Triple Trip Studio Apps

Spout: monochrome mission
Never heard of Spout? Then try this low-res space adventure toreach the stars!
20 levels to build structures that go beyond your imagination!
Ice Cream Trip 1.0.2
Ice Cream Trip is a small arcade game where you control (well,youtry to) an soft ice cream against all the dangers that couldhappento ice creams. With its intuitive one touch control, you willtryto stay as long as possible on top of the cone. Features: -Funsquishy physics - 10+ flavors to unlock - Share your highscoreswith your friends - Cheerful and summery vibes all year long
Microtrip 2.2.15
"Simple, squashy and with plenty of just-one-more-goaddictiveness."– The Guardian "Microtrip offers a dose ofhappiness to cheer you upon a miserable afternoon." – PocketGamer Microtrip is aphysics arcade game set inside the body of astrange creature. Itsunique soft-body physics and the proceduralgenerated levels makethe game different and challenging every timeyou play. The goal issimple: go as deep as possible. Forcompleting such a task you needto dodge the monsters as well aseating the white cells that arekeeping you alive. The game ispunctuated by special pills that givethe blob a weird yet amazingpower. How far can you go? Packed withcool features: - Realisticsoft-body physics - Google Playleaderboards - Two control schemes:tilt or touch - Awesome superbonus pills - Procedurally generatedlevels
Challenging one-tap arcade game.