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Internet Status Monitor PRO 2.3
VJT Studio
PRO: No adsPRO: More settingsDetects and indicates Internet connection status.~New feature: Add auto disconnect function for alert~New feature: Separate data counter and alert for mobile and Wi-Finetwork~New feature: Data counter limit alert~New feature: Network data counter1. Show Internet connection status in status bar:Red: OfflineOrange: BadGreen: OnlineBlue: Online with data trafficPurple: Online with high data traffic (512KB/second)2. Use DNS query. No direct connection to server to minimizecost.Try free version:https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.vjt.app.internetstatus
Internet Status Monitor 2.3
VJT Studio
Detects and indicates Internet connection status. ~New feature: Addauto disconnect function for alert ~New feature: Separate datacounter and alert for mobile and Wi-Fi network ~New feature: Datacounter limit alert ~New feature: Network data counter 1. ShowInternet connection status in status bar: Red: Offline Orange: Badlatency Green: Online without data traffic Blue: Online with datatraffic Purple: Online with high data traffic (more than512KB/second) 2. Use DNS query. No direct connection to Internet tominimize cost, low power consumption. Paid version without ads andmore set features:https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.vjt.app.internetstatus_proKeyword: network, internet, status, connection, connectivity,monitor, detector, Wi-Fi, mobile data, counter, alert.
Smart Screen PRO 1.3
VJT Studio
PRO: No ads We want to set the sleep timer set to the minimum,butin time and have to continue driving or reading the touch screentoprevent the screen go to sleep and this application is developedtosolve this problem ! Let you keep the screen on when usingthedevice: When turned on, as long as the device is not in aflatstate, the back light will remain open for easy reading.Features:1. Use G-sensor for detection 2. Select "always-on"applications(This function is suitable for the device on the planereading theoccasion) 3. Stop detection when screen is off for powersaving 4.Customizable for your device 5. A notification to indicatecurrentstatus Notification icon color: Green: G-sensor detects thedeviceis using and will keep screen on Red:G-sensor detects thedevice isnot using and will keep system screen timer Blue:Always-onapplication is detected and will keep screen on Keyword:backlight, auto, display, reading.
Smart Screen
VJT Studio
Let you keep the screen on when using the device