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GPS Friend Locator
GPS Friend Locator is a GPS based compass appin which you can set any target location and get the directiontowards the target location. You can see your friends location andtheir status on the map. Also you can set your friends location astarget and get direction towards that. In addition you can getroute, accurate speed, accurate gps location, distance, etc,.This is the only app which is showing direction towards yourfriends location. You can share your stored locations with yourfriends and can communicate with your friends while traveling. Itwill make your travel easy! It is free only!! Just downloadit!!!Features:*********Usability: Simple and easy to use.Navigate: Get GPS direction using our compass for wherever you wantto go.GPS Accuracy: Gives you very accurate GPS location.Driving Route: Shows correct route on the map to your targetlocation which makes your travel easy with the help of our GPScompass.GPS Distance: Gives you very accurate distance to the targetlocation from your current locationDriving Speed: You can get very accurate speed through our compasspage.Friends connect: It connects you with your friends. Showing friendslocation and status. And direction towards them. Can share yourstored location with your friends.Instructions:************** Add locations by making long press on 'maps' page.* Make active any of the target locations(to which you needdirection) on the 'locations' page.* To add friends, Select 'Friends' tab -> then 'My Friends'button on top -> And search for friends by using search optionthere.* Send friend requests and ask your friends to accept that.Thats all! Our compass will show the direction to the targetlocation which you set. Yes. It also shows the driving route to thetarget place which helps you while traveling. Its very simple!!Just try it!!!!Please visit us at
Free Puzzle Maze 3D 1.1.1
Description :Work your way through the maze from start to finish picking up thetwo keys to unlock the doors at the opposite end. Be wary though,fire, moving balls, rotating doors, asteroids, falling tiles andbullets are everywhere, evade them at all costs!This game gives you the feeling of playing puzzle and adventurekind of games. Yes! You have to solve the maze and reach the targetby escaping from obstacles. It is free only! Just try this gamenow!! It would be really fun!!!Features :* More than 40 levels and 10 different mazes.* Different controls(Button and Tilt) available to play the mazeeasily.* Excellent graphics of mazes that gives you the feeling of playingon Space.* Enjoy the fun, puzzle and adventurous game play in a single gameat free of cost.* Allows you to play the maze to finish it with best time.How to play?* The objective of the game is to solve the puzzle and reach "ExitDoor" for unlocking next levels.* You have to collect all the keys on the maze which would unlockthe door to reach the target(make visibility of the Door).* The arrow over the ball on the maze will show the directiontowards keys and the exit door.* Use the coins to re spawn if you felt down from the maze.Kindly feel free to share your comments and thoughts about thisgame with us.
Offline Map Navigation - GPS Driving Route
Search, Get Directions & Navigate anywhere even withoutinternetconnection • Turn-by-turn route instructions &real-timenavigation • Find directions for car, motorbike, bicycleor walkmodes • Add way-points and get optimized route • Findnearby Hotels,Restaurants, Hospitals, ATM, Banks, Public andShopping places evenin offline • Accurate voice guidance •Automatic rerouting duringnavigation • Find compass direction to alocation on map •Alternative route suggestions • Shareable routeinstructions • Saveyour favorite locations for quick access • FastGPS update • Clearday and night map styles • Downloadable offlinemaps • All featureswork in both online and offline mode Why‘Offline Map Navigation’? •Save money on roaming charges withoffline maps • Plan your travelmore effectively by savinglocations to visit as way-points andfinding optimized path • Shareyour trip plan with friends andfamily • Multi language supportDisclaimer: Offline Map Navigationapp is a GPS based navigationapplication which uses your location'while using the app' or ‘allthe time’ . It uses your location'while using the app' or ‘all thetime(even in the background)’ forthe following purposes: - showyour accurate current location -guide you to navigate to thedestination
Driving Route Finder™ - Find GPS Location & Routes
Are you an frequent traveler and going somewhere? Go withDrivingRoute Finder, a GPS based route finding app you can use itforaccurate GPS location, detailed maps, nearby POI places,routes,route preview and instructions. Find fast and optimiseddirectionsfor Bus/Train Transit, Driving, Walking or Bicycling.Reach yourdestination in time by finding quick routes Preview yourdrivingroute before you start to drive Optional routes andwaypoints mayhelp you in some times Different travel modes and mapstyles Avoidtraffic signals, speed cams and toll gates Find nearbyhotels orrestaurants on your way and avoid being hungry Find nearbymedicalshops or hospitals in case of emergency Find nearbyparkinglocations, gas stations, coffee shops, repair shops, etc,.Knowspeed limit of your driving route and drive safely Saveyourfavourite places you want to visit or go frequentlySearch,discover and explore your local places Experience the welldetailedmaps experience Share route instructions to your friendsand helpthem on the way Get direction towards your target placesusingcompass Save driving routes and access whenever you needGetDriving Route Finder and enjoy your travel without spendingtoomuch time finding routes! To know more about us and shareyourfeedback, please visit us at Driving Route Finder Facebook: Please visit usat
GPS Tools® - Find, Measure, Navigate & Explore
Have you ever got stuck on road without accurate GPS location? Haveyou ever needed all GPS based tools in one app? Get GPS Tools,all-in-one GPS app which includes location tagging, speedometer,altimeter, compass directions, gps alarm, weather & forecast,distance, level meter, area finder, gps time, gpx importer/viewer,hiking maps, and more. Highly Battery optimised GPS app Fast GPSupdate and Works offline Easy to use and well organised Navigationapp for all your outdoor activities including hiking CustomisableGPS based tools Get exact location always even in low signal areaswith high accuracy Useful set of tools with address finder Sharelocation photo, address and coordinates to others Track and findyour lost phone Never miss a bus or train stop again with GPS alarmduring transit Going outdoor, trekking or visiting new places? Donot forget to take this app While trekking you can accessaltimeter, compass, weather, pressure and more Import GPX files ofyour trips. View tracks, routes, elevation and waypoints from GPXfiles Analyse information and statistics of your tracks and routesView graphs(charts) for variations of speed and elevation of yourtracks Get this app for speedometer or odometer Set speed limit andget warned while over speeding Record your speed and track yourtrips Get direction towards your destination with compass Measureyour surface level with spirit level meter Find Global PositioningSystem (GPS) date time Find GPS locations and directions Navigateand explore the world Plan your travel or activity with accuratereal-time weather and forecast data Always be safe with real-timeweather alerts and severe weather warnings Go trekking with all thetools you need in one app Align your satellite dish with satellitenumber and signal strength Stay out of polluted areas and dirediseases with air pollution monitor Plan your travel based on yourlocal weather and forecast report Stay dry during rainy season withrain alerts Stay out of sunburn and melanoma with UV index dataMeasure area of your plot, land or house with area finder Findaltitude or distance between any places quickly Save your favouriteplaces you want to visit or go frequently Get accurate devicesensor data Have app on your wear and stay updated * Supportsandroid wear and instant app feature * Supports metric and imperialunits * Some features may not be available in all countriesDisclosure: ************ As GPS Tools® app is a GPS basedapplication and it contains many tools/utilities which uses yourlocation while using the app or all the time(even in the backgroundalso). It uses your location while using the app for the followingtools or purposes: - show travelling speed(Speedometer) - showweather and forecast at where you are - show current location andaddress - show air quality and uv index at where you are - showdirection in compass - show satellite signal at where you are -show weather map It uses your location all the time (even when themobile app is closed or not in use) for the following tools orpurposes: - to trigger GPS Alarm (GPS Alarm) - to log location ofyour device(Track & Find Device) - to show path youtravelled(Trekking Pro) Download GPS Tools and enjoy using all GPSfeatures with minimal battery usage! To know more about us andshare your feedback, please visit us at GPS Tools Facebook : GPS Tools Website:
Battle Strategy®
Master the Art of War in this real time strategy game. Earngems& crowns to level up. Make your battle formation witharmy& spells to conquer against enemy overlords. * Click playandstart fighting without any setup or loading time. Works offline.*Choose your army & wage war to face powerful bosses andtheirwrath * Battle real time against other players defensestrategyused in a battle scenario * Duel & raid their royalkingdomwith your hero * Defeat their towers to win crown jewels andearnrewards to unlock new heroes and spells * Use your winningstoupgrade heroes and spells to match your style of play *Discoverpowerful new heroes, spells and towers * Upgrade to newarenas& customize your battle scenario * Research new battletactics& techniques & build your army deck * Challengeotherplayers & rank your victory on the global leader-board *Share& Clash with your Facebook friends * Become the battlechampionby mastering your deck of royale cards & spells * Shareyourvictory with your Facebook friends and get gifts from yourfriends* You can check your ranking against players near you andaroundthe world * Deploy troops & wage epic MMO RTS combat *Buildvillage and gather resources * Gamble with your gold &gems toearn more Battle Strategy game is free to download andplay,however, some game items can also be purchased for real money.Ifyou do not want to use this feature, please set uppasswordprotection for purchases in the settings of your GooglePlay Storeapp. Network connection may be required sometimes forsyncing anddownloading or upgrading to new levels.