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Wordy Free Word Scrabble Game 1.4
Join us in the best fun and fastest free wordscrabble game to challenge yourself or your friends, we combineknowledge into fun in one of the newest scrabble word games in thestore, enjoy many different levels and unlock more challenges asyou go through the game.★Wordy is a word-finding puzzle game that combine Scrabble andBoggle games elements.This scrabble word game has two playing modes, Solo &Multiplayer Mode, play on solo mode and find a lot of new thingsthat never come before in the scrabble games, you will find brandnew missions on each level that will increase your knowledge andvocabulary.The game is based on how fast you can find words in the scrabbleboard, the bigger the word the bigger your score, complete yourobjectives to move to the next level. swipe your finger acrossletters to match valid words.Play Wordy scrabble game online with strangers all over theworld in real-time live scrabble games and put your mark in thehighest score board, let everyone know what can you do.Time is short and Moves are Limited try to spell as much wordsas you can with the longest length and beat the clock.The game has one of the biggest English dictionaries that makesit one of the best word scrabble games ever made.Starting play it now and choose between the fast or the smartplaying. If you choose fast you will have to find a lot of shortwords but if you play smart you to find the longest one.
Scrabble Word Search - Wordy 1.0
Wordy is one of the free word searchinggameand it based on find words, challenge your verbal skills andwinall the levels,I think you can't pass level 27 :)The game is based on solving the required challenges in ordertopass the level , it's a brain thinking game and fullofpuzzles,If you didn't try the word scrabble games or word searchgamesbefore, so you have to start playing the game now.The game is available in two languages (Arabic & English)andsoon will be available in many other languages.You will find at this game many different ideas andchallenges,you have to win the game at limited time and alsolimited moves,and you have to find the answer of some questions atthe givenletters,the game is suitable for each one, it will be veryinterestingfor you and your kids,