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- 2018 Awarded the Grand Prize for Indie Game of theYear!(Reference: https://youtu.be/ieu3vnqS9hk) - 2018 Google IndieGameFestival Top 3 selection! (Reference:https://youtu.be/hTqberRCVLE)The end of the universe is near,travel for survival in 'CosmicWars: The Galactic Battle’. CosmicWars is a casual space-strategyRPG with PvP! You must build yourship, battle against players,take on quests, and loot your enemies- or even your friends!Inspired by Cowboy Bebop and the sci-figenre, Cosmic Wars pullsyou into a post-apocalyptic universe as acommander who lost hishomeworld wandering the ends of the galaxies.In a storyline filledwith sarcasm, satire, and questionablecharacters, you can onlyrely on the power of your battleship (andmaybe your crew?) inorder to survive. Game Features: ▶ImmersiveStoryline: Travelthrough the post-apocalyptic world of 'CosmicWars' with stunningartwork, wondrous stories, quirky characters,individual style ofstarships, and a fantastic soundtrack. ▶BuildMechanics: Gatherresources to create various parts for your ship!Build your ownstrategic fleet and lead the battle to your advantagewith skillsand interceptors. ▶Customization & Upgrades: Combineyourfavorite ship parts however you want and level them up tobecome aServant of Death! ▶Strategic Gameplay: Battle againstplayers,space monsters, and other various forces who wander throughthegalaxy! ▶Quests: Hundreds of quests in the main storyline,sidequests, event quests, seasonal quests and more! ▶MasterLeague:Collect medals through PvP battles and rank up! Competeagainstplayers all around the world. ▶Daily Mission Bounties:CollectBounties and get rewarded! ▶World Chat: In-game chat systemmakescommunication with friends and players easy! ▶FrequentUpdates: Wework to consistently give you new content, features,missions, andevents! Discern who is your alliance, occupy colony togatherresources, stop the destruction of star, put an end tostarwars,and survive from doomsday eve. So long Space Cowboy, willyousurvive? Note: Network connection is required. ** Check outthelatest news at the official homepage. - Official FacebookPage:https://www.facebook.com/cosmicwarsglobal/
tokidoki friends : Match 3 Puzzle
World famous fashion icons tokidoki in a puzzle game for the firsttime!
Castle Bane
Dark lord's experience RPG
Hit Monkey & Gun
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Jumping Retro
Voxel endless runner with roguelike elements One-touch jump, readyto enjoy!
Enjoy this aesthetic, limitless Action RPG! Everything you havebeen waiting for