Clock Vault-Hide Photos,Videos 29.0
Secret Gallery clock vault to hide photos, hide videos, file locker& applock
SwiftRepost 15.0
Download Pictures and Videos is much easier now! That's why ourappSwiftRepost is useful too! SwiftRepost lets you easilydownloadmultiple photos and videos and repost directly in yourfeed. Youcan save any public photos and videos you find includingyourTagged, Bookmarks, Display Picture (DP) and Save Stories inHD.FEATURES: ☆Download unlimited videos and photos directly toyourgallery. ☆ Search profile by Username, Hashtags &Location.☆Like and Share Videos that you love ☆ Savealbum(carousal) post inone click ☆ DownloadPopular/Bookmarked/Tagged Photos & Videos☆ Repost withauto-copy hashtags & caption. ☆Profile picturedownloader of anyuser in HD. ☆Save Stories before they disappearin 24 hours. ☆Password Protection with a 4 digit PIN (alsofingerprint forcompatible devices) GALLERY: - Watch saved videosoffline - Sortphotos and videos by username or date. - Videoplayer & imageviewer with slideshow - Repost, share, hide,delete, multi-select -Zoom, shuffle and much more… DISCLAIMER: -Please do not useSwiftRepost app to save photos/videos without thepermission of therespective owners. DM us on for quick support.
Privacy Vault– Hide Photos and Video Locker 1.0
Hide Photos, Video Locker app & photo hider Gallery Vaultappthat lets you hide pictures and personal picture lock andphotohider albums or secret videos behind secret clock. photo vaultlooklike simple clock with the naked eye but has a secret galleryvaultbehind it. ☆Hide private photos and videos under the clock.☆AccessPhoto, Video Locker by time password on clock screen of thisapp.☆Keep safe, simple and practical photo vault hide pictures!TimerVault Gallery Lock open only by secret time that is set byyouotherwise it functional as Clock. This way no one knows yourmobilehad installed gallery lock and you can secretly hide picturestokeep safe from others by this Smart Clock-----------MAINFUNCTION----------- 【Secret Door】 - Disguised andinconspicuousclock vaulty, hide private photos and video locker. -On thesurface is a clock app to camouflage your private photovault. 【AppLock Fingerprint】 - You can use your fingerprint toUnlock yoursecret Time vault and Applock Fingerprint. - One tap toLock appslike Messenger, Gallery, Browser, Contacts, Email andSettings.【Private Browser】 - Private web browser to downloadphotos, videosand audios leaves no tracks in your system. -Download videossecretly inside app. 【Intrusion Alert】 - Photolocker take time torecord secretly when the password is enteredincorrectly (if yourdevice has a front camera). - If someone triesto break intoprivate photo Vault, we will send you an alert toprotect yourphotos and videos,keep photo safe. 【Fake Password】 -Support FakeLocker system and show fake content when you input fakepassword toprotect real gallery lock. 【Files Protection】 - Turn“ON” appprotection option from settings after you Hide pictures andVideolocker to protect from deleting important photos and videofiles. -To prevent the loss of important documents, gallery vaultgive youthe greatest security! -----------SPECIAL FEATURE----------- -Import and hide pictures, hide video from video &photogallery. - Use Slide Show option and set slide intervalfromsettings to relax and view photos - Video player to watchvideosinside video vaulty. - You can edit landscaping for rotatingandzooming. Vault, makes it easier to protect your private fileswiththe intelligent gallery vault and photo locker ensuring yourphotosafe even if your phone is lost or damaged. This is apowerfulgallery vault!Try this amazing functional photo locker andhidepictures & videos vault so that hide pictures not visibleinphoto gallery. How to Use Time Lock? Step 1: Launch our VaultClockand press the middle button of clock. Step 2: Set a desiredtimepassword by moving hour and minute hands and press middlebutton ofclock. Step 3: Now repeat the password to confirm.IMPORTANT: Donot uninstall this app before restoring your personalfilesotherwise it will be lost forever. DeviceadministratorsPermission: Timer Vault photo locker and video lockerneeds DeviceAdministrator Permission to prevent it from beinguninstalled byintruders and this app never use this permissionexcept foruninstall prevention. Enable this permission fromSettings.Accessibility service permission: Allow Accessibilityservicepermission to use applock so that you can use the applockfeaturefast and reduce battery usage. -----------FrequentlyAsked----------- 1, How to Hide Pictures for the newusers? Openthe Time Lock app, set Time password, and then bind yourmailbox,you can upload photos and videos in the Gallery Vaulty ! 2,Forgotpassword. How can I reset it? To reset password you have toopenour Timer Lock and enter 10:10 time on clock and pressmiddlebutton. It will open password reset screen with secretquestion setby you, answer it correctly and set new password orpress on?symbol button on screen and it will open reset screen.Contact us:[email protected]
Time Locker - Hide Pictures, F 9.0
Hide photos, video locker. Secret photo vault & app locker