data• Social weather: share storm tracking and radar data with yourfriends and family via text message, email, Facebook, orTwitter• Available on Android phones and 7-inch tablets.• Privacy policy can be found at:• Terms of Use can be found at:
Weather data & microclimate : 6.14.1
Weather radar, hyperlocal tracker and weather maps: follow yourweather station