Glory Road 2.5.43
Large war strategy game "Glory Road" 2018 new version,Valentine'sDay party! Strive to create a more perfect gamingexperience.Setting During the several decades of King Edmund'sreign, theKingdom of Glory had been peaceful. However, the king'syoungerbrother had been coveting the throne, and he has evendecided tolaunch a war to usurp the throne because King Edmund'sson wouldsoon inherit the throne. In order to win the war, hesigned acontract with the Night Demon - the lord of demons. He soldhissoul to the Night Demon and he thus gained a large number ofWightsin return to dispatch. In the end, King Edmund died duringthe warand he handed over the throne to the prince before he died.Sincethen, the new king has been taking up the heavy responsibilitytofight against his uncle and also the Wights, rebuildinghishomeland and reviving the kingdom... Features In contrastwithtraditional simulation games, this game has more elementsofstrategy and development. In the game, you can build yourownterritories, rally troops, develop arms, cultivate dragons,andfight together with various heroes and even gods. Liketraditionalsimulation games, it has a siege system, too. Inaddition, it hasnumerous elements of war, including adventure,military exercises,Dragon Treasure, battle for capitals, battle forthe throne, and soon. The game also has various mechanisms to boostplayerinteraction such as alliance gathering and the Magic Garden.Juststart playing with players from all over the world. We'vebeenworking hard to make the gaming environment fair. We've justaddeda limit to the kingdom level, and also added a lot of new waystoearn gold and other resources for free. Gameplay &Functions**Real-time Translation System** The chatting systemsupportsreal-time translation of all languages to removecommunicationbarriers. **Global Competition** Players from all overthe worldwill compete in the 7 capital cities around the throne.**KingdomLevel** For fairness reason, players will raise the levelcap oftheir own castles step by step. **Alliance Gathering** Buildfortsfor your alliances and expand your alliance's territory.Gatherresources together with your friends to increase outputofresources. **War Supplies** By leveling your castle up, youcanearn a number of troops directly. When you've lost a lot inwar,you can trigger war supplies to get tons of free resourcesascompensation. **Casual PVP** Compete with players from all overtheworld at any time to earn glory. Battles in the arena willnotcause losses. **Cultivate Dragons** Hatch Blue Dragons andRedDragons to make them fight by your side. **Recruit Heroes**Raisethe affinity level of your legendary heroes, to make yourtroopsmuch stronger. Contact Us https://www.facebook.com/GloryRoadOnlineQQ group: 606861217