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Photo & Video Downloader for Instagram - Repost IG
Wanna download Instagram photos, videos, story, highlight, reels,and IGTV? Looking for an app that can easily download or repostInstagram images and videos? This Insta download and repost app isdefinitely what you want! Photo & Video Downloader forInstagram and Repost Instagram app (also known as InsTakeDownloader) can help you save Instagram photos, videos, andInstagram reels in simple steps. It is super fast🚀 and 100% free.Imagine you are on the feed of Instagram and interested in a photoor video, you want to save the photo or video and review offline,or share with friends, or repost to Instagram or other socialmedia. Then how? With Video Downloader for Instagram and RepostInstagram App, you just need to log in one time. Just copy the linkor share the link of the post and then the download willautomatically start. It is super easy and fast. You can easilydownload photos and videos to your Android device. This way, youcan enjoy downloaded photos and videos anytime, or share it withothers. You can also easily copy hashtags and captions for therepost. So install this Video Download for Instagram and Repost appand try now! How to Use : There are 2 methods to download: 1. Use‘Share Link’ Step 1: Open Instagram and click on the "Share Link"of the photo or video you are interested in. Step 2: Select InsTakeDownloader to share. Done! The Instagram photo or video will bedownloaded automatically. 2. Use ‘Copy Link’ Step 1: Open Instagramand click on the "Copy Link" of the Instagram photo or video youare interested in. Step 2: Open InsTake Downloader Done! TheInstagram photo or video will be downloaded automatically.Features: - Support Instagram reels app, story, and highlight -Free video downloader and repost for Instagram and IGTV. SaveInstagram photos and media clips. Great Instagram image saver andInstagram video saver - Superfast save Instagram videos and photos- Support all HD video and photo downloads - Play videos offlinewith the built-in video player - View photos offline with thebuilt-in album - Support copy link, share, rename, repost for thedownloaded photos or videos - Support copy hashtag and caption,easy for reposting - Small size and lightweight - Dark modeprotects your eyes in dark environments - Reels downloader forInstagram - Story downloader for Instagram InsTake Downloader is adedicated Instagram video saver, Instagram reels downloader, andInsta photo saver to download all videos and images from Instagramfeeds and IGTV. With easy steps, you can download Instagram imagesand Instagram videos to your device and save Insta photos and Instavideos as long as you want. The versatile design of the downloadpage makes it easy to manage downloaded Insta images and IG videos,share Instagram videos and photos with friends, or repost toInstagram or other social media. Video Downloader for Instagramsupports super download mode which can boost your download speedwith its multi-thread tech. The built-in video player can play allthe videos you download. (Including posts, stories, highlights andreels instagram) So it is really a good download tool for Instagramand reels that deserves to be installed and try. Notes: - VideoDownloader for Instagram and repost (InsTake Downloader) is notaffiliated with Instagram. It is a tool for Instagram photos andvideo downloads. - We respect the copyright of the owners. So DONOT download or repost the videos and media clips without owners’permission. If InsTake Downloader is helpful for you, please rateus 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 If you need support, please email us [email protected] Follow our official Instagram fan [email protected]
Video Downloader for Facebook - FB Video Download
Want to download videos from Facebook? Looking for a userfriendlyvideo downloader for Facebook? This download app is justfor you!Video Downloader for Facebook app can help you download allvideosfrom Facebook with very simple steps. It is super fast 🚀 and100%free. Imagine you are on the feed of Facebook and interested inavideo, you want to save the video and watch offline , or sharewithyour friends, or repost to other social medias. Then how? Withsomeother Video Downloader, you have to copy the video linkfromFacebook and paste it to the downloader. It is very complicatedandnot user friendly. But with this Video Downloader for Facebook,youjust need to click the video you like and download it. It issupereasy and fast. Your video will be in Downloads tab soon. Youcanplay it whenever you want or share to others. So pleaseinstallthis Video Download for FB app and have a try now! How toUse : 1.Open Video Downloader for Facebook (Also shown as FBVideoDownloader) 2. Log in Facebook and play the video you wanttodownload 3. Click the download button to download videosDoneFeatures: - Free video downloader, Download all media clipsfromfacebook free - Super fast video downloader, Additiondownloadspeed boost - View Facebook feeds with the built-in browser-Download videos in the background - Download reminder anddownloadnotification to let you know the download status anytime -Downloadseveral videos at same time, support multiple downloadingtasks. -Full-featured download manager to pause, resume andremovedownloads - Resume failed download - Auto resume downloadwhen thenetwork is available - Full High Definition video download( HDVideo Download ) supported - Play videos offline with thebuilt-invideo player - Support copy link, share, rename, repost forthedownloaded videos - Simple steps and easy to use - Userfriendlyand clean and clear UI - Small size and lightweightVideoDownloader for Facebook is a dedicated downloader to downloadallvideos from Facebook feeds, groups and pages. With very easysteps,you can download the videos you interested to your device andsavevideos as long as you want. The Downloads tab keeps all ofyourdownloaded media clips. You can easily check and watchvideosoffline. The multi-function design can help you easily managethedownloaded FB videos, you can share the media clips withyourfriends or repost videos to other social medias. It isveryefficient and user friendly. Video Downloader for Facebooksupportsmulti-task downloads, so you can download several FB videosat thesame time. The default super download mode can boost yourdownloadspeed up to 3 times faster than other downloads withitsmulti-thread download tech. The built-in video player can playallthe videos you downloaded. So it is really a good download toolforFacebook deserves to be installed and try Notes: - ThoughVideoDownloader for Facebook (also shown as FB Video Downloader) isafast FB video downloader and free FB video downloader, it isnotaffiliated with Facebook. It is a tool for Facebook videodownload.- We respect the copyright of the owners. So please DO NOTdownloador repost the videos and media clips without owners’permission. Ifthe Facebook Video Downloader is helpful for you,please rate us🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 If you want to feedback, please leaving us afeedback in thefeedbackwebsites: try best to improve. If you need to support, please emailusvia [email protected] Thanks very much for usingVideoDownloader for Facebook - FB Video Downloader.
Photo Collage Maker - Pic Collage & Photo Layouts
Want to make awesome photo collage and photo grid? Looking forapowerful collage maker to combine pictures into a coolphotocollage easy and free? Then this Photo Collage Maker andPhotoEditor app is definitely what you want! 🏆Photo Collage Maker -PicCollage & Photo Layouts🏆 is a photo collage maker andphotoeditor which helps remix photos into fashion collage insimplesteps. With this photo grid app. You can easily createpicturecollage with plenty of popular layouts, stickers, textsandfilters. You can also edit the pictures or photo collages withitsall-in-one edit tool. This way, you can make lots ofbeautifulphoto collages and share them to Instagram, Facebook,WhatsApp orother social medias easily. So please install this PhotoCollageMaker - Pic Collage & Photo Layouts and have a try now!How touse 1️⃣ Select several photos from your gallery 2️⃣ Choosethephoto layout or template you like 3️⃣ Edit it to make it yourown.Then save and share the collage to Instagram, Facebook,WhatsAppetc. Done! 🎉🎉🎉 Features - Free collage maker and free photogridmaker - Remix up to 9 photos at a time to create cool,personalizedlayouts and collages. - 100+ fashion photo layouts tomake diversepicture collages - Professional filters to make yourcollageoutstanding - Provide popular ratio to fit post size ofInstagramcollage, Facebook collage, Twitter, Pinterest, Tiktok… -SupportInsta square photo with blur background for Instagram. -Crop thepictures with Insta square or other popular size easily -Largenumbers of backgrounds, stickers, emojis and text for youtochoose. - Holiday and birthday stickers and backgrounds tomakeholiday Pic Collage - Add text to your collage withcustomizedcolors and fonts - Draw on the photo Layouts. - One-tapto shareyour photo collage to WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook andothersocial medias. Create Fashion Collage with Use Photo GridEditor🏆Photo Collage Maker - Pic Collage & Photo Layouts 🏆 isadedicated collage app to create photo collage and photo grid.Youcan easily have cool photo collage with plentiful layoutsandtemplates. You can further customize your collage withdifferentborders and backgrounds to make it better. All-in-onePhoto Editorto Beauty Your Picture The collage maker providesall-in-one photoedit tool, including crop, filter, adjust,background, ratio, draw,stickers, texts. Beautify the pictureselected with these tools tomake it as your own. Save and share tofriends to have more fun.Customized Ratio to fit Popular SocialMedias It is a collage makerfor Instagram and social medias as itprovides multi ratios,including the insta square photo ratio, instastory pic ratio andFacebook photo post/cover ratio etc. It makesyour photo collagesto have best performance when share toinstagram, facebook or othersocial platforms. So it is really agood Photo Collage Maker to beinstalled and try. Notes - PhotoCollage Maker - Pic Collage &Photo Layouts is not affiliatedwith Instagram, Facebook orWhatsApp. It is a tool to create photocollages and picturecollages. - The collages are created and ownedby users, so theusers are responsible for the collages created. IfPhoto CollageMaker is helpful for you, please rate us 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 If youneed support,please email us via [email protected] Thanksvery much forusing Photo Collage Maker - Pic Collage & PhotoLayouts. Wishyou a happy day and show your story, your life andyour beauty in acool way.
Video Downloader & Video Saver
Video downloader Pro is a video downloader and video saver todownload videos
Video Downloader for Twitter
Helps Download Twitter Videos and Save Twitter GIF
Story Maker for Insta Story
300+ Stylish Story templates and poster, Enjoy making stories forInstagram