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Merge Spaceship - Click and Idle Merge Game 2.0
🚀 Merge Spaceships is a merger game. Get rewards and upgradeyourships by playing the ultimate strategy game. Merge meaning istomerge the same level to upgrade to a higher level. Collectbattlespaceships and expand your spaceship army. Take control ofyourvery own spaceship parking apron. Earn coins by flying aspaceshipin outer space and spend money to merge and upgrade yourspaceshipsto the next level. Are you a fan of build games? Then wehave someexciting features of merge games to show: 🚀 Start yourspaceshipempire today. 🚀 Buy and Merge spaceships and upgrade themto thenext level to speed up 💰 Get acceleration and coins bybuyingrubies 🆙 Each level earns you more coins to upgrade and speedup 🛡️The ultimate spaceship merge battle to earn more and upgradeGo upto the Galaxy and create your spaceship battle army to fightsomealiens and get the merge plane going. We do not just want youtomerge planes, merging cars, merge dragons or merge all of them.Wewant you to experience a whole new level of merge spaceship.Playthe ultimate battle of spaceship merge to become the tycoonofclick & idle. Like and follow us onFacebook:
Cooking Max:fun cooking games
🍕 A brand new free & fun Restaurant Cooking Games and Chefgames. In these offline crazy cooking games you feel madness andultimate challenges by tap and serve cooking fever games. 🌶️ Enjoythe time in your own kitchen games with crazy fast tap and servemadness in worldwide famous city restaurants and increase you timemanagement games skills and become cooking master. 🔥 🍩 Wanted to bea master chef? Well in this free time management games with crazyfood games, you’ll bring your real madness to cook so write it downin your note/diary. 🍳 Cooking Max Free Food Cooking simulator gamehave restaurants of city in the magical map with 325+ levels andextras to unlock many places from different cooking cities aroundthe world. So gill, bake and cook your way to the mad world ofcrazy cooking experience. ⏩ This is the best among the Food Cookinggames for girls, kids and adults, so you have your own kitchenwhere your timer starts to scramble your way through fast tap andserve time management games and Chef games. Among the food gamesthis is offline and you can play without the internet. Startplaying Restaurant games and MAX your cooking games skills now. Incooking restaurant game, show your cooking mama what you got bysharing your leaderboard score. 👨‍🍳 Cooking hot items you’ll beserving: Muffins, Steak, Fish, Cake, baking,,Juices, and desserts,Seafood, Sweets like donuts and cupcakes, hot-cakes Fast food likeburgers, pizza , sandwiches, and Mediterranean foods plus more. 🔥What brings the fun kitchen games Destination based cooking Explorenew cities every 100 levels. Combo and Tip Get extra 5x tips withcombos Events In this fun cooking games events happening worldwidelike Christmas Daily Rewards in this restaurant games on dailylogin so you have enough for each levels Upgrade your restaurantsitems and serve faster Offline cooking kitchen food cooking gamesfor adults, girls 🌟 Boosts to bring more fun Tasty levels to MasterChef 🏆Dash through hundreds of levels on each Food making gamescontinent In this fun cooking games Updated and get more new levelseach one or two months An amazing time management strategy cookingrestaurant games for Android gamers Kitchen Cooking skills test 👍Cooking simulator and time-management techniques vary around a newrestaurant games with upgrades In offline Cooking games Eachupgrade adds more delicious cuisines and more tips from customers😘. Scramble around cities to serve customers like Paris, Tokyo,NYC. 🎁 Special events and achievements In this Restaurant games getmore tips and special items on special days by completingchallenges to achieve more to become a Master Chef. Play theMadness Chef in Free cooking game like MASTER chef This is our veryspecial restaurant kitchen food games. We are adding more citieswith each update in kitchen games so stay tuned. So let’s writeyour cooking home/diary with some delicious amazing cuisines fromthe best cities and places. Girls, kids and Adults will reallyenjoy it and will become the best cooking chef games expert. If youhave any query or suggestion don’t hesitate to reach out oursupport [email protected] Follow us on Facebook: where we give regularupdates about our special events and listen to your suggestions.