Riddle Road
A perfect match of twisty adventures and challenging puzzles
Mahjong Treasure Quest
Match tiles of this mahjong game (麻将) & start your secretrestore expedition!
Klondike Adventures
Quests and challenges every day!
Atlantis Odyssey
Adventure & quests in a lost civilization: explore the island& enjoy the story!
Zombie Castaways
Zombastic farm & adventures 🐥🎒
Sophie's Mystery Adventure 0.24.2
Welcome to Sophie's Mystery Adventure!🔮 Help Sophie find her momand dad! Explore magic worlds, defeat a wicked witch, and restoreSophie's estate for the warm family reunion! Why play Sophie'sMystery Adventure? - There's a CAT named Oliver. He's ginger.You'll love him.🐈 - Dreamarium, Crystal Plain, Dusk Wilds, and manymore. Each MAGIC WORLD truly stands out.🏞 - Sophie's estate isHUUUGE. It just needs your fixing and decorating.🏡 - Each characterhas a PERSONALITY. Everybody is cute here, even the villains.🧜‍♀️ -The whole kidnapped parents STORY has so many TWISTS you just won'tbe able to stop.🌟 Show off your quest solving skills. Fall far inlove with Sophie's Mystery Adventure!
Dreamland Journey
Adventures. Quests.
Charmbrook:​ Merge Adventure
Merge Adventures. Quests & Stories. Challenging Puzzles