Tripledot Studios Limited Apps

Puzzle Time: Number Puzzles 1.9.6
Woody Block Number Puzzles - Choose your Game!
Word Hop 1.9.6
The Word Puzzle Game everyone is talking about!
Sudoku Friends - Multiplayer Puzzle Game 1.4.2
Challenge your brain and play against your friends — with the hitnew multiplayer puzzle game - Sudoku Friends - Multiplayer PuzzleGame! Race your friends to solve the puzzle and think your way tovictory! Whether you’re new to Sudoku puzzles, or a master solver,Sudoku Friends will thrill you! *The Basics* In each game, you’llbe given a Sudoku puzzle to solve, and every turn, you’ll get threenumbers that fit somewhere in the puzzle. Find the right place forthose numbers to win points! You’ll get bonus points for every row,column or block you complete. Once you’ve placed your numbers, youropponent gets a chance to play. Earn more points than your friendsto win the battle! *Play With Your Friends* Want to challenge yourfriends and family? Connect to Facebook to challenge your FacebookFriends! You’re free to play anonymously, but you can also connectto Facebook to play with friends! Just start a new game and choose“Battle a Friend” to invite your friends to play! *Play With NewPeople* None of your friends play Sudoku Friends - MultiplayerPuzzle Game? No problem! Choose a Random Battle and we’ll find youa game with a stranger. You’ll be matched with someone of yourskill level! *How To Play* Just like regular Sudoku, the object ofthe game is to place numbers in the grid so that the numbers 1 to 9appear only once in each column, row, and 3x3 box. However, inSudoku Friends you’ll only get three random numbers each turn.Place them in the right location and you’ll get 10 points. Forevery column, row, or box you complete, you’ll win an extra 30points. At the end of the battle, the player with the most pointswins the game!
Solitaire 95 - The classic Sol 1.5.0
Original FREE CLASSIC SOLITAIRE (Klondike) game with awesome dailychallenges!
Woodoku - Wood Block Puzzle 3.23.00
Logic Puzzles & Brain Games to Test your IQ! Woody Block PuzzleGame Sudoku 99.
Sudoku 2.6.5
Sudoku - Classic Puzzle Game: Train your brain and have fun! Freeon Android Now
Blackjack 2.01.00
Blackjack 21 - No Risk Offline Black Jack Casino Card Game(Pontoon)
Solitaire: Classic Card Games 4.24.00
Solitaire Games: Card Game 2023. Play fun card games and boost yourIQ!
Solitairescapes 5.08.02
Solitaire with beautiful and relaxing backgrounds!
Triple Tile: Match Puzzle Game 2.27.01
Fun 3 Tile Brain Puzzles - Train your Brain with Tile MatchingMahjong Puzzles
Duplica 3D Match Sort Puzzle 1.1.5
3D object matching puzzle game with challenging levels andbeautiful graphics
Spider Solitaire 2.10.02
Classic Spider Solitaire Card Game, fun and relaxing!
Merge Party: Match & Design! 2.05.03
Merge, makeover and decorate glamorous parties as you solve athrilling mystery!
Piper's Pet Cafe - Solitaire 0.52.1
Follow Piper’s story, play card games and build exciting and uniquepet cafes!
Sortago 0.3.10
Challenge your mind and relax with fun water sorting puzzles
SolitaireScapes Collection 1.02.00
5 in 1 Solitaire: Play Klondike, Freecell, Pyramid, Spider&Memory Games
Blocktava 0.1.207
Challenge yourself to become the block master in thrillingblockpuzzle games!