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Antivirus & cleaner
Cleaner is a boost mobile security app toclean RAM 、just go speed up your phone .To clean android phone andboost mobile to a better statusAntivirus is FREE !antivirus android, Privacy guard for your phonesecurity, clean to make it faster!Antivirus Free, protects your Android devices with functions ofreal-time antivirus and anti-theft, ensure security!With Free Antivirus, your devices will be protected againstinvaders of harmful virus, malware, spyware and message, whichhelps to prevent unauthorized access and ensure personal datasafety.Antivirus gratis!Fast cleaner is a phone cleaner plus cache cleaner plus speedbooster and AppLock,mobile security appFast cleaner has some powerful functions. Like go speedbooster、applock、ram booster, game booster, turbo cleaner ,memorybooster, cache cleaner for your Android phones or tablet.Speedbooster can go speed up your phone and help you to save battery.Speed booster Give your phone all-side speed boost mobile! One-tapto cool CPU,Meanwhile, it is also have smart APPlock. A must havesecurity app, the best boost mobile masterAPPlock security. A must have security app, Tighten Security onYour clean Android Device. secure your private data with the smartAppLock!With AppLock, nobody can check your sensitive apps, messages exceptyourself. applock, a must-have privacy guard !※ Lite, Easy and Fast!what can cleaner do for you?★ full free Clean junk files.★ full free Clean cache.★ full free Clean junk APK.★ cleaner master full Clean of your device★ AppLock lock up your privacy★ More easy to clean cache and junk photos.★ guard your phone 360°★ enhance your phone go security-----------FEATURE-----------☆ Clean RAMDetect the health of your phone, clean RAM 、junk files and cachesin seconds. Easy to enlarge phone storage.turbo cleaner usesaccessibility features help you to stop unnecessary apps and cleanhidden junk files. Clearing application cached files and freeing upstorage space on your device .Make your phone become smoother,turbo cleaner can clean memory、clean junk、clean cache with fullpower, so it is a turbo cleaner☆speed boosterSpeed booster Give your phone all-side speed boost, never worryabout lag of phone☆cleaner masterCleaner master of all cleaner appHow to use Cleaner?Just one tap! So easy! It helps you to solve many phoneproblems!1. Tap "Clean “to boost up your phone. More than 80% users oftenuse the feature.2. Clean junk files and unnecessary APK, release phone storage inseconds.3. Add frequent used apps to white list, easier to manageapps.4. Applock, lock up your apps, protect your privacy. Your privacyguard &security toolCleaner, the best smart free cleaner master, the most smart privacyguard. Give your phone all-side speed boost.Cleaner. The mostuseful Android speed booster and fastest phone cleaner and rambooster,with powerful functions like junk cleaner 、Ramcleaner、battery saver and app manager.With the super phone cleaner and memory cleaner, you can fastestclean android phone with deep power cleaning, delete junk files andresidual files with only one tap.Choose the super junk cleaner master and ram cleaner master foryour Android phones or tablet.Cleaner is a free Optimizer and Android Privacy guard. Cleaner canhelp you to clean RAM 、clean caches and clean junk files, preventunnecessary apps consuming too much power and enlarge storage.Download this FREE Cleaner, It can boost the speed of your phone byup to 80%! With the advanced technology, cleaner smartly clears RAMand releases background apps, including some apps that haven't beenrooted.Cleaner A free app!Cleaner is a good boost mobile Optimizer for you to smooth yourphone. release memory and speed up in seconds.
Speed Check
Speed Check, the most powerful internet speedmeter, with the most accurate report, tests WiFi speed in seconds!It supports speed test of WiFi hotspots and GPRS (2G, 3G,4G). WithWiFi speed test and internet speed test, one tap speed test makesit possible to get test results within 20 seconds. In addition, itcan also scan wifi security of the connecting WiFi hotspot. Itcould check environment of the connecting WiFi. It is also a phonebooster that could clean up RAM,speed up your is the besttool of Internet speed test. It is also the best wifianalyzer.-----------FEATURE-----------☆ LiteSpeed Check occupies less RAM on your phone. It is a lite internetspeed meter. So,you could test speed of your phone fast.☆ Convenient to UseOne tap to test WiFi speed. As a wifi analyzer, It is convenient totest the speed of Internet. Speed Check could offer WiFi speed testin seconds with one tap. It offers the maximum convenience forspeed testing, is the best WiFi analyzer. You could test WiFi speedor Internet speed by clicking on the “Start Test” button. So, SpeedCheck is a portable WiFi test meter, you can test speed in onetap.It is the best internet speed meter.☆ FastOne tap speed test makes it possible to get Internet speed testresult within 20 seconds. So, you could get the result of WiFispeed test as soon as you want. It is a fast internet speed meter.You can test speed in one tap.☆ SafetySpeed Check helps to scan security of the connecting WiFi hotspot.Speed Check offers all-around WiFi test for your device when yousurf the Internet. Speed Check could also ensure whether your WiFiis encrypted or not by WiFi test. With WiFi test provided by SpeedCheck , you will have a better WiFi environment. It is not only awifi analyzer , but also a wifi protector.☆ RAM CleanerSpeed Check is also a phone booster. It could boost up your phonein seconds. It solves problems of lagging by cleaning up RAM. Ithelps to clean up RAM in one tap. It can boost up your phone in onetap. It clears RAM and releases background apps. It is not only ainternet speed meter, but also a phone booster.-----------MAIN FUNCTION-----------► Speed Test1.Wide-Ranging Test: Speed Check supports speed test of multi-typesnetwork connection, such as WiFi hotspots and GPRS (2G, 3G,4G). So,Speed Check could test the speed the current connecting WiFi. It isa useful wifi analyzer and you could test speed of your deviceanytime.2. Test Data Report: One tap speed test makes it possible to gettest result of Internet speed test.The test report will clearlyshow you the speed of ping, downloading, and uploading. It is auseful tool of WiFi speed test.It could provide you a detailed andaccurate report of WiFi connected.3. History Record: You can check the historical speed test recordsof WiFi connected.► WiFi SecuritySpeed Check helps to scan security of the connecting WiFi hotspot.It could scan WiFi security of the WiFi connected.► Clean RAMIt helps to clean up RAM, release storage. Background apps occupiesphone RAM and cause lagging of phone. So it is a phone booster tospeed phone up in seconds. Speed Check could let RAM faster.----------Speed Check, your best tool of internet speed test, tests speed inone tap. It tests speed of internet &WIFI. It helps to exactlyacquire the speed of ping, downloading and uploading, and ensurethe network security of WiFi hotspots. It can also scan security ofthe connecting WiFi hotspots, it helps to clean up RAM too.Speed Check, one ta p to test speed and get the network speed. So,it is convenient to get the results of 4G/3G and WiFi speedtests.Speed Check, scan security of the connecting WiFi.Speed Check, clears RAM in seconds. Your best phone booster toclean up RAM.
Photo Cartoon Camera- PaintLab
Cartoon Photo & Selfie Camera(PaintLab):******Best App of 2016 on Google Play in severalcountries!******Super popular Spring Paris Pink filters are coming!Try it in PhotoCartoon Camera- PaintLab right now. So pink and romantic, you won'twanna miss it.Great all-in-one Cartoon Camera & Filter Camera & Photoeditor pro app Photo Cartoon & Selfie Camera (PaintLab) allowsyou create pop art photo, art pics, cartoon pics, pencil sketchphoto, photo of painting style, photo of cartoon movie style,perfect selfie picture and own the perfect beauty camera &selfie camera & Photo editor pro app for Andriod at the sametime!So many filters we prepared for you: modern art filters, artpainting filters, animated film filters, cartoon filters, pop artfilters, Christmas Art Filter, various beauty selfie filters, etc.Every filter is unique and amazing. Turn your photos into greatpics of art.★ Key Features: ★★ Unique cartoon Art Filter★ Glamour Pop Art Photo Filters & Cartoon Filters &Gorgeous selfie beauty Filters & Art Effects★ Spring Paris Pink filters, Tokyo, Hongkong film filters★ Awesome HD Camera, perfect Selfie Camera with Photo Collage Maker& Layouts& Grid★ Art Filters Photo editor: cartoon Filters, art painting effects,modern art filters, pencil sketch effects★ Beauty Filters Photo editor: various stylish & perfect selfiefilters& Remix blending filters★ Powerful selfie camera: Double Exposure & Glamour Glow layer& Quick Snap& blending filters★ Super Easy-to-use photo editor with Photo Frame Blur& LayoutsBlur& Vignette Blur★ Perfect Look & Simply & Clean UI design#A New Way# to play with your pictures and to record the meaningfulmoment and perfect look of you. Let’s turn your photo gallery intoan perfect art pics exhibition.1. Numerous amazing cartoon & gorgeous selfie beauty filtersand art & sketch effects are prepared for you in PaintLab.Easily turn your photos into perfect look art pics.- Powerful photo editor pro, selfie beauty camera make your selfiea perfect look.- Pop Art Photo Filters & cartoon filters& Christmas ArtFilters turn photos into works of art pics, cartoon photos.- Turn your photo gallery into an art painting & art picsexhibition.2. Perfect beauty filters selfie camera with HD foto, live PhotoCollage Maker & Layouts& Grid* Powerful face recognition& Fast capture snap your perfectlook* Numerous gorgeous selfie beauty Filters* Live photo collage maker& layouts& grid selfiecamera* Powerful photo retouch tools: Photo Frame Blur& layoutsblur& Vignette Blur3. Superior photo studio with Simply UI design. Easy to use. Onetap snap& transform.#1: Snap a picture or choose a photo from your photo gallery.#2: Select the art filters, cartoon filters, pencil sketch effects,or the selfie beauty filters you like.#3: Photo editor & photo retouch: add Photo Frame Blur &Vignette BlurPhotos into works of art pics & cartoon pictures & pencilsketches. Save it to your photo gallery and share it toInstagram.4. Share your art pictures to impress your friends.- Share the unique and awesome art photo, cartoon pictures, pencilsketch effect photo or the perfect selfie retouched with live photocollage maker and photo frame blur & vignette blur to thesocial media platforms such as Instagram,Facebook.- Impress your Instagram followers.Contact Us:Facebook: [email protected]
Solitaire 1.2.62
Solitaire - An interesting and relaxing cardgame ( also known as Klondike Solitaire and Patience ) foryou!If you are a big fan of Classic Solitaire, casino card games, orcasual games, then try Solitaire ( Klondike Solitaire and Patience)! Solitaire is a free and easy card game ( Klondike Solitaire andPatience ), it can accompany you to spend boring time.Remember the classical card game? Now you can play it on yourmobile phone! Come and download the free Solitaire ( KlondikeSolitaire and Patience ) and experience its fun andcharm~o(^▽^)o----------------- Highlights ------------------♥ Daily ChallengeDaily Challenge wins will reward you with crowns. The moreChallenges you overcome, the more crowns and trophies you’ll earn!And Beat consecutive daily puzzles and earn yourself a Solitairetrophy!Complete Daily Challenge for more trophies!♥ ClassicalSimilar to classical card games, easy and fun! You can play itanywhere at anytime as long as you have the Solitaire on yourmobile phone. Come on and download the card game now!♥ Winning DealWinning Deal that guarantee at least one winning solution!♥ Protect your eyesSolitaire has the green background to protect your eyes and bringyou the best experience when you play card games.♥ Draw One & Draw ThreeSolitaire provides fun and addictive classic solitairegameplay!!Wanna the card game has different difficulty? Don’t worry, weprovide two modes : Klondike Solitaire Draw One and KlondikeSolitaire Draw Three. Different play modes, differentexperience!♥ Be more competitivePersonal records and statistics help you to defeat your old highscore every day!♥ Undo & TipsPlay wrong accidentally? Take it easy, Solitaire has unlimited undofunction. You never need to worry about play it wrong and gameover!What’s more, if you did not have any ideas, Solitaire also give yousome Tips to help you win the game~♥ Colorful card interfaceSolitaire provide kinds of colorful card face, card back to bringyou more fun!With the perfect blend of popular classic solitaire gameplay andnice simple graphical design, you are guaranteed to have the bestexperience with our powerful solitaire game!----------------- Features ------------------♠ Daily challenging♠ Winning Deal Leaderboard♠ Portrait and Landscape view mode♠ Vegas Casino Style scoring and Solitaire Classic scoring♠ All Winning deals♠ Timer mode♠ Kinds of card styles♠ Various of card face, card back and table background withbeautiful graphics.Customize settings to suit your taste!!Worried about your phone traffic is too much? Let’s play Solitaire!This is a smart card game which can be played without wifi or4G.Solitaire is the most interesting card game ever!!!The best 2016games is Solitaire. What are you waiting for? Come and download thefree card game and have fun !!Contact Solitaire :Email: [email protected]
App Lock & DIY Locker
New fingerprint lock is here in App lock. Comeand try it!Are you afraid of losing your private information when othersborrow your mobile phone? Don’t worry, AppLock will 360° protectyour privacy by using lock apps. AppLock is your best free privacyguard DIY locker ever! You only need to type 4 digit with yourkeyboard or draw a pattern to lock your apps. By using AppLock, youdon’t need to worry about your private gallery is snooping byothers, don’t need to worry about kids mass up your phone settings,don’t need to worry about your phone memory is not enough becauseAppLock is lite etc... The most important is you can make your ownDIY Locker with your photos which is different from others~! Comeand download AppLock for free!-----------------------Features----------------------☆ DIY Locker with your photos, the best AppLock ever! Everythingis free!☆Fingerprint lock password is supported on specificdevices☆ Easy - to - Use, One-Tap to Lock Apps, DIY locker is alsoeasy!☆ Variety of Beautiful AppLock Themes!☆ Different ways to lock apps, your best privacyguard!☆ Safety, Power saving, Personal, Lite!☆ Colorful AppLock Lock Screen!------------------Main Functions------------------*^_^* DIY LockerWanna make a DIY locker for yourself only? AppLock will 360°satisfyyour requirements - you can DIY your own AppLock with your photosor pictures you like to lock apps. Let AppLock become yourexclusive free privacy guard !*^_^* Concise InterfaceAppLock has very concise interface and very easy to use. You don’tneed any instructions to teach you how to use AppLock! Everythingis easy~ One-tap to lock apps, just use few seconds. Moreover, weapplied variety of colorful themes in AppLock, which you can use itto lock apps easily. In addition, AppLock is very lite, which won’toccupy too much space of your phone.*^_^* Pattern LockCan’t remember the complex password? Try pattern lock in AppLock!Use the patterns you like to lock your apps. Use AppLock to protectyour privacy easily.*^_^* Pincode LockUse 4 digits in AppLock to lock your apps, more safety thanpatterns. With pincode lock, your apps are overall protected andonly can be accessed by yourself. AppLock will be your best privacyguard!*^_^* Fingerprint LockUse Fingerprint Lock in AppLock to lock your apps, more safety thanpatterns. With Fingerprint Lock, your apps are overall protectedand only can be accessed by yourself. AppLock will be your bestprivacy guard!AppLock is your personal private app lock which protect your apps!It’s your best privacy guard ever~~! Come and download to enjoyyour exclusive free DIY Locker AppLock!!Contact AppLock :Facebook [email protected] Guideline