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Mod Herobrine 1.0
Herobrine is one of the oldest mythsofMinecraft. Even though it has been proven that Herobrinedoesn’tactually exist anywhere in the code of the game there arestillconspiracy theorists who insist on his existence. TheHerobrine Modlets you experience what it would be like if Herobrinewas real. Hewill spawn in the world and haunt you for allinfinity.
Mod Bat Simulator 1.0
By using The Mod Bat Simulator youcantransform into a bat and fly. It’s an incredibly simple modbutnonetheless useful in certain situations. Basically it’s acreativeflying switch but instead of flying as a normal human youcanshapeshift into a bat.
Command Blocks Mod 1.0
The Command Block Mod is incrediblyusefulbecause it can be used for executing text commands inMinecraft.And it’s only triggered when there’s a redstone signalactive. Theblock can process javascript and custom commands foundin othermods.It’s one of those features which the PC version ofMinecrafthas by default but is not likely to be an official part ofPocketEdition for a long time.
Mod Poke 1.0
Mod Poke is a promising Pokémon mod whichisexclusively being created for Minecraft Pocket Edition.Thisversion is an early beta and includes features such as 20+Pokémon,catch and release system and randomly generated structures.If youwant to turn your Minecraft world into the universe ofPokémon thenyou need to give this one a try.
Mod Portal 2 1.0
Mod Portal 2 (previously Portal Gun) addsmanyof the features as found in the popularfirst-personpuzzle-platform Portal games. The gameplay elementsincludefeatures like the PortalGuns to place portals, a GravityGunwhichcan be used for both blocks and mobs and lots of otherniftytools.
Mod PokeGoCraft 1.0
Mod PokeGoCraft is an advanced Pokémon modforMinecraft Pocket Edition. Even though it’s currently released asabeta version it has loads of features and many of them workquitewell. You can catch Pokémon, duel others and use items such asthePokedex to view detailed information about your Pokémon. Evenforthe fact it’s still being in beta it definitely is very fun touseand is most definitely worth testing out!
Mod X-Structures 1.0
Mod X-Structures adds the possibility tochoosefrom hundreds of different structures and spawn themin-game. Thestructures include mansions, houses, vehicles such ashelicoptersand tanks, pixel art and much more. It’s really easy touse. Justselect the type of structure you want added and then useanotheritem to spawn it.How to place the structures?If you are in survival mode you can use the following commandtoretrieve the necessary items: /xstructure idsIf you are in creative mode you can retrieve two spawn eggs inthetools tab:Red Egg = Structure MakerBlack Egg = X-Structure – Houses1 (or whichever scriptyou’veloaded)Begin by using the black spawn egg to select the type ofstructureyou want to spawn. In this case I selected HOUSE2.Next use the red spawn egg to spawn the structure. Tap on theblockon which you want the structure to be placed. Sometimes itrequiresto be spawned 2-3 blocks above ground.
Mod Pandora Box 1.0
Mod Pandora Box is a mysterious and magicalboxin Greek mythology. Now it has been implemented in MinecraftPocketEdition too. When activating the box many different thingscanhappen. Some include diamond fountains, TNT explosions andflyingpigs.How does it work?It’s similar to a lucky block except that it looks and behavesalittle bit differently. After you’ve enabled the mod you willbeable to choose from three different qualities: Bad, GoodorImpressive. Choose one depending on the performance of thedeviceyou are using.The block can be crafted in-game using the following recipe:Pandora’s Box (200) – 4 wood planks + 4 redstones + 1obsidianOnce you’ve got the block place it down on the ground and thentapon it with an empty hand to activate it.
Mod Godzilla 1.0
This mod adds two versions of Godzilla, bothofwhich you can fight by the use of some new weapons which arealsointroduced in the mod. See if you have what it takes to takedownthe giant monster known as Godzilla or just sit back and relaxwhiletwo Godzillas fight each other.
Mod Dogs 1.0
This mod adds six different dogs to thegame.It uses the dog models found in the popular PC mod knownasDoggyStyle – Domestic Dog Breeds. This Pocket Editon mod ismuchmore simple as it only adds the mobs and none of the featurestointeract with the dog. Even though it’s kind of basic it’s areallycool addition to the game!
Dimension Any Mods 1.0
Dimension Any Mods adds one new dimensiontothe world which you can get to by building a portal. In thefuturethe mod will support more dimensions perhaps with somechallengesin each. The current dimension acts like a cool storageroom youcan use to store important chests and alike.
Mod Shulker Boxes 1.0
A Mod Shulker Boxes is an officialfeatureavailable in the PC version for Minecraft. However, PocketEditionis still a little behind and doesn’t have this feature yet.But ifyou can’t wait and want shulker boxes in your game right nowthengive this mod a try. They are not completely the same. Forexample,they don’t have any animation and there are also somebugs.
Mod ElytraPacks 1.0
This is a skin pack which includes 22awesomeelytra wings. There is a great variety of colors and stylestochoose from and you can easily switch between the packsin-gamebecause they are installed similar to texture packs. Upgradeyourwings to something more fancy!
Zombie City Mod 1.0
Zombie City Mod is an add-on whichmakessurvival mode much more difficult. Hostile mobs such aszombies areboth stronger and faster and they are no longer affectedby thesunlight. This means that you can run into zombies any timeduringthe day. Humans, villagers, animals – none of you are safe inthisworld. Watch out! Zombies are out there to eat you!
Mod Rainbow Derp 1.0
Mod Rainbow Derp adds a Derpy-Ingot whichcanbe used to craft several new rainbow colored tools withcoolusability features.Item IDs & Crafting RecipesRainbowDerpSpawnEgg (432)Derp-Lizer (434) – 3 gold ingots + 6 iron ingotsDerpy-Sword (435) – 6 derpy-ingots + 3 sticksDerpy-Hoe (436) – 2 derpy ingots + 2 sticksDerpy-Shear (437) – 5 derpy ingotsDerpy-Ingot (438) – derpilize a mob with a Derp-Lizer and thenkillitHow do I get the Derpy tools?To begin with you will need to craft a Derp-Lizer item with 3goldingots and 6 iron ingots. Tap on any type of mod to derpilizeit.Basically the mob will get a rainbow colored skin and when youkillthe derpilized mob it will drop a Derpy-Ingot.
Mod Tornado 1.0
A tornado is basically air which isrotatingviolently and destroys the things which gets in its way.This modmakes it possible to spawn a tornado. It’s very dangerousas itwill destroy parts of the terrain but it can also severelyhurt youif you get too close.How does it work?To spawn a tornado you will needthe Tornado Spawner. You cancraftit, get it through the creative inventory or type /girigirieyetoobtain the item.Tornado Spawner (ID: 1001) – 6 strings + 3 iron ingotsTap on the ground with the Tornado Spawner to spawn a tornado.Ifyou are in survival mode make sure to quickly run away and watchitfrom afar, otherwise you might die.
Mod for Halloween 1.0
The Halloween Mod adds several new itemsandblocks somehow relating to Halloween. Decorate your housewithcandles, candy bowls and getting yourself a pumpkin pet aresome ofthe things you can do. It’s a quite small mod but itdefinitelyadds on a more spooky feeling to Minecraft.
Mod Jetpack 1.0
This mod is a small addon to ThermalExpansion,Ender IO and/or BuildCraft. It adds jetpacks that can beused tofly. The jetpacks are powered by Redstone Flux.
Mod Wyverns 1.0
Mod Wyverns adds a new dragon like creaturetothe Nether. It is hostile and very dangerous but when slainthere’sa chance it might drop an egg which you can use to hatchyour ownwyvern. The wyvern can then be used as a flying mount. Theyexistin six different colors. The black and white ones are the bestasthey are stronger, faster and they will also give its a rideranight vision effect.
Mod Jurassic Pocket 1.0
Mod Jurassic Pocket adds in the worldMinecraftPocket Edition more than one dozen different species ofdinosaurs,which in real world has long been extinct. But thanks tothe ModJurassic Pocket you can revive the history of dinosaurs topocketversion Minecraft. Each Dinosaur has its own texture thatitpossesses. Every detail of a dinosaur was verywell-developed,which gives them a gorgeous look - as if they arereal!So when you go in the world, starts playing music, which lastsforsome time. Each dinosaur has its own unique sound whichtheysometimes emit. At night these sounds will seem more eeriethanduring the day because you will be surrounded by darkness,hordesof zombies and even dinosaurs that at any time I can topublish thehorrific sounds that cause goose bumps through yourbody.
Mod MountDragon 1.0
Mod MountDragon is exactly as it sounds,itgives you hatch-able dragon eggs that can be tamed and ridden.Nowyou can get some use out of the egg you win from defeatingtheEnder Dragon. You’ll simply need to place the egg andright-clickit. It’s best to place it in an enclosure you’d like tokeep thedragon in. Over a great length of time it will eventuallyhatchinto a baby dragon.It will grow on its own and once it doesgrow upit can then be tamed using raw fish. Then it will followandprotect you just like dogs and cats. And you can train them tositby using a bone and right-clicking.
Mod The Orphanage 1.0
Mod The Orphanage is a modded adventureandhorror map. It is incredibly scary as it makes use of customsoundssuch as footsteps and thunder. You are also required toinstall twomods, one which enables redstone and the other whichadds scaryfunctionalities to the map. After stepping inside thehouse theimmediate feeling is danger but even so it’s reallytempting toexplore the orphanage.
Mod Backpack 1.0
Mod Backpack adds 34 different backpacks tothegame. They function similar to chests but the difference isthat youcan keep them with them, just the same way a backpackwould work.Currenly they aren’t wearable but this is a plannedfeature whichwill be added soon. The backpacks are really usefulfor adventuresin survival mode as they expand the amount ofinventory slots youwill be able to use.
Mod Mutant Creatures 1.0
Mod Mutant Creatures adds 21 mutantcreatures.All of the mobs use customized mob models to provide anew andhopefully more scary experience. All mobs spawn randomlyin-gamebut they are quite rare to find. It’s a really fun mod toplayaround with and it even comes with a modded map.
Mod One Punch Man 1.0
Mod One Punch Man addon is a one punchkillmodification. No matter which type of item you have in yourhandyou will always make 600 attack damage which is more thanenough toone shot any type of mob in Minecraft. For example, youcan usethis mod to instantly kill the Wither Boss or easily fightyour waythrough a horde of zombies.
Ice King Mod 1.0
Ice King Mod adds in Minecraft PocketEditioncan get with a normal ice ice with special packaging whichyou willbe able to make new items and armor.With this special ice you will be able to do a new ice battleaxeand chainmail armor.How to get the Packed ice?To get Packed ice (Packed Ice) you need to find an ice biome orjustfrozen water which turned to ice. I suggest you go to a placewherethere is winter, there you will find a frozen river orlake.When you find the ice break anything, after which he willleavebehind shards of ice. With these shard you can make specialice(Packed Ice) with which you will be able to make ice battle axeandchainmail armor.
Mod Pocket Heroes 1.0
Mod Pocket Heroes adds 21 superhero armorsetsto the game. It also adds loads of villains like The Joker andtheWinter Soldier which you need to fight in order to unlockmoresuperhero armor sets. Some of the available superhero setsincludeAnt-Man, Spiderman, Batman and Wonder Woman. Most of themhavespecial abilities and tools which only they can use.
Mod EasyDrops 1.0
Mod EasyDrops adds a button to the gamewhichcan be used for dropping blocks or items one by one insteadofhaving to drop an entire stack (64). Even though it’s a verysimplemod it’s definitely a nice addition which should be a realfeaturein Minecraft Pocket Edition as it already is in thePCversion.
Lucky Gold Block Mod 1.0
The mod adds a new block to the game calledaLucky Gold Block. When mining the new block it can dropdiamonds,gear and many other awesome items. The block can alsospawn(hostile & friendly) mobs and even structures which youcanenter.
Mod Advance Morphing 1.0
If you would like to turn into a mob andgethis ability back then Mod Advance Morphing will help you andyouwill have access to all the images of the mobs that areinMinecraft PE. To get the appearance of a mob, you first needtodefeat him, then in a special menu to choose its appearance,assoon as you turn you will immediately see all ofhisabilities.Another interesting feature of Mod Advance Morphing for MinecraftPEis the ability to save all images and change them whenever youwant.For example, if you need to cross the river, you may turn tochickenand fly it, and if you need to climb high, steep wall, thennobodybetter than cave spider for this task to be found.
Mod Mountable Spider 1.0
This mod adds the possibility to use spidersasmounts in Minecraft Pocket Edition. It looks very cool butthere’s adownside to it. It’s by no means a fast mount. You canprobably runfaster than the spider. But if you want to rest yourlegs fromrunning around then this mod provides a great option forthat.
Mod Mech PE 1.0
Mod Mech PE is the most advanced vehiclesmodfor Minecraft Pocket Edition. It adds 21 vehicles to thegame.Everything from a fast yellow sports car to a Britishfighteraircraft which can drop bombs. The vehicle models arebreathtakingand the user experience is fantastic.
Mod Simple Basket 1.0
Mod Simple Basket adds the possibility toplaybasketball in Minecraft. You can spawn basketball hoops,throwbasketballs and pick them up. It’s a quite basic mod butdefinitelyworth a download if you like basketball.
Mod Overboards 1.0
Mod Overboards adds six differentcoloredoverboards and one segway. The vehicle has many names likeminisegway and self-balancing scooter. Some people even insistoncalling them hoverboards but since they’ve got wheels thatdoesn’treally make any sense. If you like the idea then go aheadand giveit a try in Minecraft!
Mod Lambos 1.0
Neither in the original version of MinecraftonPC or the one of smartphones have we seen cars. Mod Lambos ishereto change that thought of idea as it lets you drive carts asif theywere cars. This means you can from here on go on roadtripsand othernice outings whenever you feel like it. It’s a littlemore classythan riding around on pigs or horses.
Mod Youtubers Blocks 1.0
Mod Youtubers Blocks lets you craftblockswhich resembles the heads of your favorite MinecraftYoutubers. Youwill find almost every MCPE and PC Minecraft Youtuberthere is inthe mod.
Mod YouTubers Weapons 1.0
Mod YouTubers Weapons is a mod which allowyouto craft several new and powerful weapons. Each weapon belong toaspecific YouTuber related to Minecraft. When you hold such aweaponin your hand you’ll transform into the skin of thatYouTuber.
Mod Boss Husk 1.0
A husk is a new hostile mob which will beaddedin the next version of Minecraft Pocket Edition (0.15.0).Basicallythey are replacements for zombies spawning in deserts.Mod Boss Huskadds the possibility to the game to spawn a bosswhich looks muchsimilar to the husks. The slight difference thoughis that this bossis ten times more dangerous than what a husk willbe!
Mod Security 3 1.0
Mod Security 3 adds several blocks anditemswhich can be used to make your creations more secure. Forexample,you can set up keypads to make certain areas onlyaccessible byplayers with a certain clearance level (also known asthe ones whogot the right key cards). Our examples further down arequite basicusage areas so feel free to use the blocks in any wayyou findpossible.
Mod Voxelation 1.0
This mod adds 17 furniture blocks which canbeused to decorate your creations in Minecraft. One thing whichmakesthis mod stand out is that they are all 3D blocks. Thisisespecially noticable for the furnace and tables. It’s still initsearly stages of development and as a result it’s a quite basicmodand doesn’t provide much use beyond just looking reallycool.
Mod Stand Armor 1.0
Mod Stand Armor is a real feature in thePCversion of Minecraft. For now though it’s only accessibleinMinecraft Pocket Edition by the use of mods like this one. Itaddsone new item to the game which can be used for spawning thearmorstand entity.
Mod Sword Pedestal 1.0
Mod Sword Pedestal adds two new blocks(oractually entities) to the game which can be used as sworddisplaystands. It’s similar to the Armor Stand Mod, except thatthis oneis used for keeping your swords instead of yourarmor.How does it work?The pedestals can either be obtained through the creativeinventoryor by crafting them in-game. Currently it’s slightlybugged insurvival mode (e.g., it’s impossible to retrieve a placedsword andthe fact that they won’t save on exit) but hopefully thatwill befixed within a day or so.Pedestal (200) – 1 iron ingot + 3 stone slabsCobblestone Pedestal (201) – 1 gold ingot + 3cobblestoneslabsOnce you’ve placed down a pedestal on the ground you can add anyofthe following items to be displayed on the pedestal: woodensword,stone sword, golden sword, iron sword or diamond sword. Tapon thepedestal again to retrieve the item (but as mentioned,that’scurrently bugged in survival mode).
Mod Ice Cream 1.0
Build an ice cream machine and make yourownice cream. There are multiple different of flavours which youcanadd to your ice cream. Everything from strawberry to caramel.It’sa nice addition to your otherwise dull Minecraft dietconsisting ofcarrots and porkchop.
Mod Power Gems 1.0
Mod Power Gems adds eight valuable gems tothegame which can be obtained by mining ores. The ores spawnrandomlyin the world, usually underground. The gems can then beused tocraft eight different types of armors with one specialweaponbelonging to each armor set.
Mod Many Ores 1.0
This mod includes a comprehensive list ofnewmods, blocks and items (primarly ores) added to Minecraft PE.Bymining the new different ores and blocks you’ll be able tocreatenew tools and gear never seen in Minecraft PE before.
Mod Moldable Tools 1.0
Mod Moldable Tools is a clever mod which addsacouple of new items to the game which will automatically shiftintothe tool which is required for completing a task. This meansthatinstead of bringing lots of different tools (e.g. pickaxe,shoveletc) you can instead just bring some orbs and then use themas yougo.
Mod Mech Planes 1.0
Mod Mech Planes is a mechanical mod whichaddstwo airplanes to the game which you can fly! All parts oftheairplanes have to be crafted by you and put together to formanairplane before you can launch up into the air and fly swiftlyoverthe world of Minecraft.
Mod NerdCraft 2 1.0
Mod NerdCraft 2 is a tech mod which addspowergenerators, machines, energy tools and new ores to the worldofMinecraft. Two of the machines are used for obtaining dustsandingots which are required to craft the new energy tools. Andthethird machine can be used for charging the tools. Even thoughit’sa quite complex idea it’s incredibly easy to get started.
Mod Super Chair Sitter 1.0
Mod Super Chair Sitter makes it possible tositin Minecraft PE. Currently it’s only possible to sit on stairsandslabs but in the future it will be possible to detect a widerrangeof chair structures and sit on them too. It makes use of thesameanimation which is used when sitting on a minecart.
Mod Blokkit 1.0
Mod Blokkit adds 7 different types oflivingblocks to the game which can be tamed and used as yourfriendlycompanions. If you are ever attacked by a monster theBlokkits willalways be there to defend you. You can have as many ofthem as youlike and their cuteness make them the perfect pet foranyMinecrafter.