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Nova Storm: Stellar Empire [Space War Strategy]
☆A mind blowing online multiplayer sci-fi space strategy gamedesigned for everyone who who want to become galaxy hero!☆ ☆Protectyour base by shooting and battling the alien fleets in StellarEmpires: Nova Storm, a stellar strategy MMORPG and base buildingwar game. Build your empire with other players from around theglobe and plan an attack with your own space fleet! Develop yourstellar empire and befriend empire allies to combat both aliens andhuman enemies. Do you have what it takes to claim the strongestStellar Empire?☆ Stellar Empires: Nova Storm Features: ✔ SimpleDesign: Every thing in the game is easy to understand and control.✔ Realistic Battles: Build your space military base, develop yourspacecraft and assemble a mighty space fleet; Capture planets, andplunder resources as your power grows with your ambitions,conquests and killings. ✔ Easy Play: Get Credits from Event easily.✔ Forge Alliances: You can forge your own alliance or join anotheralliance; solid cooperations bring benefits for everyone. ✔ GlobalServer: Players around the world gather here and play as yourfriends or foes, presenting you with an extraordinary experiencetranscending the boundaries of cultures and languages. ✔ MultipleGameplay Styles: The game provides a variety of types of spacebattles such as PVPs, Alliance Wars, Throne Wars, Space BossBattles and Alien Invasions, etc. Fight your way to victory! ✔Master Your Space Strategy: Develop new space technology andperfect your strategy! Find the best way to strike down youropponent in this top-notch mobile MMO sci-fi space strategy game!HOW TO PLAY You will save a struggling human base from alien attackand become its new Commander. Develop your stellar base, upgradeyour buildings and research technology. Train a powerful stellarfleet of warships and plunder resources from other players, orcollect resources found in the space. Join an alliance forprotection, assistance and to engage in massive PVP stellarbattles. Buy gift packs or complete tasks to earn items andrewards. Circumstances in battles and in-game tasks can changequickly, so items will be incredibly helpful to your survival! ☆Anepic space war is waiting for you beyond the galaxy, StellarEmperor!☆ -------------------------------------------------Language Support: English, Russian, German, Turkish, French,Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Arabic, Japanese, Korean, Thai,Indonesian, Vietnamese, Malay, Simplified Chinese, TraditionalChinese. Follow us on Facebook to get news and updates: Are you havingproblems? Send an email to [email protected] to contactus, or contact the Customer Service staff by tapping the Feedbackbutton on start screen.