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Barcelona Live — Not official 3.7.0
Soccer app for all fans of FC Barcelona — Schedule, News, Scores,Stats & Video.
Tribuna Transfers – Soccer rumors and news 2020 1.1.2
Too much suspicious transfer news? Not sure what to believein?We’ve got your back. Tribuna Transfers helps football fansnavigatethrough the storm of reports from sources of differentreliability.We process all of the reports and give each a ratingfrom‘Reliable’ to ‘Madness’. Our transfer experts explain thedetailsbehind every potential move giving you a full understandingof thesituation. 🗞 Read Stay up to date and be sure you won't missanybig winter signing. You can also track multiple transferstoriesand discuss them with other fans on the go! 🗣 Chat Shareyouropinion and expectations in chat rooms and comments in thenewsfeed. Are you happy with your club's new signings? Do youregretthat some of the players had to leave? It's easy to take partinhot topics discussion. 💰 Analyze We take a closer look ateverytransfer from various angles. We aren't only talking aboutthecosts, but we also explain the reasons behind each transfer andthebenefits each player brings to the club. 🎥 Watch Watch videosfromofficial presentations, players' performance in the past seasonandmore. 🏊‍♂️ Dive in Check out our transfer playlists that willhelpyou fully understand a certain story. The most valuableinformationis carefully selected and brought to you in a convenientformat.Our football transfer news application is created andsupported bythe fans of European football. We are open forcooperation. You cancontact us with any questions or suggestions atour email:[email protected].