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Frontier Commando War Mission 1.2
An army commando has been assigned a missionto get into the enemy’s army base near your country’s frontier allalone to rescue an important commander detained by the enemy and tokill all soldiers at the base. He has some modern weapons but mostof all he has the courage to step into the enemy’s territory andfinish all of them for the dear homeland. The commando has to fighta gorilla battle all the way until the mission isaccomplished.Enemy has established an army base in a mountain forest. They areplanning to attack your city. The commando has assigned a missionto surprise them by secretly entering and killing their soldiers.There are different missions to complete. In every mission thinkyourself a brave commando who is committed to serve hiscountry.MISSION 1When you come close the army base first thing you see is thearsenal. You have to get into the arsenal and take weapons with youwhile killing all soldiers who come across. In this mission youhave to kill 7 enemy soldiers.MISSION 2After taking ammo from the arsenal you have to face the enemy’sfrontline troop, again you will face 7 commandos to kill. Keepwatching the enemy locator as the enemy can come from the backdoor.MISSION 3Moving ahead you can see a security watchtower, empty at this time.This is the best place to shoot the enemy soldiers. In this missionyou have to kill 20 enemies. You can change the position if needed.Here you may change the gun as from the tower you will need asniper gun.MISSION 4This one is the rescue mission. You have to rescue Major detainedby the enemy. Rescue your companion commando and kill 38enemies.MISSION 5Now you have to move to another tower to clear the boundaries ofthe army base. You have to kill 21 enemy soldiers.MISSION 6This is the final mission. Kill all the attacking enemies tocompletely clear the army base. Accomplishing all missionssuccessfully he survivor commando must be warded with the higherranks and more stars at his shoulders.FEATURES.-- Real shooting action game.-- Beautiful jungle mountain environment.-- Three guns change option is available-- Player position can also be changed.-- An enemy locator is available to locate the attackingsoldiers.
Air Force Mission 3D 1.1
Your army intelligence agencies has reportedmilitary activities of the neighboring country near your borderline in the deep ocean. She has made some army bases on thoseislands and are planning a ruinous attack.It became the mostimportant mission to stop them for the glory of the nation.A decisive air strike operation has been planned to accomplish themission. A competent GD pilot assigned to destroy all the enemyarmy bases along with their weapons, artillery and theirarsenals.The brave soldier pilot takes the modern war airplane to fight adifficult air combat.The warplane is equipped with modern guidedmissiles to aim the enemy artillery.There are total five enemy army bases and ten missions to completewithin a specified time limit. The pilot doesn't have much time fora perfect air attack to kill the enemy and destroy all ammunitionand supplies.Playing this game is the best opportunity to learn how to operatean air fighter. Tilt sensors are used to turn the fighter jet andthere are button to fire the missiles after targeting them by anaiming device.Enjoy playing a lifetime experience of fighting a real airbattle.
Miami Super Crime Scene 1.5
Traditional rivals: Police and the criminalsare in front of each other. Police of the city is set to chase thecrime and fight a war against the gangsters and kill them all toclean the city from hike of crime they have created. The city is inthe state of siege; your mission is to clear the area by killingall criminals who has occupied a hospital building, a policestation, residential area, gas filling station, and a commercialarea.The policemen have to show their prowess on killing the gangs andbeing their terminator and headhunter. The brave police man has touse all modern weapons and take the aim and shoot. Showing no mercykill all the insane criminals.The gameplay is very exciting as you have to snipe the criminalshiding in a jungle. Upon listening to the sound of fire thecriminals will try to escape. You have to shoot them before theydisappear. You have limited time but unlimited ammunition.FEATURES-: Realistic jungle environment.-: Difficult missions.-: Precise sniper shooter gun.-: Optimized gun controls.
Zombie Kill Target 1.9
Challenge is to defeat zombiesindestructionand the horror they are causing. Fire a hail ofbulletsto kill allthe beasts to stop them from killing humans,using yourautoloadergun. Make this mission possible with your armyshootingskills asyou have to save the world from ZombiesapocalypseThe deepest fear of man is going to rise again. Theinfectedzombieshave spread all over the city. Your mission to killall thezombiescoming out from every building of the area andsaveyourcountry.All of your army commandos team members have been killedbythezombies and you are the only survivor soldier tocompletethemission to purge the area from the undead. You have toarmyourselfup with modern weapons and hunt down all the walkingundeadcomingout of the buildings where they have killedhumansbrutally.GAME FEATURES- Intense zombies shooting action.- Kill different zombies.- Enjoy the sensation of firing and killing the evil.- Cool high fidelity 3D graphics.- Immersive game play.
Battle Racing Shooting Cars 1.2
Battle racing shooting cars is a free actionpacked shooter game. Play it to enjoy both racing and shootingaction simultaneously. Shooting cars bullets looks like unrealwhile in this game you can shoot enemy cars with a bazookagenerally known as rocket launcher.Imagine yourself a brave, patriotic and dutiful army commando whois assigned a mission to chase and shoot enemy cars that arecarrying terrorist or some kind of enemy. The army commander has tocontrol the army jeep as well as aim the enemy, cars fire thebazooka and blow the cars away.★★ GAME PLAY★★Game play is quite easy and very addictive. You have to shoot enemycars, with a bazooka fitted at the top of yuor army jeep whiledriving through traffic cars very carefully. If you hit or eventouch a traffic car other than the enemy car the game will be over.Just maneuver your army jeep through the traffic and go on shootingcars make maximum score and challenge your friends.★★★SPECIAL FEATURE★★★- Addictive game play.- True to life environment.- Unlimited ammunition.- Opportunity to play both racing and shooting action in onegame
Passenger Transport Ship 1.1.7
Holiday season starts ; passenger transportship is ready for the cruises in the deep ocean and take you todifferent beautiful islands to make your holidays more fun.Thespeed boat will pick up and drop off the passengers in limited timefrom the sea shore to the islands and then from islands to theshores.Travelling by a passenger cruise ship is real fun when you watchdown the deck how it goes tearing off the water waves and leavingbehind sharks and whales, while on the deck you sit on an easychair and enjoy the sun.The game is all about driving and controlling a ship and takingtourists to different places The target is to take a group oftourists and take them to their destination in limited timeImprove your ship driving and parking skills.Arriving at adestination you have to park the motorboat without bumping otherplaces..Embark the passengers, let them aboard properly cruisethrough the deep sea, reach one of the islands let the touristsdisembark.You have to take up all procedures properly.Enjoy thecruise through deep blue sea. The ship is not as big as titanic, soyou can control and maneuver easily and enjoyably.FEATURES-- Controls are very smooth to operate.-- Natural sea environment-- Awesome sounds-- High fidelity graphics.-- Different missions and destinations.-- Immersive game play..
Crazy Race Cars 1.1
Come to experience the racing fury. Differentkind of funky cars are there, and you can choose one of them for afurious racing experience.The procession of the cars has so muchfluency that you can easily focus on racing with rival cars. Youhave to leave the rush of the cars behind even you have to hitthem, The environment takes you to the virtual reality world.Instead of modern style cars we are providing you with funky carsfor the joy ride. Becoming the ruler of racing, conquer the speedcars and win on the tracks.FEATURES- Extremely fun based auto sport.- True to life sounds and high fidelity cool graphics.- Burn the tracks and wheels when you accelerate.- Abundant cars are available to choose.
Go ! Jungle Monkey Go ! 1.2
Go ! Jungle Monkey Go ! is a cool endlessrunning and jumping mario style game. Meet our brave monkey kongwho is out there in a jungle, desert, ocean and snow.Our starmonkey kong loves different fruits like banana, pomegranate andgrapes to pick from the vine. While running and jumping through itsway, he has to collect different fruits to get high scores and hehas to save himself from chilis and other hurdles. On the way helphim free a parrot to boost the scores.HOW TO PLAYTap the monkey to make it jump, tap twice to make double jump.Collect fruits like banana, pomegranate, other things like cupcake, cookies and free a parrot to get scores and avoid hurdles,chilis and the gaps to save it from its death.FEATURES-Cool hand drawn graphics.-Physics based gameplay.-Make your monkey kong run through different landscapes.-Every landscape has a beautiful environment.-One of the best endless monkey running game.
Sniper Target Shooting 1.1
Sniper Target Shooting is one of the best FPSgames. It is far different from traditional sniper shooting games.You are equipped with a rapid fire gun and unlimited ammunitionsupplies. So you can fire continuously and enjoy shootingfun.A danger is prevailing all over the country as some unknown alienrobots, from some distant star, have invaded the country and theirmission is to kill everyone. Being a patriot and a member of armycommando sniper team your mission is to finish such beasts from thehomeland. All of your team members are killed by the aliens. Youare the frontline survivor commando to face all the invaderrobots.As you have unlimited ammo and you are equipped with an autoloadergun, you can achieve the target of killing all of the enemyaliens.GAME FEATURES-.- Heart pounding environment.-.- Fabulous sound and shooting effects.-.- First person shooting game.-.- Efficient shooting gun.-.- Addictive gameplay.
Gunship Aliens Defense Target 1.2
A unique kind of a shooting experience. Withspare ample ammunition go on firing and continuously kill thealiens generating from the surface of Mars.A very fast temposhooting game, playing it, you are going to enjoy real shootingexperience.The Story of the game starts when a research team of astronautslanded on Mars. Their primary purpose was to research but they wereaware of the danger of inhabitants of Mars; The aliens. They wereprepared to face the danger and carried along with them allnecessary weapons.When the team of astronauts traveled all the way through space andlanded on the red planet, some strange kind of monster insectsstarted attacking them.These beasts seemed to eat everything away.All of the team were killed except one brave astronaut with a heavymachine gun with him.The survivor astronaut has to act like a frontline commando. He hasto hold the machine gun And starts to fire against the aliens. Hehas to hold his breath, muster up his courage and complete hismission to kill all monster insects there and carry out theresearch work.GAME FEATURES1- Thrilling and amazing shooting fun.2- An opportunity to control a heavy machine gun with yourfingers.3- Addictive game paly.4- Realistic graphics.
Navy Air Raid 1.1
Your country is planning an air attack todestroy all the army bases of the enemy in the neighborhood, tomake their evil intentions fail. Warships are harbored near thefrontier in the deep ocean. You are an expert fighter jet pilot andare assigned the mission to fly from the war ships, penetrate intothe borderline and destroy all army bases.Let the air battle begin and feel the fury of war. Get into theenemy territory and destroy its ammunition and artillery to disablethem to counter strike.Your modern war air plane is equipped with guided missiles and amachine gun. You have to decide quickly which weapon should be usedto destroy different assets of the enemy.For tanks, armored jeepand other assets you have to aim and fire the guided missile andfor other things machine gun can be used.FEATURES- War plane and weapon controls are easy to use.- High fidelity graphics.- Cool sounds make you feel fighting a real air war.- Learn to drive and maneuver a fighter jet.Enjoy a lifetime fighting an air combat.
War Of Little Commandos 1.2
Little commandos are fighting hard to overcomea gorilla war which has been imposed by some rebellions. A mastercommando of the frontline army is selected to suppress theInsurgency. The rebellions are hiding in different parts of thecity. They have taken refuge in many buildings. The expert shootercommando has been assigned a mission to target all rebels and killthem.Game play is very immersive and interesting. The brave commando hasto find the enemy out, for this a locating device will be helpful.Coming across the insurgent soldier you, being the national hero,has to fire immediately to shoot him.When the enemy soldier willcome near you, a beep can be heard which acts as an alarming andalerting device.The game is made in a cartoon environment and the characters arealso cartoonic, to lessen the intensity of firing and shooting.Ammois unlimited, commando can constantly fire. Learn how to fight awar against the enemies to save your beloved country, by playingthis fast paced game.FEATURES- Stunning cool graphics.- Third person shooter game.- Efficient gun controls.- Fast paced action game.
Little Zombie Rush 1.2
We are presenting a zombie shooting game in adifferent way. Making them a bit funny, fear of the beasts reduced.These zombies are cartoonic and we have given them a funny touch sothat you can enjoy shooting zombies without being scary.So theenemy and the atmosphere is funny, you will have fun killingthem.STORYLINEZombies have attacked your beloved homeland. They seem to grow frominside the earth. They are spreading everywhere in the streets ofthe city and attacking public places like school bus, schoolbuilding, hospital, banks and different buildings. You have to playthe role of a brave and patriot commando from the frontline armywho is out for killing all of this resident evil. Ammo is unlimitedin your arsenal so muster up your courage, grease your weapons andstart aiming at the zombies growing from the earth. Don't stop tofire and achieve your target.FEATURES- High fidelity cool graphics.- Beautiful cartoon environment.- Awesome game play.- Feel being a super hero of the nation.
Monkey Hell Jump 1.1
Get ready for a brilliant freebie fun.It isanendless climbing game. Your favorite character Monkey has toclimbup avoiding hurdles and collecting fruits like banana othergiftslike ice cream, choc bar, cup cake, tea cup,pizza,keys,rings,power egg, Monkey has to collect these fruits togetscores.While climbing up monkey has to avoid hurdles on the wall as wellasin the air. Hurdles are thorny branches, thorny plants, wildplants,stones,a machine throwing killer thorns.Monkey has to avoidthesehurdles to save himself from the danger of death.This is a kind of knockout game. There is no second chance. Oncethemonkey dies you have to play again.The theme of the game isallabout a monkey climbing up the mountain saving himself fromfallinginto the hell fire. So you have to be very careful whileplayingthe game. Make a big score and challenge your friendsGAME FEATURES-:- Simple yet entertaining game play.-:- A simple tap game play you just have to tap once to changethewall.-:- Gorgeous graphics.-:- Pleasant music and high quality game.-:- You will have to hold the breath as the speed of the gameisfast.-:- There are six different background availableEnjoy playing one of the best endless running andclimbinggames
Sniper Jungle Animal Hunter 1.2
A unique kind of a jungle animal huntinggames.In this jungle shooting game If you have to hunt fast movinganimals like jungle bunny and fox, you have to perfect youraim.Become a perfect sniper hunter and grab your sniper rifle for thequest of animal hunting fun, rewarded with the gain of hunter’scommunity respect along with honors and fame. Prove your shootingskills in this new Sniper Hunting game and start hunting the fastand most dangerous animals for FREE. Do you have what it takes tobecome the best hunter?You can practice your shooting skills by aiming at rabbits.It isdifficult to rabbit gun down.The goal of each level is to hunt downa set number of animals. Shooting more,the game will enable you tostay more in that hunting game zone.While shooting bear you have to be a perfect bear shooter as itattacks back.Deer and wolves take one shot and are easy to hunt down but whenyou get to the bears, they are fearsome and strong so be careful.If you miss the fire the jungle rabbit and the fox are going to runaway, the noise will make them go running. Which in turn, makes itharder for you to aim and shoot.FEATURES- True to life beautiful jungle environment- Precision controls.- Cool sounds.- High fidelity Graphics.
Jungle Birds Sniper Hunt 1.1
Sniper shooting Flying Bird brings realhuntingexperience to you. Play the best bird hunting game forimprovingyour hunting skills in the jungle .Hunting other animals is easy but to hunt flyingbirds isfardifficult because you have to be much précised.Hunting of innocent jungle birds is not recommended; this gameismade for those who like birds hunting but don't want to killjunglebirds. We have brought to you the real forest birdhuntingexperience ever with stunning 3D environment. With yourprecisesniper gun play your perfect shot. Flying Bird hunting willimproveyour aiming skills.The game will make you addicted as well as you will improveyourskill to hunt real birds while going for a hunt in the jungle.Getready for the bird sniper hunting without going intothejungle.Let’s have a lifetime birds sniper hunting experience.
Frontline Warriors 1.1
Army's top frontline commandos are fighting adefense war at the country's borderline to keep the attacking enemyaway from the frontier and stop their penetration. This time enemyis using a different strategy. They have attacking trained wolveswith them to create horror and distract our commandos. The wolvesmove forward briskly. You have to kill them while moving forwardalong with the enemy soldiers.The brave army commandos are fighting at different warfronts. Enemyhas invaded from frozen mountains and through the desertborderline. Enemy is invading with full force. Their army haswolves, armored jeep, tanks and other artillery while theirairforce has also joined them. At the frozen fronts you have todefeat enemy's air strike.FEATURES- Real war fighting experience.- Stunning high fidelity graphics.- True to life environment.- Immersive and involving shooting action.
Dinosaurs Hunting Fury 1.1
Begin a deadly Dinosaurs huntingexpeditionplaying an ultimate game Dinosaurs Hunting Fury. Hunt oryou willbe hunted.A few dinosaurs run away from the hunter but mostof themattack tearing the Dinosaurs hunter into pieces.Dinosaursare themost ferocious animals in the history of mankind, it takesrealcourage to kill them as they can't be killed with a singlebullet,you may have to shoot twice or thrice.You have to aim precisely to kill the fast moving beasts astheywill suddenly attack after hearing a fire sound. Be quick anduseyour professional hunter skills if you want to hunt; not tobehunted.In order to survive in this dangerous foraest inhabited byfuriousJurassic animals make the best use of your weapons.Along with hunting discover the beautiful location of a wildnatureof the age of extinction, hunt accurately and try to passalllevels.A new experience for those who like jungle animalhuntingbecause hunting a carnivores Dinosaur is entirelydifferent.* Vast 3D world is open to you to explore.* High fidelity graphics* 3D dinosaurs, from the Herbivorous (plant eating) fornovicehunters to the Carnivorous (meat-eating) for experts..* A variety of Jurassic age wild beasts.* Map and radar to locate and track dinosaurs.* Hunting accessories for smart hunting* Precise gun controls.
Sniper shooting Jungle Wolf 1.1
It is an amazing action packed huntingshootinggame in a jungle environment which is all covered withsnow. Winterseason has started and a hunter is out for huntingwolf in a frozenmountain forest. In freezing cold wolf hunter isin a quest to clearthe jungle area from every wolf. Wolf is ascary animal and you wantto hunt down all of them to make theplace safe for human todwell.Play one of the best wolf hunting games. Your gun is preciseyourposition is accurate, now it is up to your sniper shootingskillshow to be saved from hungry wolf attack and how to kill awildwolf.Enjoy playing one of the most addictive wolf games.FEATURES- True to life frozen jungle environment.- Addictive game play.- Cool sounds and high fidelity graphics.
Tsunami Rescue Mission 1.2.0
Tsunami Rescue Mission is the game basedonafter effect of natural disasters like TSUNAMI. Ocean floodwaterhas entered the city destroying everything. Strong water waveshaveshattered life of the city. People who knew how to swim reachedatsome safe place like a wall or the roof of a building otherslosttheir lives. The wreck is a total. Survivor civilians are hungatsome safe places yelling for help.Panic has been created everywhere. Citizens are scared ofsplashingfurious water all around them. The furiously fast waterstream isturning houses into debris. People are not sure they willbe ableto save their lives or not. They are unable to do anythingexceptwaiting for the help.To play this game you have to act like a skillful rescuer tosavethe Tsunami victims who are stuck in the flooded area. Theyarerunning short of water and food: they are anxiously waitingforyour help. Being a professional rescuer you have to sharpenyourskills of driving a powerboat. You must know how to controlandbalance while maneuvering through buildings and streets ofthecity.You must be witty and sharp, as you have to reach helpseekingpeople in a limited time.To save humans is to save humanity. You have a great missiontocomplete. It’s the matter of life and death of the commonpeople,which is the most serious matter. Immerse into the game playtofeel the misery and save people in disaster.The hero of the game, which is you; have to drive the power boattoreach all citizens waiting for help. Pick them up and take themtosafe dry place from where helicopter will pick them up to thefloodrelief camp.Save all citizens and take them to flood relief camp to becomeareal hero of the nation.GAME FEATURES- Smooth controls.- Real boat driving experience.- Real looking environment.- Cool graphics.- Extremely challenging life saving missions.- Realistic crisis situation.- Superb design of the game.
Brave Frontier Fight 1.1
Brave frontier fight is the best navywarshipgames. You have to fight a warship battle for your frontierdefensefrom oncoming enemy boats loaded with modern weapons readyfor thegunship navy war. Your arsenal contains all modern weapons,usethese weapons to aim and destroy all boats coming to thewarshipand make them sink into the deep ocean.For winning the battle you must be a professional sniper shooterasyou will have no time after the boats come near to yourwarship.Don't leave your opponent a single chance and shoot thembeforethey come near as they will have a chance to get on the shipandwill make win the fight more difficult.You have to make a perfect choice of weapon suitable forthesituation.Your mission is to take charge of a fleet of powerfulandvaried naval warship, taking to the rough oceans to destroyyourenemies in intense and furious battle.Take your armored destroyer battleship in to the deep coldoceansand destroy all the lethal gunship boats. You need to defendyourship, your honor and your country. The mission is impossiblebutyou are the only one that can face the cruel enemy in thedeadlyseas.Do you know the Art of fighting a War? There are no Rules intheBattlefield except one; Victory !It’s the time for some real action; Strike Hard, Equip yourselfwith3D Guns and shoot like Hell!!!A great naval clash is waiting for you to fight and witness.Destroyall the Enemy assets and Crash the artillery in every boat.Enjoyplaying one of the best gunship navy wars..
Final City War ; Battle Fronts 1.1
Time has proved when nations come to wartheyalways lose a lot. The loss is on both sides whether youareattacking or you are being attacked. But when war is imposedonsome country it has to fight back and push the enemy back toitsown frontier. In defending homeland soldiers give their livesandthey do not think it a loss.Such is a situation prevailing in the game. The neighboringenemyhas attacked your country without an ultimatum which causedadefense failure at the frontier. The enemy has entered the cityandinnocent civilians are becoming victim of the enemy’s brutality.Asurvivor team of commandos, equipped with modern weaponsisstriving hard to save the countrymen from enemy’s brutalattack.One by one the entire team members are dead, now you haveall theresponsibility of saving your country.The moment is very crucial as you are heading all thedefensestrategy of the war, one mistake and you may cost theentireoperation. Your aim is to defeat the evil intentions of theenemy.You are alone; your arsenal has spare ample ammunitionthough. Butyour courage and your determination are far moreimportant becausewar is fought not only with weapons but withstrong nerves andstrong determinations. You have to kill all theenemies, the tanksand the helicopters.Play the game to test your army shooting skills. Never loseyourcourage, being a brave commando of the best army of the world,goon fighting for the sake of your nation.The game is simple to play. Controls are user friendly andtheenvironment is true to life.
Zombie Kill Target 2 1.1
Zombie kill target 2 is the next ChapterofZombie kill target. Large number of Zombies have taken thecontrolof a city that is heavily crowded. Large number of peoplearestranded there. The lives of people are in danger. As a survivorofhumanity and zombie terminator its up to you to get rid ofthesebeasts by Shooting the Zombies continuously with firing a hailofbullets using your automatic machine gun. Make this happenbyshooting the Zombies using your army commandoshooting skills and being a survivor of humanity. Infectedzombieshave spread all over the city. Your mission is to kill thezombiesuntil unless the city is not cleared from them completely.They arecoming out of different buildings, restaurants, Shops tofind aprey for them. You have to walk in the streets of city andkillevery zombie you saw.You have different automatic machine guns and assault riflestocarry your mission ON. Arm yourself with the best suitablerifleavailable in the arms store for these missions and thenwalkthrough the city streets and shoot to kill all the Zombies. Youarethe lone survivor and zombie terminator so go for the beststrikingstrategy to shoot the zombie and make your city and countryfreefrom Zombie Hostage.You can earn shooting points by killing the Zombie. Thesepointswill keep your score increasing. Whenever you collect enoughpointsto buy a latest and upgraded gun just go to Arms Store andbuy yourdesired rifle. Buying a suitable gun will drive you crazywhen youwill experience the shooting of infected Zombies.GAME FEATURES- Intense zombies shooting action.- Shoot with the upgraded rifle to kill them all.- Enjoy the sensation of firing and killing the evil.- Cool high fidelity 3D graphics.- Immersive Shooting and Striking game play.
Transformer Car Police Escape 1.0
Get ready to amuse yourself with anextremelythrilling and exotic experience of escaping frommetropolitanpolice cops. Drive crazy on the roads of metropolitanand don't letthe police cops to bust you. Remain yourself at a safedistance toenjoy the real pace of this futuristic car racing andflying gameto escape from the cops.You have to escape from police cops after committingunlawfulactivity. Police cops are chasing you in their powerful andmodernpolice cars to arrest you.You have to show your crazy drivingandracing skills on the roads of a stunning and beautifulurbancity.Your car have the features of futuristic car and you havetosuccessfully escape from the police chase otherwise alongimprisonment is waiting for you.Drive madly and increasethepressure of you feet to accelerate your car.Police cops haveplacemany barriers and checkpoints in the entire city to bust youyouhave to escape from these points by using the futuristic flyingcarfeatures but keep in mind you will soon run your fuel out incaseyou switch your car to flying mode and then no one can protectyoufrom a long imprisonment.While you are busy in this mad and crazy police cops escapetowardsa safe house you will have no time to fuel your modern carso tryto reach at a safe house before the fuel of your carendedup.However you may get a limited amount of fuel to keep theescaperace continued.Police cops are chasing you in their modern and powerfulpolicevehicles and they know the city more than you so you willhave touse your best and intelligent driving and escaping skills togetrid of police cops.They are also trained to control and bustsuchtype of unlawful activists.So you have to be more passionateandfocused in your crazy driving and racing skills and escapefrompolice by reaching a safe house.*****Game Features******** Challenging and addictive game play*** Realistic simulation of cars andpolicevehicles*** High quality graphics and immersivegameplay*** Better game and vehicle controls*** Thrilling sound effects*** Realistic urban citymetropolitanenvironment