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MotoGP Racing '21 4.0.8
MotoGP 2021 Season Edition. Finally, a motorcycle racing game thatkeeps you on the track and focused on what wins races, TIMING!Timing on the brakes and timing on the throttle. Experience theintense racing action that is MotoGP. Race as your favorite riderand join them on the podium of the Fan World Championship, orcustomize your own bike and challenge your friends with the highestscores. AUTHENTIC RACING EXPERIENCE Actual tracks and realisticgraphics make this one of the most incredibly beautiful games inthe App Store. Our mission was to create a game which gives you afeeling of the intense competition that is MotoGP where races arewon and lost by a fraction of a second. A GAME EVERYONE CAN PLAYControls focus on what wins’ races: Time your braking into cornersand your throttle when accelerating out. We have made gameplaysimple and easy so everyone can enjoy it, however it is much morechallenging to master than it may appear. RACE YOUR FRIENDS Youcompete for the highest scores by being fast and controlled,connect with your friends and challenge them on different tracks.Watch the leaderboard and stay on top by beating your friends’scores. RISE UP THROUGH THE RANKS TO THE FIRST GLOBAL DIVISIONWHERE THE BEST RACERS COMPETE You will see your rank in eachdivision change dynamically as you improve your scores on eachtrack. As you reach the top ranks in each division you will bepromoted to the next, until you reach the world’s elite MotoGPracers in Division 1. Your skill and commitment will be recognizedon the global leaderboards. UPGRADE FROM OPEN BIKE ROOKIE TO YOURFAVORITE RIDER When you first get started choose an authenticsponsor such as Alpinestars, Tissot or Nolan, your sponsor will payyou to race. Use the currency you earn to upgrade your bike whichmakes you more competitive. If you wish to join an official team orrace as your favorite rider, you can save up virtual currency toacquire them or make an in App Purchase. RACE AS YOUR FAVORITERIDER AND JOIN THE FAN WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP Enter the Fan WorldChampionship (FWC) and race as your favorite rider. The fan who hasthe highest score on each track will join their favorite rider onthe FWC podium each fortnight. Win amazing prizes like TissotWatches, Nolan Helmets and the FWC Trophy supplied by Brembo. Thisis the official mobile eSports of MotoGP. RACE EACH TRACK AND WATCHYOUR STATISTICS IMPROVE ON THE TIME SHEETS. As you race each trackyour “score card” automatically updates, recording your high scoreon each track and best place finish. It also updates with yourmaximum combo and records telemetry data, recording your averagetiming variance to perfection. The racing physics are models onMarc Marquez, the 2016 MotoGP World Champion. MAJOR BRANDS SPONSORTOURNAMENTS There is always a wide range of tournaments runningsponsored by the leading brands in the sport. Win great virtualprizes and sometimes real stuff which we will ship to the winner'shome. OFFICIALLY LICENSED RIDERS, BIKES, TEAMS, TRACKS AND SPONSORSThis is the real deal. When you download and play this game you areconnecting with the sport on a very realistic level. IMPORTANT:MotoGP Championship Quest requires an internet connection to playand an iPhone 5 or iPad 2 or later versions. MotoGP ChampionshipQuest is free to play, however you can choose to pay real money forsome extra items which will charge your iTunes account. You candisable in-app purchasing by adjusting your device settings. Jointhe millions of fans in our social media community and get updatedinformation on tournaments and MotoGP results. Facebookhttps://www.facebook.com/motogpchampionshipquest On Twitter;@PlayMotoGP On Instagram @playMotoGP On the webwww.championshipquest.com Comments or suggestions; email us [email protected] or reach us through the help menu in thegame Our terms of service and privacy policy can be found atwww.championshipquest.com
AskSteve 1.1
From the studio to your phone, Ask Steve theapp now gives you the chance to answer and ask those crazyquestions about life’s greatest dilemmas. Ask Steve is everybody’sfavorite segment on the hit daytime talk show STEVE HARVEY. Youlove the show now it's time to play the game.Have you watched the show and asked yourself: “Wow, I wonderwhat I would say?”Select a topic and jump right in with your opinions on issues thattest your moral compass, pull at your heartstrings and tickle yourfunny bone. Win CA$H as you answer the questions. Compete to seehow much you know about topics like: marriage, dating, finance,parenting, friendship, romance and more!You can also submit questions for others to answer! Looking fora place to be heard? You found it!INTERACT WITH OTHER ASK STEVE FANS!This is a social sharing app where you interact with other SteveHarvey fans. to engage with the latest topics from the talk show.Talk with real people about real issues and bring your funny fresh,insightful and common sense approach to everyday problems.Have an opinion about eliminating bullying and racism? Share!Looking for advice on how to keep the fire burning in yourrelationship? Ask!Features three types of questions:1.Text-based Questions: Write your questions using thekeyboard and create a selection of answers. There is a 255character limit for both question and each answer.2.Photo-based Questions-Sometimes a picture is worth athousand words. Submit your photos along with a question and letthe audience give you their opinion about the photographs!3.Video-based Questions: LIGHTS, CAMERA, ACTION! Submit avideo along with your question but keep it short and sweet (30seconds).IMPORTANT NOTICE: Each time you upload or submit usercontent (or if you attempt to do so) you will be confirming youracceptance of, and agreement to be bound by, all the terms andconditions of WePlay Media Submission Agreement. By uploading andsubmitting the photo(s), video(s) and any other materials(“Materials”), you agree that the Materials become the sole andexclusive property of Producer and will not be returned, and yousubmit to the Submission Terms and Conditions found andincorporated https://weplay.helpshift.com/a/asksteve/ andsummarized below. You agree that Producer may, but is not obligatedto, use the Materials in connection with the Program, in all medianow known or hereafter developed, worldwide, in perpetuity.Further, you represent and warrant that: i) all Materials are 100%original; ii) the Materials do not violate any third parties’rights of privacy, publicity, or constitute a defamation againstany person or entity; iii) that the Materials will not infringeupon or violate the copyright or common law rights or any otherrights of any person or entity; and iv) that you are at least 18years of age and the person depicted in the Materials. You agree toindemnify Producer and broadcaster for all damages and expenses(including reasonable attorney’s fees) arising out of any breach orfailure of the warranties made herein.This game permits users to interact with one another (e.g. commentsfollowing). Linking to social networking sites are not intended forpersons under age 13.IMPORTANT: Ask Steve requires an Internet connection to play andAsk Steve is free to play. However, you can choose to pay realmoney for some extra items that will charge your iTunes account.You can disable in-app purchasing by adjusting your devicesettingsFind us on the web: http://www.weplay.mediaComments or suggestions; email us at [email protected] orreach us through the help menu in the game.Sharen King Executive ProducerOur terms of service can be foundhttps://weplay.helpshift.com/a/asksteve/?s=privacy-terms-and-conditions&f=terms-and-conditionsOur privacy policy can be found at:https://weplay.helpshift.com/a/asksteve/?s=privacy-terms-and-conditions&f=user-content
Bubble Wrap: Pop A Palooza 1.0
- Clever and simple gameplay that lets youplayat your own pace, but keeps up with you the faster you can go.- 40 different stages to unlock and play, with newfeatures,obstacles and abilities introduced as you progress!- Fun power-ups that don’t require real money purchases.- Beware of hazards such as beetles, bombs and protectivemetaldomes that make the bubble popping experience muchmoreexciting.- 4 different goals to achieve per stage. Can you clear allthegoals?