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Bar in Russia 1.0
Fun, crazy and addictive runner with drinks,dangerous barmen and bears. Run as much as you can, drink variousdrinks, avoid angry barmen, perform rushes and set records!FEATURES:- based on the eponymous video- colorful graphics- original soundtrack- upgrade system- many hats to wear- various goals- drunk based control- a lot of fun :)This game was made with help of the hero of the eponymousvideo
Demons Must Die (Stickman Slasher) 1.1
Demons Must Die - fast-action stickman slasher with amazinggraphics and very addictive gameplay. Demons are trying to conquerthe planet and you should stop them at any cost. MAIN FEATURES: -freestyle combo system - impressive visual effects - a lot ofskills to upgrade - thousands of enemies - epic and various bossfights - different locations - hardcore gameplay Facebook:
Stickman Dismounting 3.0
Perform amazing stunts, crash into walls, break bones,destroyvehicles and have the fun! FEATURES: - unique activeragdollphysics system - crunchy sound effects - multiple levels -multiplevehicles - multiple props for level customization - replaysystemwith saving and sharing abilities Do not attempt game actionsinreal life. Facebook:
Stickman Warriors 3.0
Stickman Warriors - fun and addictive beat'em'up game withrealisticphysics and hardcore gameplay. With simple controls youcan performamazing stunts and blows to defeat your opponents.Features: -amazing stuns - realistic ragdoll physics - severalcampaigns -exclusive soundtrack - hardcore gameplay for maturegamers Facebook:
Basketball Online
Get your favourite ball and let do a lot of awesome dunk shotsatthe various beautiful locations! GAME FEATURES: -outstandingvisuals - realistic physics model - huge variety of theballs andlocations - many goals to complete - online modes - playswithfriends